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Goldfever Ico Review: Goldfever is Safe & Secure Ico

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About Goldfever Ico

Goldfever Ico is a challenging free-to-play survival RPG hybrid that leverages the power of the blockchain to create a decentralised economy around its limited resources and various NFT items. Face the horrors of the dark and haunting jungle as you engage in fast-paced battles against the opposing faction. Complex terrain and widely varying character strengths & weaknesses make for intense and highly strategic fights.

Through the power of NFTs, own the items you create, find or purchase. Involve in developing the infrastructure required for players to navigate and play in our huge world or acquire expensive planes or gold tools and rent them to other players. Use the governance token to vote and dictate the future of the game.

Company NameGoldfever
Token SymbolNGL
Available for Token Sale17%
Role of TokenUTILITY
Total SupplyN/A
Social SupportYes

Game Features

Battle Arenas

Face the horrors of the dark and haunting jungle as you engage in a fast-paced battle against the opposing faction. Complex terrain and widely varying character strengths & weaknesses make for intense and highly strategic battles.


Goldfever Ico Collect limited edition NFTs like clothes, weapons, and companions. Use them to show the world your skill and achievements.

Play To Earn

Extract the gold represented by our native crypto token, NGL, using basic and complex Gold tools. Keep the tokens you save and use them to upgrade yourself or exchange for real money.


Purchase NFTs that can earn passive income even when you’re not playing the game. Purchase and rent out items needed by other players like planes, boats, or gold mining tools.


Use the game’s marketplace to buy, sell, rent, or borrow NFT items or services. NFTs represent everything from simple daggers to mysterious potions, powerful guns, mining equipment, and the characters themselves.

How to play


Scout the eerie depth of the rainforest alone or work as a team. Survive and mine as much gold as you can when claims open. Keep the gold you manage to save and earn real money.


Goldfever Ico Purchase Mining Claims, then set the rules for a battle between Adventurers and Tribals over the gold (NGL) contained in each Mining Claim map. Buy expensive objects and rent them back to players.


Play as a tribesman and defend your territories against the greedy adventurers that try to exploit your sacred rivers. Receive bonuses for killing them, returning the stolen gold or destroying their equipment.


Earn money and become an item creator, lead guilds, or invest in infrastructure leveraging the continuous need for services and items that adventurers require.

Native Gold Token

Goldfever Ico NGL is the crypto token of Gold Fever. It can be purchased from exchanges or mined in the game. You can transfer your tokens from the game to an outside wallet or directly to an exchange and transform them into cash.

Tokens are used to purchase in-game assets, cosmetics or they can be burned or temporarily locked for a period to obtain rights that will help you get discounts, VIP Access, Rare Items, and more…

Functions of the Native Gold token (NGL)

Gold (NGL) is the most important of the three types of tokens, which Adventurers and Tribals compete for.
NGL allows for the following activities:

  1. Paying for access: Fees for user-generated and premium arenas (see ‘More on games’) can be paid in NGL as long as the Mining Claim owner who set up the game is willing to accept NGL payment.
  2. Transfering: NGL tokens can be transferred to and from any external Ethereum address.
  3. Getting paid: Arena creators, shop owners, in-game service providers, guild owners, and other services will be paid with NGL.
  4. Locking/Consuming: Players may lock their tokens in their wallets to temporarily obtain various rights and privileges. Players can make these rights and privileges permanent by “consuming”
  5. their tokens (removing the tokens from the total circulating supply). The mentioned rights and privileges may include:

User-Generated games

Owning a Mining Claim Licence in Gold Fever, allows you to host Arenas and invite others to try to extract the gold from the Claim. You are allowed to take a share of the extracted gold if they choose to have a lower entry fee for their Arena. The fees can be paid in NGL, depending on the settings chosen by the MC owner.

Both Factions (Adventurers and Tribals) can get gold but in different ways. The Adventurers will have all the tools and abilities necessary to extract the gold from the rivers, while the Tribals will be rewarded based on how much gold they took back from the Adventurers.

Gold will not be considered extracted until Adventurers save it in the bank or Tribals return it to the Gods at a river shrine. Additional parameters that ensure safe and balanced functionality will be introduced later based on the suggestions and feedback.

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