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Cryptocoinctc.org Ico Review: Fiat Currency with Crypto Currency

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About Cryptocoinctc.org

Cryptocoinctc.org is a first BEP20 bridge token created with high sensitivity peer to peer electronic cash of its kind , bridging a gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency and backed by crypto Tokens and Coins already existing on the Blockchain. A bridge token to eliminate the gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency completely. Now with CTC Tokens everyone can contribute to the future of crypto currencies. The future will be running on cashless transaction with the help of the Blockchain technology, they need the right crypto currency with a strong base to act as the bridge of the crypto currencies eco-system.

Company NameCryptocoinctc.org
Token SymbolCTC
Token TypeBEP-20
Ico Time06 Apr 2021 – 30 Apr 2021
Available for sale22,330,000 CTC (29%)
Total Supply77,000,000 CTC
Soft CapN/A
PlatformBinance Chain
WhitepaperClick Here To View

The world of crypto Currencies

The future in the world of crypto currencies is here to stay; this is why Cryptocoinctc.org has been created to eliminate the gap and be the bridge between the Physical assets with crypto currency. Now everyone can contribute with CTC tokens you too can contribute to the future of crypto currency by getting yourself the CTC tokens and be part in eliminating the gap of Physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency completely to create strong bridging of crypto currencies Eco-systems.

Real world Assets

Most of all the Tokens and Coins are created and backed by real world assets (physical assets) and real world currencies (fiat currency). Such crypto tokens and coins are real facing danger in the future because of certain situations which public do not have control of, let’s say in case of real world currencies go through what’s called rapid inflation of money this means all crypto Tokens and coins backed by real world currencies will lose their value instantly.

BEP-20 bridge token

Cryptocoinctc.org is a BEP-20 bridge token, bridging a gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency and backed by crypto Tokens and Coins already existing on the Blockchain.

Valuation of Cryptocoin “CTC” token

They Trading Volume:

The high the trading volume of tokens and coins markets the more influence on the rise price of Cryptocoin.

They circulation of tokens and coins.

The high circulation of tokens and coins on the Blockchain the less influence on decrease in price of Cryptocoinctc.org.

They increase in demand of tokens and coins

The increasing demand of new minted tokens and coins the higher in the increase on value price of Cryptocoin.

New development in the crypto Blockchain technology

Cryptocoinctc.org new innovation and development in the Blockchain Technology will hence bring more confidentiality, attraction and securing of the crypto eco system causing increase in demand of Cryptocoin service which will give the CTC tokens a more store of value.

Distribution of Token

Cryptocoin has been given a Fixed Supply of 77 Million Tokens and no minting of new tokens
into circulation.

Reward Program

There will be a reward program carried out inform of a Airdrop Campaign where will giveaway CTC Token to only those who will qualify and fulfill the required condition set during the Reward Program respectively.
 7% of CTC token to be giveaway in Reward Program
 7% of CTC token of 72% Release to Market supply

Token Sale

Cryptocoinctc.org will have a TOKEN SALE on a selected and given period of time, so that all interested partners and investors can get the CTC Tokens earlier and also for those who would have missed the Reward Program. So 36% CTC token will be partially defrosting to the market in accordance, respectively every after 3 years at 3% rate of total tokens Locked this will give Cryptocoin the power it deserve and create usage of CTC token increasing the demand in Future.


Cryptocoinctc.org is first token bridging gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency, first built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 Standard). Cryptocoin is to be the strongest bridge of the crypto Eco-system on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. Cryptocoin will grow in its value when more people use the CTC tokens as required making it a Store of Value and people will always have access to their CTC tokens to spend it and pay for goods and invest them anytime. This will not only benefit Cryptocoin itself but also its holders in Future.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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