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Fanadise.com Ico Review: With Fanadise you can Collect, Stake

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About Fanadise.com

Fanadise.com is an exlusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level. While all news outlets from the past few years hid behind paywalls and started to get their fair share for the work they put into preparing the news,  internet creators remained highly underpaid. They aim to change that – bringing so much more to the table.

Fanadise.com is an one-of-a-kind content material platform created for net influencers to monetize their social presence and convey interactions with fans to an entire new level. While all of the information stores withinside the beyond few years hided at the back of the paywalls and began out to get their truthful proportion for paintings they positioned into getting ready the information, the net creators continue to be enormously underpaid.

Fanadise is a premium exclusive content subscription platform created to grow and monetize your fanbase. The internet is changing and they want to be a part of this change by rebuilding social media around the idea of content ownership decentralization.

Company NameFanadise.com
Token SymbolFAN
Token TypeBEP-20
Ico Price1 FAN = 0.08 USD
Available for sale200,000,000 FAN (20%)
Total Supply1,000,000,000 FAN
Soft Cap1000000
Hard Cap1500000
PlatformBinance Chain
KYCWhitelist + KYC

Connect with your fans (or idol) in a new way

By releasing premium pictures and videos, showing them your backstage life, letting them in to see your close friends interactions;  they can listen to your songs first, they can see your videos and pictures before the others, chat with you, interact with you via comments, get huge bonuses from subscription tiers or get merch and other giveaways directly from the first drop; the phrase “true fan” will mean so much more.

And then there’s NFT’s! By using them to decentralize content ownership we change the rules forever.

Creators get a cut of what fans pay for and will always be entitled to get payment for their work. Big corporations will no longer feed on your talent. It is time to move forward. It’s time for a social media revolution!

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content is intended for the most dedicated fans who will have the opportunity to see never-published-before pictures and videos and have access to bonuses never seen before. It can be anything: backstage, things only close friends can see, unique moments in the form of NFT’s, curated images, gifs, skins, filters, drops, chat, bonuses and so much more!

NFT’s are a revolution in ownership

This means a revolution in social media and in the way people perceive the value of digital goods and social based status.


Internet creators do not really have full ownership of their social media platforms and content.


Not your content – not your platform – not your power – not your money.


We want to change the system and give power back to the creators.


Influencers will finally

Get paid for their online effortsBig corporations like Facebook or Google take all the profit from the generated revenue of influencers via their ad services, leaving them with no or close to zero profit. Premium content is a new trend and here to stay – engage with your favourite influencers on a whole new level, getting access to content bonuses never seen before, unlocking the potential of exclusivity.

NFT and subscription incentives for the creators

How much influencers earn when they are finally empowered with the tools to monetize their abilities and talents all depends on the work they put in. Subscriptions mean NFT’s – every time you subscribe to your favourite creator you are guaranteed to get a special pack of Moments from his or her life, as well as all of the perks of the subscription level you have purchased.

Resell moments of your favourite creators

The longer you are connected with your idol and the higher tier of subscription you choose, the better moments and perks you get – afterwards, you can collect your NFT’s or put them up for sale on our marketplace.

Your own website

Custom made layouts for your own personal website

We help you create a theme that suits you best. Whether you are a model, YouTuber, singer, make up artist, coach or artist you may need something a bit different – we got you covered.

Customize your subscription models

They offer multi-level subscriptions for every website. It’s up to you how you personalise it and what you offer at each subscription tier. They have a whole list of never seen before bonuses that they can offer your fans!

Single time purchases

Yes, we cover this one as well. You launched an ebook? You want to sell a course or a song? Want to sell photos/videos/galleries separately? No problem at all!

Advanced chat solutions

You can talk with your fans and customers, schedule a video call with them or you can send them special content through our chat. The opportunities are endless! All in one platform.

Edit HTML and CSS

You don’t like your website theme? Design your own. Our HTML web-front creator is waiting for you.

Your own domain name

Choose the domain you would like for your website. No more promoting other companies. It’s just you and your fans!

Safe checkout process

They accept all mayor credit cards and guarantee a safe and sound payment solution.

Personalized mailing & chat updates

Marketing automation is a key feature that informs your fans of new offers you are introducing. We combine mailing and chat updates to optimise reach.

Search engine optimized

Help your new fans find you quickly and efficiently through known search engines.

Digital products

Selling digital products is no longer a problem. Buy, then download them directly or via e-mail.

Unlimited bandwith

No worries, the servers can endure even the largest wave of traffic.

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