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Mogulproductions.com Ico Review: A Smarter Solution for Financiers

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About Mogulproductions.com

Mogulproductions.com. (“Mogul”) is an inclusive & immersive platform created to disrupt conventional investment methodologies withinside the movie & enjoyment enterprise with the aid of using empowering customers to take an energetic position withinside the script to display process.With a focal point on content material curation, target target market cultivation and impartial financing.

Mogulproductions.com are a generation organization that leverages blockchain, clever agreement generation and analytics to offer unparalleled security, transparency, and liquidity to lovers and buyers alike. Mogul is a decentralized movie financing platform that brings creators, lovers and movie financiers together; permitting all people to play a element with inside the subsequent massive blockbuster.

Company NameMogulproductions.com
Token SymbolSTARS
Token TypeERC-20
Ico Price1 STARS = 0.0003 ETH
Available for sale160,000,000 STARS
Total Supply400,000,000 STARS
Starting DateOctober 16th, 2017
Ico Time25 Mar 2021 – 15 Apr 2021

Giving Fans a Voice

Mogulproductions.com Movie fans can engage with filmmakers and their favorite projects in deeper, more meaningful ways, from voting for films they want to watch, to earning engagement points that are redeemable for prizes like one of a kind non-fungible token (NFT) film posters, speaking roles, red carpet tickets, and invitations to exclusive events.

Helping Creators get Greenlit

Creators can gain opportunities for collaboration and the chance to get their film funded by the Mogul community. If their project is greenlit, creators also receive production support from experienced Hollywood producers and-built fanbase to support the film’s success upon distribution.

A Smarter Solution for Financiers

Mogulproductions.com unique token system embodies decentralized finance and true transparency like never before. Incentivizing participation, & giving a voice to those fans that will be the future audience, Mogul’s model gives more confidence to financiers looking to make better decisions that turn into better returns. Transparent funding and distribution of funds at its core, Mogul’s technology & production process ensures cost efficiencies, and profit participation for all. 

Team’s Experience.

Mogulproductions.com team of producers has previous experience in creating over 225 hours of scripted content and produced more than 95 feature films with more than $425M in box office revenue. Their productions have earned 1 Academy Award (Oscar®) from 5 nominations, 1 Emmy win from 3 nominations, 1 International Emmy® Award nomination, 1 People’s Choice Award Nomination, 1 BAFTA Award,1 European Film Award, 1 Screen Actors Guild Award and won 3 Golden Globe Awards.

Mogulproductions.com Ico Review: A Smarter Solution for Financiers

Continuous Organization

Mogulproductions.com has developed the first continuous organization model to bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to film. A community governed model that maintains supply while delegating cash flow, and providing constant liquidity for participants.

Using bonding curves* and decentralized, autonomous smart contracts they are able to provide dynamic pricing, liquidity and more. A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply.

Smart Voting

Mogul Quadratic Voting is set up to incentivize users to vote on films and governance proposals in a fair way. To cast votes, users must stake tokens. To guard against undue influence from large token holders, all votes are counted using a formula that makes each vote exponentially more expensive to cast.

Mogul Rewards

Mogulproductions.com Rewards, access, governance and in-app currency program designed to bring DeFi to the film industry. Based on blockchain, the program is intuitive, cost-effective, trackable and auditable, and promotes engagement and active participation in the Mogul ecosystem.


The STARS token is an ERC20 token at the Ethereum blockchain. STARS tokens are used to have interaction with the Mogul Platform and the Mogul Community. The STARS token offers movie fanatics impact and insider get entry to to Hollywood. In addition to incomes distinct rewards thru staking, minutiaelities participation, and different activities,

STARS tokens come up with the electricity to vote on which initiatives get greenlit or even put up your personal initiatives for consideration. With the STARS token, movie fanatics such as you play a key position withinside the filmmaking process. That’s why you’ll be rewarded on your involvement in giving movies the greenlight and helping movies from the script to the screen.

Mogulproductions.com Ico Review


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