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GoRecruit ICO Review : AI for HR Based on Blockchain

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About GoRecruit ICO

GoRecruit ICO is an AI recruitment system based on blockchain technology, which offers a new way of evaluating job applicants. The AI system, being a convenient online service, enables making HR decisions based on the analysis of data from social networks and publicly available sources. To select applicants for an interview, one does not need to spend several hours for processing and analyzing the data:

One will acquire the detailed information with recommendations immediately after the authorization of a candidate in the GoRecruit system. This approach will make access to vacancies more open, eliminate human error in hiring, as well as reduce the cost of HR service by optimizing routine work.

Token NameGoRecruit
Token SymbolGRT
Token TypeUtility
AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap12,500,000 USD

What is Problem ?

In the course of a recruitment process, an employer faces a number of problems, including candidate assessment. What methods to use in order to evaluate a stranger? Small and mediumsized businesses do not usually have a clear understanding of the requirements a candidate should meet. In large companies, there are special HR services that become costlier to maintain as a
company grows, whereas the quality of selection deteriorates due to delegation of authority to the field.


GoRecruit, an online service with a simple and intuitive user interface, is capable to solve these problems providing a recruiter with support in making HR decisions. GoRecruit can quickly assess a candidate for a specific position, using the data from social media and public sources, and give a detailed report GoRecruit ICO about the compliance of a candidate. Along with this, a user is provided with an opportunity to compare ratings of candidates in order to select the most suitable one. With product it is possible to decide which candidate to hire in just three simple steps. To do this, one has to invite, evaluate and compare.

The main advantages of GoRecruit compared to traditional methods of HR decision-making:
• hiring people predisposed to certain professions, thus improving the efficiency of team work;
• objectivity (creating uniform transparent rules of employment for all branches of a company);
• reducing HR service costs by optimizing its performance;
• acceleration of the process of hiring new employees (no need to wait several weeks since
a decision can be made after remote authorization of a candidate);

Current Project Status

GoRecruit today is a functioning product with complete architecture and a system of collecting and processing data from the social network and publicly available sources

General Token Information

GRT token, or RecruitCoin, is a token of the GoRecruit project on the basis of the grt-token smart contract. The GoRecruit token economy relies on the use of GRT as a means of GoRecruit ICO payment. GRT tokens can be used to pay for all services, as well as for transfers between GoRecruit users. This approach makes the token equally convenient and useful both for experienced users and for an audience not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Plans For The future

The world is changing very quickly, and organizations can no longer ignore a multitude of changes. Technology now plays an important role in the functioning of HR departments. Their usual operations are significantly altered with the emergence of an increasing number of online services. Many HR processes are already automated, for example, accounting and staff training, bonuses accrual, bonuses and compensation payments, some companies even have programs that independently conduct interviews and provide analytics on completion.

GoRecruit Today

  • A working, fast developing product with complete architecture and a system of collecting data from social media and publicly available sources
  • Algorithm of expert evaluation with GoRecruit ICO user-friendly interface
  • A project which was successfully tested in companies with more than 1,000 employees
  • A service already used by 470 companies



Expert trading


ICO Quality




  • Experince
  • Support fully


  • New Project
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