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Bamboo ICO Review : Insurance for Everyone

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About Bamboo ICO

Bamboo ICO aims to provide mankind with free* and borderless insurance through blockchain, AI, and machine learning technologies. The Bamboo project is backed by an existing, successful company Archipelago, which is a well funded business that is strong operationally generating a total revenue of USD205.7 Million in the past 5 years, and has over 2 million customers that Bamboo will have direct access to. Bamboo has also secured 25 partnerships and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3.8.1 – 3.8.2

Some say that you are what you eat, this is why BAMBOO has an exceptional focus on the agriculture sector. They have gathered the best knowledge, created a guideline and set parameters that will enable our farmers to achieve the highest nutritional value for their products by deploying the best practices implied by insurance ecosystem and government agencies. They used this knowledge to create innovative agricultural insurance solutions that will make them safe and give them the ability to focus on the quality of their products.

Token NameBamboo
Token SymbolBMBU
Token TypeUtility
Price1 BMBU = 0.04 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Mini Invst

Insurance for Everyone

Their blockchain, IoT and AI-based platform empowers ASEAN citizens to take control of their health. From the food supply chain to personal health data, the want you to feel better and live longer!

Food Risk, Fraud, and Inefficiency in Asean

It’s no secret: There’s a gap in the healthcare industry, leading to Bamboo ICO more out-of-pocket costs for the consumer, pressure on government welfare systems, and increasing inefficiencies in legacy systems.

What Make The Bamboo Different

Your investment is completely insured against fraud and embezzlement. Early investors will receive a passive income of 15% of annual profit declared as dividend. A one-time bonus of 5% from the accumulated profit over the first 5 years will be paid out to all investor for loyalty.

Three Development Channels

Their roadmap covers three distinct areas that allow Bamboo ICO to create a secure and seamless wellness experience:

Technical Development

The application will be accessible to not just consumers, but also food manufacturers and healthcare providers.

  • Function study of Mobile App
  • Functional Study for backend AI/ML Tech

Research and Development

In order to monitor trends, develop the products and measure the app’s effectiveness, the continuously research on the ASEAN market. This process includes:

  • Marketing study and research to develop apps and systems
  • Localized Dexafit and Healthspaiens for ASEAN market
  • Focus on design/bundle health and Bamboo ICO agriculture into different products for partners

Building The Team

To further the vision and grow the Bamboo brand, they have the following goals:

  • Establish Bamboo headquarters and regional offices
  • Expand our core team and advisors
  • Grown the brand through marketing activities
  • Create networks and strategic partnerships

What Problem is Bamboo Solving?

Bamboo seeks to improve healthcare in ASEAN through an application that provides a comprehensive healthcare network, medical insurance, and health monitoring and recommendations. This would include reducing food risk and fraud through blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning.

Should Store BBO in a Wallet?

It is considered more secure to store your tokens to a wallet, such as My Ethereum Wallet, a hardware wallet, or a paper wallet. These measures are a boost against hacking. However, Bamboo ICO CGCX is an insured exchange, and therefore adds another layer of protection. Ethereum wallets take only 5-10 minutes to set up. You can visit My Ethereum Wallet to get started and follow the prompts provided.

Experienced Team

Each member of the Bamboo team has extensive Bamboo ICO expertise in insurance, technology, food production or global management in Southeast Asia.

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