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Cardence Ico Review: Cardence A Trustless Fund Raising Ecosystem

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About Cardence Ico

Cardence Ico is a launchpad for new projects on Cardano platform creating a trustless fund raising ecosystem for carefully vetted Cardano projects. It is largely acknowledged that Cardano is a sleeping giant. But it is closing to its awakening epoch. It possesses clear advantages over the Ethereum network and ushers the best of the third generation blockchain. It has clear advantages in terms of scalability by design, speed and cost.

Future development plans also include building quantum-resistant addresses, on-chain voting, and off-chain payments. This will be a game changer towards mass adoption of blockchain technology as it will be capable of bringing the technology to the masses by removing bottlenecks to adoption.

Company NameCardence
Token Symbol$CRDN
Token TypeBEP20
Initial circulating supply5.87 million
Total possible Supply50 million
Total SupplyN/A
Token Contract Address0xfa17b330bcc4e7f3e2456996d89a5a54ab044831
Private Sale15%


Decentralized Presale Platform

World’s most advanced truly multichain decentralized presale platform which enables novel features like whitelisting of participants, release of tokens according to vesting schedule and beyond.

IDO Launchpad for vetted Cardano Projects

Cardence is creating an IDO launchpad for carefully vetted Cardano Projects.It will be an accelerator , incubator and enabler for the best projects launching on Cardano.

Token Locker

A standalone locker app allows for locking of team tokens and release according to vesting schedule.It also allows for timelocked distribution of tokens.

Smart Mint

Cardence Ico SmartMint allows generation of fully customizable new tokens on Cardano network without writing any code.

Viral Marketing Platform

World’s first presale platform with affiliate marketing enabled. Marketing performance Analytics.

Why Cardence IDO Launchpad ?

Cardence Ico Complete support to onboarded projects through our partner network in development, tokenomics, marketing and design.

Cardence Ico Only trusted and carefully vetted projects go live.

Allows for trustless presales and investor confidence by applying locking mechanisms.

Why Cardence

The quality of a launchpad depends on the kind of projects launching on the platform. All other features revolve around attracting great projects, incubating them and adding greater value to it through mentoring, community building, technical support and marketing.

Cardence gives utmost importance to the vetting of projects to be onboarded. This is required to ensure relevance of the platform and to safeguard investor’s interest.

Cardence Ico strong connections in the industry and inhouse expertise ensures that new projects receive the right support to grow. Having a great idea is important but what is more important is to be able to execute it. Cardence steps in at every step to build the project. They help in.

1. Tokenomics

2. Technical support

3. Design

4. Marketing

5. Legal affairs

Cardence solves Four Major problems of pre sale :

1. Lack of right mechanism for presale: Present process of sending money to a wallet seems very outdated and is seriously flawed. Manual distribution of tokens is inefficient and exposes to risks of fraud. They solve this problem through the introduction of our fixed swap pools which allows for seamless swap of presale tokens.

2. Lack of liquidity for trading: Tokens without liquidity to trade with are useless. What if the liquidity is never added? They solve this problem through the use of smart contracts which can not be controlled. A prefixed percentage of the amount raised will be automatically locked as liquidity for a prefixed term . The smart contract does not allow disbursal of funds without the owner locking the prefixed liquidity.

3. Cardence Ico Dumping of tokens by buyers: Buyers may dump tokens as soon as trading starts. Presale tokens are usually very cheap ( for the right projects ) and as soon as trading starts , some token holders start dumping their tokens. This jeopardizes a healthy growth of the project. It is necessary to prevent presale participants from dumping their tokens. Current process to do it is to withhold those tokens and release them according to a vesting schedule. As this process is not driven through smart contracts, it becomes risky and uncertain.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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