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Receiptium Ico Review: The World’s First Receipting Protocol

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About Receiptium

Receiptium (RCPT) is a Consumer Engagement and Identity Platform (CEIP) that allows Centralised or Decentralised business applications to publish their detailed receipts, invoices, purchase orders or electronic documents or data artefacts to their consumers in real-time and anonymously (optional) via the RECEIPTIUM Network.

The Receiptium protocol defines the data and system architecture that allows Crypto or non-Crypto businesses to integrate and process data to the RECEIPTIUM Network and optionally to the DaRCHIVE. This trust protocol is governed by the RCPT Utility Token.

Company NameReceiptium
Token SymbolRCPT
AcceptsBNB and BUSD
Token TypeBEP-20
Ico Price1 ESW = 0.11 DAI
Available for sale250,000,000 RCPT (50%
Total Supply500,000,000 RCPT
Soft CapN/A
Hard Cap1095 BNB
PlatformBinance Chain

EmiSwap’s benefits for liquidity providers

How does RECEIPTIUM work?

Receiptium has a 3-step process,

(1) Register with RECEIPTIUM,

(2) Go to a RECEIPTIUM offline or online partner,

(3) During your transaction process, Submit or Tap your QR or Barcode during the transaction process, Complete the transaction and wait for your digital receipt to arrive your account, You must be logged in to your account to read your receipt.


  1. User friendly and seamless on-boarding process with real-time management of item level transactional data
  2. Create dynamic Crypto or non-Crypto shopping lists from previous shopping engagements and search your historical transactional receipts
  3. Request your receipted transactional data under the Data Protection Act 2018 using RECEIPTIUM.


  1. Interactions are optionally anonymised between Readers and Crypto or non-Crypto Publishers whilst receiving customised product and service notifications.
  2. Reader Analytics based on your historical basket with bespoke Crypto or non-Crypto Publisher Offers and Promotions. Pay in Crypto, get your receipted transactions on Receiptium.
  3. Give instant reviews and ratings on your Crypto or non-Crypto engagement in real-time.


  1. For Traditional or non-Traditional Publishers, bespoke algorithms on the RECEIPTIUM Network, ensure basket uplift, consumer retention, increased loyalty and better brand experience with targeted location-based offers and promotions for the Readers in real-time.
  2. The Utility Token allows 100% Consumer Engagement with an increased consumer interaction with a sizable reduction in the use of paper receipts ensuring a greener company policy. Using the Utility Token as the payment bridge, online only businesses are also able to publish their transactional data to the RECEIPTIUM Network or grant cross-platform priviledges to the consumer to foster an easier and deeper engagement.
  3. A Trust Ecosystem allows for value retention through Consumer Engagement on a receipt by receipt basis with instant receipt centred feedback via one single trusted source, allowing the Traditional or non-Traditional business to develop a Trusted relationship with their Readers.



  1. User Friendly Instant On-Boarding process with one-to-one Business Relationship Management and Support, RECEIPTIUM is also a bridge between the Traditional and Crypto Worlds.
  2. Aggregate all Traditional and non-Traditional transactional data onto with insights into your Crypto or non-Crypto historical basket
  3. Instantly review and rate your Traditional and non-Traditional engagement and receive notifications of bespoke Airdrops, Offers and Promotions.


  1. User friendly and seamless on-boarding process, enabled by the RCPT Protocol, with direct engagement with Readers via their receipt.
  2. Access Reader engagement analytics and send customised and targeted airdrops, offers or promotions direct to Readers on the RECEIPTIUM Network.
  3. Seamlessly connect to the RECEIPTIUM Network using the RCPT Protocol, selectively publish off-Chain transactions to the immutable DaRCHIVE.

Mobile App

This is a cross-platform web application that allows you to access your receipts in real-time anywhere and anytime, it is an Internet driven application. It is designed to leverage the freedom of the Internet. No, The does not rely on your banking data or information to publish your receipt to the platform. It uses a bespoke algorithm to ensure that all platform users can access their receipts from our signed-up partners.


Thank you for visiting RECEIPTIUM. Please use this form to send us your queries, enquiries or any other questions you may want to ask about service.

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