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Unclemine Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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About Unclemine Ico

Unclemine Ico is a decentralized protocol utilizing cryptography technology to convert all kinds of computing power into universal and verifiable on-chain proof, to realize the true mapping of off-chain computing power to on-chain smart contracts, and to give computing resources and computing power liquidity, programmability, and composability. Through the incentives of the economic model, computing power is integrated into existing DeFi ecosystems and becomes a unique asset class in the decentralized world.

Company NameUnclemine
Token SymbolUM
Token For Sale12,500,000 UM
Fundraising GoalN/A
Ico Price$0.060000
Personal Cap100USDT-1600USDT
Social SupportYes


UncleMine IMO platform

The first verifiable MA-based financing platform to increase the credit endorsement of fundraising projects.

UncleMine VMA Oracle

The universal mining asset verification protocol promotes the integration of MA and the existing DeFi/DApp ecosystem, introducing new asset classes to DeFi.

UncleMine DAO

Unclemine Ico Incentives and governance on Verifiable MA based fundraising and DeFi applications, helping investors realize the value capture of MA.

Verification Layer

Trustlessly generate zero-knowledge proofs to prove the existence of computing power

Store proofs on-chain, with a scaleable layered storage method

Verification nodes also act as an decentralized oracle to update data to smart contracts on multiple blockchains

Application Layer

Mint computing power backed NFT that can be verified by anyone

Marketplace for all kinds of tokenized computing powers/assets

Standard oracle API for third-party applications, enabling innovative computing power backed DAPPs such as Decentralized Multi-Power Mining Pool, Initial Miner Offering, Computing Power DAO etc.

Incentive & Governance Layer

Treasury & DAO governance

Limited UncleMine community NFT with extra voting power and more benefits

Well designed incentives for all participants


UM Token -Incentive & Governance UncleMine

Unclemine is the native token issued on Solana with a total of 1,000,000,000 UM. It is the core of the UncleMine protocol economic incentive mechanism and an important medium for governance on the protocol chain. The distribution of UM token is as follows:

  • 40%UncleMine Treasury (the UncleMine DAO community democratise the usage to support the long-term development of UM)
  • 30.2% – Reserved to provide initial liquidity, incentivize all participants, early cooperation, bug bounty, and other activities;
  • 15% – UncleMine founding team (locked for 12 months, 3-year vesting)
  • 12.3% – Private Sale (locked for 3-6 months, 12-month vesting), for early supporters and computing power providers;
  • 2.5% – Public Sale

How to obtain UM Token

Unclemine Ico addition to participating in the Private/Public Sale or purchasing in the secondary market, users can obtain UM tokens in the following ways:

  • Become an UMVL Node, provides computing power proof and chain services for the UncleMine network;
  • Provides liquidity for UM tokens, and becomes a liquidity provider in certain;
  • Participates in UM network testing, becomes a community member, and participates in early bootstrapping activities;
  • Project parties and users who participate in early IMOs will receive airdrops.
  • Joins UM as a miner and provides computing power;
  • Other token distribution and incentive methods adopted by DAO;

UM Token Usage

UM Token is the native token of the UncleMine network. It will be used to encourage the development of the UncleMine ecosystem, ensure the normal operation of various roles, and will be used as a community to participate in governance certificates.

  • Miners(including different computing power providers): Payment of UM to the UMVL node is required as a handling fee when accessing the proof of computing power and casting the proof of computing power into NFT. If miners subsequently want to sell their computing power in UncleMine, they also need to mortgage a portion of UM as a deposit.
  • UMVL nodes: a stake of a certain amount of UM to join the network is required, but if the proof calculation and on-chain services are provided correctly, the node will receive UM rewards.
  • Third-party applications: in order to gain access to the proof function of UncleMine, a payment of a certain amount of UM as a fee is required.
  • Voting governance: UM holders can stake UM to obtainsUM, sUM holders will have additional weight bonuses when voting for governance, and can get various benefits such as fee reduction or exemption in the ecology.


  • Phase 0 — Ignition:
    • Alpha & Beta Version of UncleMine DApp (Testnet)
    • UM Public Sale
    • Launch UncleMine DApp — IMO platform on Solana mainnet (Filecoin computing power & LP tokens supported)
    • UncleMine Community NFT auction
  • Phase1: Traditional mainstream computing power (BTC) chain proof protocol and decentralized computing power market (Solana)
  • Phase2: Explore more abundant types of computing power (BTC, ETH, FIL, ICP, and other new computing power in future Metaverse) on-chain proof and circulation protocol (Solana) and its DeFi/DApp applications
  • Phase3: Cross-platform computing power proof and computing power DeFi /DApp (cross-public chain platform)
  • Phase4: cross-platform/cross-currency universal computing power (universal computing, storage, bandwidth, etc.) on-chain proof protocol and cooperative applications

Why UncleMine?

  1. MA lacks liquidity and MA holders projects lack effective fundraising channels in typical cryptocurrency ecosystem
  2. Many MAs cannot be decentrally verified and are difficult to integrate into the mainstream DeFi ecosystem
  3. Ordinary investors cannot capture the great value of MA by participating in the project
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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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