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GoFungibles Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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About Gofungibles Ico

GoFungibles is an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn multiplayer runner game, and a gateway for accessing DeFi markets and NFT backed capital. By gamifying distinct DeFi activities like yield farming and staking on the platform, GoFungibles aims to increase the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to a spectrum of new DeFi options while providing an intuitive front enduser experience.

GoFungibles will combine popular and new features such as Artist donations, Community chat rooms, DAO governance systems, NFT collateralized lending/borrowing, Fractionalized NFTs, NFT staking/farming, Creator royalties, and Lazy minting at one place to create an ecosystem that is easily accessible to the masses.

GoFungibles will also serve as a bridge between the traditional mobile gaming world and Crypto NFT gaming. The platform’s mobile runner game will have a play-to-earn mechanism, NFT assets, and addictive gameplay, leveraging skills and offering a competitive environment.

Company NameGoFungibles
Token SymbolGFTS
Token TypeUtility-token
Token StandardBEP 20
Token Supply1,000,000,000 GFTS
Total tokens for sale283,500,000 GFTS
Hard Cap4,355,000 USD
Blockchain PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Social SupportYes

Create, Trade and Earn NFTs

State-of-the-Art gamified NFT marketplace primarily built for gamers but available for all.


GoFungibles is a cross-chain state-of-the-art NFT marketplace equipped with all the existing features of conventional NFT marketplaces but augmented with DeFi and gamified components.

GoFungibles marketplace is primarily built for gamers but available for all. Realize the ownership of your In-game assets. Sell, Trade, or transfer them anytime with the help of NFT technology.

Bridging Gaming, DeFi and NFTs

Unlike other marketplaces which offer basic features, GoFungibles combines the best of 3 worlds, Gaming, DeFi, and NFTs.


A way for creators to sell fractions of their valuable NFTs to multiple buyers, making them accessible to a broader range of investors.


Enables creators to use their NFTs as collateral and request loans to access liquidity without selling their assets.

NFT Leasing

Capitalize on your in-game character NFTs by leasing them to other players for an agreed-upon time.

NFT Staking & Farming

GoFungibles brings additional liquidity to NFT assets by enabling users to stake their valuable NFTs while farming platform tokens and rare NFTs.

Cross Chain NFT Bridge

Bridge your NFT across different chains to access wider markets and liquidity. The First-off its kind NFT bridge reduces the bridging costs by 10x.

Artist Donation

Supporting your favorite artists in the form of donations produces a fantastic incentive for creators to generate more quality art.

Get started the right way

Free Minting

A way for the layman/average user to create and mint an NFT with any media piece for free. GoFungibles will address high gas fees issues by adopting layer two solution Polygon(Matic) and Lazy minting for Ethereum


Token holders get voting rights on platform changes, community proposals, and NFT approvals.


  • By making NFTs truly interoperable, we’re removing the risk of NFTs losing their value if the platforms they were built or listed on shut down


  • Allows users to claim a percentage of sale value from every future re-sale of their NFTs.
  • Ecosystem – 15%
  • Company Reserve – 10%
  • Team – 11%
  • Advisors – 6%
  • BD and Partnerships – 9%
  • Marketing – 13%
  • Liquidity and listings – 7.55%
  • Seed Sale – 9%
  • Private Sale 1 – 10%
  • Private Sale 2 – 6%
  • Strategic Sale – 2%
  • Public IDO – 1.35%
  • Community Sale – 0.1%
  • Funds allocation:
  • Platform Development – 20%
  • Legal & Operations – 10%
  • Liquidity & Listing – 25%
  • Marketing – 20%
  • Game Development – 25%

GoFungibles Roadmap

1Q3 – 2021

  • Project conceptualization
  • Litepaper completed
  • Development initiated
  • Game prototype ready

2Q4 – 2021

  • Whitepaper release
  • Game closed Alpha Launch
  • Seed Sale
  • Marketplace launch on Polygon
  • 1st NFT pack launch
  • Tokenomics
  • Private sale
  • Public sale
  • Token listing
  • Marketing
  • BD & Partnerships
  • Ethereum Integration

3Q1 – 2022

  • Continous Development
  • Artists partnerships
  • Play-to-Earn mobile game launch
  • DAO
  • NFT Farming and Staking
  • Collateralized NFT Lending and Borrowing
  • Conventional payment methods integration
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