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MobiePay Ico Review – Universal Payment System & Reward

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About MobiePay

Universal mainstream payments & rewards ecosystem connecting fiat and digital currencies to the global retail marketplace. MobiePay is being built to be a universal payment ecosystem that allows users to instantly spend or exchange fiat and cryptocurrency directly from their mobile phone to merchants or other users. Mobie will reduce friction in the payment process and give users immediate cash back on purchases.

MobiePay Ico will be a fast and convenient alternative to cash or plastic and will be integrated with over 500 brands at 225,000 retail locations and online sites. MobieCoin is designed as an integrated payment token that connects any fiat and cryptocurrency directly to the global retail marketplace. Mobie intends to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and local currency enabling a revolutionary new payment standard.

Company NameMobiePay
Token TypeUtility / Stellar
Token Sale Hard Cap$ 5000000
Token Sale Soft Cap$ 3000000
Token SymbolMBX
Initial Token PricePrivate pre-sale phase 1 – $0.0013, private pre-sale phase 2 – $0.0025, initial exchange offering or public sale – $0.0050
Participation RestrictionsUSA, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen


The “MobiePay” protocol and digital wallet will be able to access fiat and cryptocurrency in real time and allow for cashless and cardless transactions, creating a system that will eliminate chargebacks and dramatically reduces fraud. Mobie is designed to be a fast and convenient way to convert any accredited cryptocurrency into ready to spend local fiat currency.

MobiePay Ico goal is to democratize cryptocurrencies and allow them to be widely used for granular transactions in the global marketplace. This process will help popularize usage and stabilize real-world value. Mobie is also poised to open up a new payment channel and cross border remittances for global consumers that are unbanked.

Mobie Consumer Features

Pay with Your Mobile Phone

Make purchases and payments worldwide using your mobile phone. No need for a bank account or debit card.

Global Checkout & Settlement

Mobie is integrating with over 225,000 physical and online Point-of-Sale (POS) systems at top retailers and merchants worldwide.

Universal Loyalty & Rewards Platform

Streamlines the loyalty and rewards for both consumers and merchants on a single platform.

Send & Receive Money Anywhere

Banked and unbanked users can send receive any major currency via MobieCoin and exchange it into local fiat currency.

Exchange Fiat & Digital Currency in Seconds

Consumer and merchant you can exchange any currency, local fiat or digital instantly with NO FEES.

Mobie merchant features

Payment Gateway & Instant Settlement

Settles transactions in a near-instant, in the merchants local currency. Improves cash-flow by eliminating the need to wait 2-5 days to receive funds.

Mobile Payment Data for Marketing

MobiePay Ico provides proprietary data for Merchants which can be used to market to new and existing customers.

Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate merchants can earn money from purchases made on the mobie ecosystem on users they refer.

Direct Marketing & Promotions

Merchants can create custom promotions and campaigns that precisely target their customers and drive new sales.

No More Chargebacks or Fraud

With MobiePay, retailers avoid credit card disputes and chargeback fraud allowing them to improve margins and provide more competitive pricing.

Mobie use cases


Use Mobie in-store at checkout with mobile phone securely and with ease.


Using mobie easily and securely for public transportation and rideshare

Global Payroll

With Mobie employers can instantly pay employees in any currency directly to their phone


Small and Medium business can use Mobie to payments, rewards, and data to gain a competitive edge.

Gig Economy

Global consumers can get paid directly to their mobile phone.


No need for cards, using mobie will allow for a fast, easy and secure transaction with mobile phone.

Gaming & E-Sports

MobiePay Ico Whitelabel, rewards, and data tech will be perfect for gaming partners.


Mobies ecosystem will allow for easy purchase for global eCommerce.

Non Profit

Mobie’s mechanism will make it easy and secure to give rewards directly to charities.


Mobie’s fiat and crypto gateway will allow for seamless cannabis payments.

The Vision

Mobie’s vision is a universal payment system designed to target a very wide demographic. Our goal is to open the door for billions of non-crypto users worldwide and allow them to use the currency on a daily basis. Our user interface is being designed to be easy to use and simple enough to encourage rapid adoption.

MobiePay Ico intend to provide the global marketplace with a ground-up infrastructure that embraces digital advances and employs them to build a system as scalable and flexible as plastic but without the inherent inefficiencies and burden on retailers. Blockchain will allow us to set this up in a way that benefits both retailers and consumers.

MobiePay is committed to becoming the transformative solution to the current payment system’s flaws and inadequacies; clearing the way to integrate crypto into the existing POS rails while speeding up transactions and eliminating the burden on retailers. Mobie hopes to be the future of trustless protocols.

More Features

Mobile Payments

There is massive worldwide growth in mobile payment adoption but limited incentives to use mobile devices for everyday purchases. Most consumers still reach for their plastic to make transactions as they know it is widely accepted.

Online Payments

Online payments create their own set of roadblocks as they require users to enter and expose their credit card and personal info, determine payment options, and require the retailer to store and secure the sensitive info while protecting from malicious hacks.

Offline Payments

Offline requires the retailer to sign long-term contracts for transaction fees and to lease credit card terminals.

Payment Cards

There are multiple payment card options managed and run on traditional networks like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. These include varied card types including; credit, debit, prepaid, and charge cards. Most digital payment systems like PayPal or Stripe and e-wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are built around these existing payment cards. Payment cards accommodate over 77% of global commerce. In 2016, Visa cards alone generated 54% of the more than 257B total card transactions worldwide.


The processors’ role is to accurately and securely transfer the transaction data. Like payment gateways, they act as payment terminals processing the front end of each transaction. Some payment gateways offer the retailer analytics and performance reports. Services like Stripe also fill this role as a conduit from e-commerce sites to acquiring banks. The process providers (MSP’s and ISO’s) work as intermediaries that charge merchants for the processing service.

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