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BRIKCOIN Ico Review : Commercial Real Estate A New

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BRIKCOIN powers the development of commercial, industrial, and residential facilities globally. BRIKCOIN has developed a unique financial model to answer the huge deficit in the affordable housing availability in the UK while solving the lack of liquidity for investments into private developments. The UK needs 3 million affordable homes by 2040 and there were only 6,463 social homes built in 2018. The affordable housing market is worth £11 BILLION and BRIKCOIN will grow with this nearly inexhaustible demand, delivering high quality housing to those who need it and building value for BRIKCOIN investors.

Company NameBRIKCOIN Ico
Token SymbolBRIK
Token TypeERC 20
Initial Token Price.01 GBP
Hard Cap$ 6,330,000
Soft CapN/A
Starting DateJune 1st, 2019
Ending DateDecember 31st, 2019
Participation RestrictionsNO US AND CHINA BUYERS

ERC20 Token For Brik Technology

BRIKCOIN Ico of a life-long passion for developing real estate property and utilizing a modernized Blockchain technology brikCOIN opens new doors for investors. Most investors don’t have access to recurring revenue models created by real estate and energy production agreements. “Until now, most of these types of investments came from the likes of private equity funds, pension funds, family offices or the utility giants themselves who control the energy markets,” says James Hare, founder and CEO of brikCOIN , Ltd, a UK based company. With this in mind, James set out to create a way for everyone to be able to take part in this fast-growing asset backed cryptocurrency. brikCOIN gives the tools that provide the best advantage to new users taking part in this ever-growing marketplace.

BrikCOIN partnered with Ethereum based on being the standard and most widely utilized Blockchain protocol on the market. Its vast number of tools give comfort and security in every way for new users. By partnering with Ethereum, it makes utilizing brikCOIN seamless, with well-established and trusted wallets, exchanges and widely available tools for success. The Ethereum ERC-20 standard means that even first-time users of cryptocurrencies can locate guides and tutorials very easily on the internet.

Thousands of companies already use Ethereum to issue their tokens; from football clubs selling Blockchain collectible cards to financial companies issuing tokenized equity. Ethereum boasts the largest number of holders, users and community members who are always ready to lend a hand when it comes to new adopters. The brikCOIN | Ethereum partnership provides a second to none simple execution of a transaction.

Why is BRIKCOIN needed and the BRIKCOIN business model

BRIKCOIN Ico continued sale of publicly-owned land to the private sector is unsustainable and transfers value from the public to the private sector. Unless public and private sector leaders change their strategies, the growing crisis of affordable housing will continue to be ‘the’ major long-term national economic crisis that is already leading to widespread social dissatisfaction.

Housing is what creates and defines cities. Affordable housing is what makes successful and scalable cities. As such, affordable housing is essential to the continued success, growth and competitiveness of all UK cities. It is time for governments to make step changes in their delivery models, and in particular, to shift into a more outsourced, public-private partnership oriented approach on both the supply side (new homes) and the demand side (financing products).

Why Invest?

BRIKCOIN is a compelling investment proposition:

  1. There is no demand risk from end users of the product, such is the shortage of affordable housing in the United Kingdom. Demand far exceeds supply, and the imbalance is continuing to grow;
  2. Sustainable, profitable rental levels for the product are lower than for any alternative delivery method due to the impact of the local authority Guarantee on cost of finance;
  3. Backing a high profile, highly respected management team, all with enviable track records in their own right;
  4. Investing into a counter-cyclical industry thereby providing a hedge against traditional property investment.
  5. Lack of direct competition for the product;
  6. Ability to compete against the current providers of similar product (public sector and housing associations) on a non-level playing field (no right-to-buy under BRIKCOIN model). BRIKCOIN is the Global Decentralised Property Platform.

BRIKCOIN uses the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol

Blockchain is a technology based on an open public ledger, where chains of transaction blocks are linked cryptographically. This creates logical structures, referred to as Merkel trees, sensitive to minute attempts to modify them. A ledger built on Merkle trees is extremely secure. Blockchain must remain fairy distributed in order to stay fraud-tolerant.

And BRIKCOIN Ico should be relatively costly to do something harmful on the network. The system is not centrally owned by anyone and is maintained by the wide community of stakeholders as developers, miners and users, i.e. scaled up by people that benefit from it in exchange for service or payment. Arguably, the Blockchain can enhance, replace, but most importantly, improve work of existing institutions of trust if properly implemented and accepted by the society or business.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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