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Centaure ICO Review : Bringing Advancement to Advisory & Consultancy

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About Centaure ICO

Centaure ICO is a platform which connects the 2 parties on a live streaming session and making the process of consultation and advisory process much more flexible. The users can make an appointment with doctors, lawyers, counsellors, psychiatrist, teachers, agents etc, and pre-book them with few simple clicks. The sessions are closely monitored by Centaure staff so that the security and quality is maintained between the two parties.

Before deciding whether to invest in this project or not, it’s best to read the entire section of this whitepaper. This document consists of the summary of Centaure business model, technology and detailed info about how the funds raised in the ICO will be utilized. Centaure fundraiser is based on reward based crowd funding where the backers are rewarded with Centaure tokens.

The amount of tokens (to be rewarded) will depend upon how much you’ve invested and in what stage of ICO. Detailed info about the stages of ICO is discussed below.If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, it’s best to consult your financial, legal or tax advisor(s). Further we ask you to navigate away from our website and do not contribute to the development of this project in any way.

Company NameCentaure
Token SymbolCEN
PreICO Price1 ETH = 5,000 CEN
Soft Cap500 ETH
Hard Cap20,200 ETH
Email SupportYes


The most important thing about Centaure is that it has no direct competitors. Being in an untapped market (along with positive research outcomes) ensures that our platform has a bright future ahead. The success of any startup depends on three main factors, Concept, Planning and Motivation of the team. Centaure ICO strongly believe our idea to be an innovation that will help the users to eliminate the barriers of in-person meetings by conducting them live online. Further, Centaure team (acting as a third party) will ensure the quality, standard and security required between the two parties.

What Problems will it solve?


Centaure is all about bringing flexibility to the current mode of booking appointments. Booking an appointment through phone calls or going to the office in person won’t be necessary anymore. Every tiny bit of detail to find a qualified consultant in your desired field will already be mentioned on the platform. Such details include; Personal details, Professional experience, Available hours, Price of each session, User rating and reviews.

Increase Employment

Residents of the countries with high unemployment rates can take advantage of this opportunity and utilize their skills on this platform.

Affordability for the Users:

Our basic goal is to make these services affordable for everyone. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on a consultancy service which you can easily avail for a Centaure ICO few dollars worth of tokens without compromising on the quality.

‘Making Services Available to the undeveloped/developing countries

Not every country is blessed with good doctors, lawyers, digital marketers, nutritionists etc. Our platform will allow the residents of such countries to easily connect with quality service providers from all around the world.

Low Setup Costs:

You no longer need an office or marketing skills to start your consultancy service. The consultants/advisers only need a fully setup profile with your service listed on it. The clients will get in touch with the advisors if they fit perfectly into the buyer’s criteria.

Reasons of Using Token Model for Centaure

Although Centaure also has an option for the users to pay in terms of USD, there are several reasons to prefer tokens over fiat currency to be used on Centaure. Some of the most common reasons include

Less Transaction Time

For a new seller (product or services) on any platform, withdrawal time plays an important role. Major digital marketplaces which depend upon fiat currency takes anywhere from 3-14 days before the seller could withdraw his earned money. One simple example is Fiverr. However, these platforms are not to be Centaure ICO blamed because their cash flow is required to go through many security checks. These security terms are maintained and monitored by the banking systems. In order to keep the things simple and to make the seller’s earned money instantly available to him; we decided to use the token model.

Blockchain Security:

A blockchain can be referred to the chain of digital blocks which contain the records of all transactions. Each block is linked to the blocks before and after it which makes it difficult for the hacker to alter any single record. In order to do that, the hacker will have to change all the records in that entire block. All transactions on a blockchain are secured through cryptography.

Centaure ICO


Expert Trading


ICO Quality





  • Smart Contract
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