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AXEL Ico Review : A Fast, Safe and Private File-Sharing Platform

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About AXEL Ico

AXEL Ico has built a decentralized and distributed network that gives ultimate privacy and data custody to our millions of users. AXEL Network uses IPFS pinning, masternodes, AXEL Blockchain, and AXEL token to give Internet users complete control over their digital content. A secure, encrypted file storage and sharing platform that anyone can use. AXEL Go is a next-generation cloud storage and file-sharing application that combines a simple, intuitive user interface with powerful capabilities.

Company NameAXEL Ico
Token SymbolAXEL
Token TypeAXEL/ Probit Exchange
Initial Token Price1 token=0.20
Hard Cap$ 1,000,000
Soft Cap$ 100,000
Starting DateAugust 12th, 2019
Ending DateAugust 16th, 2019
Participation RestrictionsUnited States Canada,etc


Protect your files with the IPFS transfer protocol and robust password encryption. Unlike standard HTTP, every time you send a document to a friend or colleague via the IPFS-backed network, it is divided into many small chunks before it is sent to its destination. This keeps it much more secure while in transit, since hackers cannot intercept the full file. Plus, there’s always the option to enable AES 256-bit password encryption. This practically uncrackable algorithm offers a strong 2nd layer of protection.


Control your data through the use of customizable security settings. Choose when your shared content will expire and whether or not the recipient can download the files. You no longer have to worry about confidential information being on someone else’s device indefinitely.


Share the power of secure, private file exchange with anyone. The new ‘Secure Fetch’ feature allows AXEL Go users to send open links to people without AXEL accounts and request documents. The recipients of a Secure Fetch link then upload the requested files, and the sender receives them back. No hassle. No difficulties. The entire world can now enjoy AXEL Go’s industry-leading security benefits.

Powered by IPFS and Blockchain

AXEL Go is driven by two different decentralized technologies: the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and blockchain. Working together, they are what make the platform so secure, private, and fast.

Unlike traditional web servers, IPFS uses distributed nodes throughout the world to deliver content. Instead of using location addresses, IPFS retrieves data via unique cryptographic hashes. Then, using the power of blockchain, content is timestamped and secured in a transparent and immutable way. Since the files themselves aren’t stored on the blockchain, users gain the security benefits without sacrificing privacy or speed.

The use of these exciting technologies means there is no one point of failure. Hackers can’t target a single group of servers and gain access to your files. Your shared content is split up and spread throughout the entire network. These distinct advantages are what make the AXEL Go app so revolutionary in the file-sharing world.


AXEL Ico secure. All of the connections are run via HTTPS using the latest TLS 1.2 security keys to lock everything down (TLS is better than SSL). Plus, when you share a file, you can engage the privacy settings so that only a known AXEL contact will be able to access the share. Need more security? You can use the patented 2-Factor Authentication which gives an additional layer of security when you access files through AXEL or use the Secure Share feature when you share files (only available on the AXEL Pro plan).

What operating systems does AXEL work on?

AXEL works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can also access the AXEL platform from any web browser. For desktops and laptops, AXEL’s Tack App will run on macOS and Windows. They also have mobile apps for iOS and Android. We’re working on a Linux version of Tack App too. For additional information please visit the Downloads page.

How much does AXEL cost?

AXEL Ico is a free plan, so nothing. We have a The AXEL Pro plan with additional features for $5/month or $50/year. You can also purchase additional online storage if you need more space.

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