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What Is Akita Inu (AKTA)? Coin Review? Guide About Akita Inu

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What Is Akita Inu (AKTA)?

Akita Inu (AKTA) is a community-building token on the Algorand blockchain that aims to drive adoption of and engagement with the Algorand ecosystem. It hopes to achieve this goal by:

1) Building a strong community of users and developers within the Algorand ecosystem,

2) Forging and facilitating collaborations between ecosystem projects and creators,

3) Raising funds for charities and shelters that help animals in need, and

4) Creating a suite of open-source Web3 tools that support ecosystem members and allow them to interact more effectively with the Algorand community as a whole.

Upon release, all of the dApps within the latter DeFi suite will feature Akita Inu (AKTA) as their native token. Akita Inu Coin is also responsible for the Akita Kennel Club (AKC), a collection of one thousand unique NFTs that grant holders access to the Akita Kennel Club and a range of members-only benefits. Ten percent of all revenues from primary sales are donated to animal charities.

Important Points Table Of Akita Inu

Coin NameAkita Inu
Short NameAKTA
Circulating Supply1.00B AKTA
ExplorerClick Here To View
ChatClick Here To Chat
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Why Algorand?

Send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime with transaction finality under 4.5 seconds.

Transaction fees are a fraction of a cent or 0.001 Algo.

Algo was built for billions of users, so payments won’t slow down, no matter how much traffic there is.

Algo doesn’t fork and uses the most advanced cryptography around. This protects any ASAs or NFTs from being copied.

Like AKITA, the total supply of Algo was created at the launch of the Algorand blockchain. Anyone can see how many Algo or AKITA are in use.

Making Life Better for Four-Legged Friends

According to the ASPCA, around 3.1 million dogs enter animal shelters each year in the U.S. alone. Of these, approximately 390,000 are euthanized. Add this to the estimated total of 200 million strays currently in existence around the globe, and it quickly becomes apparent that these animals are in need of our help.

At Akita Inu, we’re committed to playing the part. They pledge to make direct donations to shelters, organize community fundraising initiatives, sell exclusive NFTs, and do a whole lot more besides to make life better for four-legged friends, wherever they may be in the world.

Who is Responsible for Akita Inu?

Akita Inu is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Ryan Roberts, a project manager and veteran cryptocurrency investor who has been involved in the crypto space for over a decade. Before founding Akita Inu, he was also active as an NFT developer on the WAX, Ethereum and Algorand blockchains.

Development of the Akita Inu project is driven by a transatlantic team whose skill sets include smart contract development, web development, marketing and graphic design. Key team members include Samantha Palmer—a smart contract developer who holds over ten patents in the space of machine learning and digital signal processing—and Curtis, a backend engineer who previously created a Discord application that has been downloaded over 11 million times.

ASA ID#523683256

  • 1 Billion AKITA INU created
  • 350,000,000 added to Tinyman Liquidity Pool (35%)
  • 250,000,000 AKITA airdropped to users by request on Oct 31st, 2021 (25%)
  • 50,000,000 AKITA reserved for the creator with a minimum 1 year lock up period (5%)
  • 200,000,000 AKITA reserved for the AKITA Community Project (20%)
  • 150,000,000 AKITA airdropped to users by request from Nov. 13th-15th, 2021 (15%)

How Many AKTA Tokens are there in Circulation?

Akita Inu launched on October 26, 2021 with 1 billion tokens created at genesis. Of these, 40% (400MM) were airdropped to the Algorand community; 35% (350MM) were used to provide liquidity on the Tinyman exchange; 20% (200MM) were retained for the Community Development Fund; and 5% (50MM) were reserved for the Founder’s Wallet. According to the Akita Inu team, tokens in the Founder’s Wallet will not be touched for at least twelve months after genesis.

Monthly AKITA NFT Collab

There are two things they love almost as much as dogs: the Algo community and NFTs! Our first community project will be a monthly NFT project! Each month, community members can submit an NFT they created for review. We will choose one winner each month.

For the first month’s collab, the community will vote for their favorite and the winner will receive 1,000,000 AKITA, and be spotlighted on our site and social media! Additionally, a unique, 1 of 1 NFT will be created and sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds will go to the artist!

In order to ensure the long-term viability of this competition, future prizes will be adjusted based on market prices of Akita Inu ASA and will be announced as part of each new competition.

To Enter: submit your original artwork to the attached google form. NFT designs that have been previously minted will not be eligible to win. Deadline for submission is Sunday, November 28th at 11:59pm PST

Voting: They will create a form for the community to vote on their favorite NFT design. The form will be posted on Monday, November 29th at 7pm PST. Voting will conclude on Thursday, December 2nd.

Auction: A 72 hour auction on AlgoGems will start on Thursday, December 2nd, to conclude on Sunday, Dec 4th. After which, Akita Inu will send proceeds of the auction from the community wallet to the winner’s wallet.

1st Place Auction

2nd Place Auction

3rd Place Auction

Where Can Buy Akita Inu (AKTA)?

Akita Inu (AKTA) is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges. To date, its predominant trading pair is with Algorand.

The Tinyman AMM exchange currently features the greatest daily trading volume for AKTA (as of February 2022). AKTA trading is also available on AlgoDex, a decentralized order book exchange.

New to cryptocurrency? Need a helping hand? Check out CoinMarketCap’s easy guide to buying Bitcoin or any other token.

Akita Inu Markets

What Is Akita Inu (AKTA)? Coin Review? Guide About Akita Inu
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