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What Is Ticket (TICKET)?Coin Review? Guide About Ticket

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What Is Ticket(TICKET)?

Ticket is the next-gen fundraising and go-to platform for the Solana blockchain that helps crypto enthusiasts to invest in a diversified approach. They chose the name $TICKET to give a clear message to the community,“Get your coin and get access to upcoming Tokens &N FTs before everyone else”

TICKET will exponentially develop DeFi to help the cryptoeconomy thrive. The ecosystem will make it easier toinvest in decentralized finance and make it moreaccessible to the general public. It will also ensure thatnew crypto initiatives may raise funds in a decentralizedmanner through the wide community.

Important Points Table Of Ticket

Coin NameTheticket
Short Name TICKET
Circulating Supply2.25B VLX
ExplorerClick Here To View
ChatClick Here To Chat
WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Top rated Launchpad by Q2 2022
Strongest DeFi community
Primary liquidity provider to exchange
Best lottery platform on Solana


Ticket FINANCE Mission is to make Solana accessible to anyone,with a strong focus on UI/UXand strong partnerships and integrations in the Solana ecosystem.

TICKET Solutions for the Ecosystem

The most important ‘T’ is the ‘Team’ and the TICKET Team they have formed involves technical, marketing and organizational skills to execute daily management.

ICO Application

An explainer that involves timeline, price and further info will be shared
with the investors not to miss or skip any steps to own.

Investment Opportunity

As a fair approach, they limit the investment cap so the token purchase
can be done by the community of early supporters.

Reward TICKET Holders

Ticket FINANCE want community to stake their purchased The right away on the defined pools so they can reward them accordingly.

Customer Support:

One of the competencies we have had is the immediate action taking. They
will hire community managers to run the community 24*7 by chats and
run a ticket system with defined timescales.

Supply Unlock

1. All Team, Advisor & Partners tokens are vested on-chain with a 1 year lock upand then 2 year linear vesting with a monthly cliff.

2. Airdrop goes to whitelist round buyers

3. Staking/Farming & Rewards will be distributed to the holders as rewards ofstaking/holding – fully unlocked

4. Strategic & Growth – 3 year linear vesting with a monthly cliff

5. Liquidity – fully unlocked initial liquidity

The Ticket Platform

TICKET is the next – gen fundraising platform offering diversified projects exclusively for the Solana ecosystem.


TICKET has re-designed NFT approach with the first “utility-nft” They will distribute 10,000 NFTs in batches through out the year that will function as Guarantee Allocation Cards (GACs).
The earlier you get, the less you pay!

Buy and hold for the upcoming IDOs!

250 NFTs available for the 2nd batch

Members who staked LP tokens on Aldrin for 30 days will be able to join the 2nd batch

First come first served will be implemented


Ticket FINANCE NFT is the very first “utility-nft” that gives you guaranteed allocation for the upcoming Token & NFT project launches.

For 2022, there will be 10,000 NFTs available for the community that has the same rarity and functionality

They will release NFTs in batches as the projects keep launching on the platform — possible batches in 100, 250, 400, 500 and so on

TICKET NFT holders will have the privilege to purchase any Token & NFT that is launched on the platform

After distribution to NFT Holders, holders will have the right to purchase

For token launches, maximum allocations for NFT and holders will differ


The most important ‘T’ is the ‘Team’. Imagine a team knowing each other for more than 5 years – some of us +10. They all got together and decided to bring the whole experience we have had to a simple mission – to reshape and contribute to the future of the DEFI. We are passionate, dedicated and here to stay! Pleased to introduce;

The T – Creator and CTO
The U – Co-Creator and CEO
The R – Data Analyst
The S – Crypto Developer
The H – dApp Developer
The M – Head of Design

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