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What Is ONINO Coin (ONI)?Coin Review? Guide About ONINO

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What Is ONINO Coin (ONI)?

The ONI Token is the native utility token of the ONINO platform. While still being in development the platform will consist of 2 core products: the ONINO wallet and the blockchain.

The ONINO wallet is a dashboard for users to link all their existing wallets and assets into one place. Thus enabling various use cases like tax calculation for all crypto assets or easy to use Identity verification on connceted dApps. Together with the ONINO chain the wallet will pave the way for a new kind of dApp-Generation.

The ONINO blockchain is based on a dual-chain architecture to fully store sensitive data in a fully decentralized way. The public transaction chain shows all transactions and is in dialog with the secured non-scrapable data chain which transfers user data. The user can actievly decide when and which data is sent (through the ONINO wallet) and to whom.

Enabling easy Identity verification will bring blockchain technologies to the next level and make mainstream adoption much easier.”

Important Points Table Of ONINO

Coin NameONINO
Short NameONI
Circulating SupplyN/A
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Metadata registry

ONINO Coin is a layer-1 blockchain cross-chain metadata registry, powered by state-of-the-art technologies for simple scalability, security and ease of use. They provide a simple interface to connect verified data to any wallet and keep track of all your assets scattered across different blockchain networks.

Dual-Chain Architecture

The ONINO Dual-Chain Architecture allows you to use any network to associate meta information to your respective wallet in any ecosystem in a decentralized and standardized way. Most importantly it keeps your private data secure. You are in full control over your data, at any time.

Scalable Ecosystem

ONINO Coin layer one chain will be engineered to be a friendly platform for developers and users. Allowing various web3.0 dApps to be integrated seamless into a secure network. The works with native on-chain dapps but also with dapps on any other chains.

Your decentralized keychain for WEB3.

Your digital twin

Connect any asset on any chain to you real world identity.


Get an overview of all your assets and contracts scattered across different networks in one single dashboard.

Identification & Data

Link your personal data securely to any wallet in any network while keeping full control over the flow of the information. Approved data to identify anything in WEB3.

Partner Network

Partners can scan the binary public ONINO registry chain to utilize the information for extended functionality. Additional data needs the wallet holder to accept the request.

Dual-Chain Architecture

ONINOs Coin approach to store personal data in a decentralized way and guarantee data security is our so-called Dual-Chain Architecture.

The public Main Chain will process transactions, run applications, operate as an index and serve as the regulating point of entry into data space.

The so-called Data Chain will be a decentralized network that is non-scrapable as well as encrypted.

This allows users to store all kinds of data on-chain without revealing it to every participant in the network.

dApps requesting associated information connected to a wallet will only be able to access the data with the user’s permission. Wallet indexes on the main chain will only reveal binary or user-approved data.

ONI Token

The ONI token is the native utility token of the ONINO ecosystem. It is used to fuel the transactions needed to write to and read data from the blockchain. The token provides utility by enabling the use of the numerous future layer-2 applications in the ecosystem.

Use cases


The ONINO ecosystem allows users to easily verify their identity in the digital space. Following a once-only identity verification using state-of-the-art video or bank account identification technology, the user’s identity can be linked to their ONINO wallet and accessed and utilized for verification at any time – with just one click. This minimal barrier to entry allows everybody to join the ONINO ecosystem in the blink of an eye.

Mirroring Assets

In addition to mapping identities into the digital space, ONINO Coin wallets also enable real-world assets and their properties to be represented in the form of NFT-like objects. They can be linked to the owner’s ID on the blockchain using serial numbers,MAC addresses or other identifiers, confidently capturing an asset’s existence and ownership.

Verifying Institutions & Wallets

A rather simple but very important use-case is the verification of wallets. For the future we would like to see something like a blue tag implemented in all mayor wallets that signals the user if a wallet is genuine. Institutions can decide to put their information publicly on the public chain, individuals keep full control.


ONINO allows to verify the actual natural person/entity behind a chosen wallet on request. This allows for an easy to use blockchain contract solution for commercial/business use but also for private use.

Document Verification

With ONINO it will be possible to save uneditable documents of proof on chain, linked to the identity. LinkedIn and other can now scan for those approvals (you have to give them access first) in order to put blue ticks behind your achievements.


The insurance industry is one of the most “middle man” driven business out there. It is also a business that can be beautifully recreated as a decentralised solution. This only works if wallets can connect to metadata/identity.

WEB3 Online Shops, Clubs & Casinos

ONINO will store any kind of metadata. One specific kind is the age of a user. Dapps like a casino on Etherium could request a binary data keypoint to legally operate.

Digital Twin

ONINO Coin will allow users to create a verified digital replica of their natural person to use in WEB3 and the Metaverse.

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