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Youengine.io Ico Review : A Decentralized, Tokenized Advertising Platform

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About Youengine.io

Youengine.io that is transforming the world of digital advertising: a decentralized, tokenized platform connecting 200 million advertisers & businesses with 4 billion users who are paid to watch ads. A decentralized, tokenized advertising platform where over 200 million advertisers connect with 4 billion users who get paid to watch ads.

It’s simple, brands and businesses open an account and fund it with YOUcash tokens. Once logged into the platform, they can use the proprietary YOUengine to target over 4 billion users globally. For example, if Nike wants to promote a new running sneaker with a 20-55 year old running demographic in NYC, average household income of $100k, they can

Company NameYouengine.io
Token SymbolYOUC
Restricted areasUSA, Canada, Cuba, Democratic People
Price1 YOUC = 0.1 USD
Hard Cap400,000,000 USD
Soft Cap150,000,000 USD

Mission Statement

This challenge involves attracting and retaining global customers, which requires multi-currency billing options. For example, brands and media agencies from around the world work in various currencies which constantly fluctuate. For this, you need a secure and sustainable platform that will be able to execute various multi-currency scenarios.

The Youengine.io advertising portal aims to transform the method of connecting advertisers, businesses and consumers through decentralized applications. By using the Blockchain decentralized platform, the aim is to ensure a secure, fast and easy payment solution between businesses advertisers and consumers, for the first time, rewarded for watching ads as they should be in all fairness.

Get on board

The world is changing fast so don’t get left behind! Get your fair share and get paid to watch advertising. Join the Youengine Ico where 200 million advertisers connect with 4 billion users in the world’s largest direct-to-consumer advertising platform. Why make big companies even bigger with your personal data? It is time to get your fair share! Get aboard, step into the future now!


Brands and businesses open an account and fund it with Youengine.io tokens. Once logged into the platform, they can use the power of the YOUengine to target over 4 billion users globally. Whether they want to reach 10 people down the street or 10 million people around the world the YOUengine delivers real-time targeting and ad delivery for industry.


Users download the Youengine app, create an account, go through a registration process that includes proof of identity and up to 400 fields of opt-in profile data, for example, date of birth, relationship status, location, profession, affinities and preferences like luxury cars, sports, films, fashion, foods, and more. The users are incentivized with three levels of data entry. The more data they enter, the more money they make per view. Finally, users get their fair share and get paid for their data with every ad they watch.


Today, social networks, search engines and data companies collect your data and resell it to advertisers and make billions, while you get nothing. YOUwatch is a tokenized video player where you watch ads and make money. After each video completion the user gets instant YOUcash tokens which can be converted to any fiat currency via the YOUwallet. A real-time tally of tokens is kept in a pop-up window on the upper right of the screen so you know exactly how much money you are making with every video you view.


Another bothersome problem of digital advertising is trust between advertising Buyers and Sellers.Problems confronting Buyers: Buyers often waste time selecting the right advertising platform and agency. They are unable to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of advertising before buying, and cannot ensure that they will receive the ROI promised.


01 Jul 2019

Start Website Development

15 Jul 2019

Start YOUapp development.

01 Sep 2019

Beta 1.0 Website

15 Nov 2019

Website 1.1 Launch

 15 Jan 2020

Launch YOUengine Marketing Dept

30 Mar 2020

Website 2.0

29 Apr 2020

Private Sale Closed

30 Apr 2020

Limited IEOs starts

 01 Jun 2020

Launch YOUengine Labs (R&D)

 15 Aug 2020

Beta Agency YOUengine Launch.

01 Sep 2020

Beta YOUapp to 15K Micro-Influencers

 14 Sep 2020

Limited IEO Sale Closed.

15 Sep 2020

First three Listings

01 Oct 2020

Consumer Marketing Campaign Launch

12 Dec 2020

12 Dec 2020

Benefits of The Platform

Youengine.io platform is designed to support a variety of advertising and businesses digital discovery and recognition that enables business to easily reach targeted audience while the users also get rewarded for it. The main benefits include:

Secure and Reliable

Advertisers can trust advertising providers to meet their agreements while businesses can trust that Clients will pay for the services provided. YOU creates an avenue for secured and reliable transaction on the YOUapp using YOUCash as the means of transaction on an arena that is ever dependable.

Fast Transaction

With YOUCash, transaction only takes few seconds to initiate and get acknowledged, whereas a traditional international payment takes longer thereby affective easy payment system.

The YOUexperience

YOUengine provides a remarkable experience on the platform that allows users to enjoy easy and effective payment solution thereby revolutionized the advertising industry.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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