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Illuminates.org Ico Review : Join community on Illuminates Platform!

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About Illuminates.org

Illuminates.org platform is a crypto Social Media that includes various SaaS products which is developed using Relatefacts unvarying standard powered by Blockchain technologies. They want to make all Blockchain advantages available for everyone, and qualitatively improve the business interactions between investors, investment funds, traders, startups, freelancers and other blockchain market audience.

Illuminates platform is being developed by the technology company Illuminates, that has more than ten years of IT-services experience and since 2011 has been successfully engaged in the development and promotion of startups. Since 2017 the company has also been engaged in a number of ICO projects.

With all the experience Illuminates.org analyzed every twist and turn of this business, determined advantages of both centralized and decentralized solutions, and eventually came up with a unique concept of the ecosystem, that would ensure effective interaction between all ICO market and crypto community.

Company NameIlluminates
Token SymbolLUM
Restricted areasUSA, Canada, China, Singapore
Price1 LUM = 0.2 USD
Soft Cap300,000 USD

New Technology Solution

Relatefacts – it’s a methodology for constructing data stored in the blockchain. It will allow to create data interconnections between any blockchains that support smart contracts.

Relatefacts allows you to store and validate the fact via hashing its digital representation in the system of smart contracts, which will make reputation in a history form, and will show expertise of all users and system’s objects – in a form indistortiable by time or parties influence.

B2B Relatefacts solutions includes

Interconnection for private blockchains:

Relatefacts methodology will provide special data standardization that would be accessible through Illuminates SDK. Illuminates SDK will provide the functionality to create any smart contract with standardized data for legal entities and transfer any database data story into the blockchain. Mentioned data could be freely transferred to any blockchain using standardization and SDK.

Smart contracts developed with lluminates.org SDK could be used for sharing information about entities, events, registrations, transactions, customers, ownership transferring, legal documents, etc., between legal entities. The information would be shared in a form of hashed ID without sharing personal information. Only selected information will be decrypted by data provider for the end user.

OTC for Banks & Exchanges:

Relatefacts methodology will help to save anonymity and increase transparency of OTC trading. Participants shouldn’t share personal info, only hashed ID, that will show data with user activities related to OTC. Using Illuminates SDK, OTC provider could develop special smart contract that will check and show all mentioned data without sharing personal information.

API for Relatefacts data for SaaS platforms:

Illuminates API will synchronize information globally and provide access to additional services based on smart contracts developed through Illuminates SDK or standard Illuminates contracts for any SaaS platform. Such services will be based on Relatefacts technology, which will allow to use different blockchain solutions in every industry.

Real assets tokenization:

Every legal entity could tokenize their real assets and supply stable or security tokens using standardized Smart contracts developed via Illuminates SDK or use turnkey solutions via Illuminates API.

Relatefacts based smart contracts will create the hash of every event that related to mentioned assets and flow of supplied tokens. If there is will be legal disputes about ownership of assets, tokken supplier could just decrypt needed fragment of hash, and show full history of mentioned assets.

B2C Illuminates platform includes

Social media:

  • Standard features for all social networks
  • Messenger
  • Streaming service
  • KYC and AML
  • Crypto wallet and payments
  • Banking services

SaaS platform for tokenization of businesses and startups launch:

  • Startup tokenization
  • Crowdfunding for ICO
  • Futures contracts
  • Trackers
  • Bounty program

Freelance exchange for specialists recruitment, with payments as in tokens as in fiat as a success fee deals:

  • Oracles / judges
  • Rating system based on experience
  • Hashed private workflow, chats and files
  • Hashed literary property
  • Hashed NDA


JULY 2019

Illuminates ecosystem Alpha version release.

Application to initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Start of illuminates Ltd. equity sale.

First team members salaries in our LUM token


Illuminates ecosystem beta version release.

Starting of PR campaign.

Signing partnership agreements with startups incubators.

Signing partnership agreements with agencies.


Illuminates.org ecosystem v 1.0 release

Aim to achieve 100 000 users.

Startups battles events with Judges functionality for jobs on freelance.

Advisors, experts, mediators functionality for jobs on freelance.

Advertisement campaign launch in North, South America, Australia.


Platform updates and growth.

Aim to achieve 1 000 000 users.

Making and announcing new partnership.

Target work to attract and announcing new partnerships.

Advertisement campaign launch in Asia and Africa.

Illuminat tokens (LUM)

The (LUM) is a custom token, that serves to operate Illuminates platform. LUM total supply is 100 000 000 (there is wouldn’t be additional supply over time). Iluminat tokens uses erc 20 standard and released on Ethereum blockchain.

Illuminat token usage

The main LUM’s usage in b2c is payments for The platform services. It’s also could be used to pay platform fees, payments for products and services from the marketplace (if the product owner will accept LUM as a preferable currency) and completed tasks on the freelance marketplace. B2B partners and customers will use LUM’s to pay for transaction fees.

Illuminat token POS

Illuminates.org platform fee will be divided as follows: part of tokens will be burned, another part will be considered as income for the company, and the last part would be sent to special smart contract. This smart contract will automatically distribute tokens as a reward for LUM holders proportionally to the amount they hold.

Illuminat token burn

The part of LUM tokens, that used as a payment for platform fees, will be burned. This will help to stimulate tokens demand, and tokens price growth.

ken details & allocation

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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