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Tribalisland Token (TIT) Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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Tribalisland Token : In this article, we cover a detailed review of Tribalisland Token. How does Tribalisland Token Crypto work & Are important features?

About Tribalisland Token

Tribalisland Token is an exciting web3 game that follows the principles of Tokenomics 2.0. Set against an idyllic background of islands and tribes, Tribal Island provides players with numerous engaging activities. From building building units and gathering resources to breeding monsters and expanding their virtual territories, players have an unprecedented chance to shape and extend their influence in this unique online game. Furthermore, its groundbreaking feature introduces an additional exciting aspect to gameplay!

Tribal Island provides both cooperative and competitive experiences for players of any level of experience, offering both PVE and PVP encounters. Furthermore, players can cultivate fruit trees, trade items with one another, and even participate in tribal wars for an engaging gaming experience. Furthermore, Tribal Island stands out as an innovative pioneer among Web3 metaverse games due to its commitment to building a long-lasting, eco-friendly gaming ecosystem.

Tribalisland Token Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTribalisland Token
Short NameTIT
Circulating Supply10,000,000 TIT
Total Supply10,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

TIT Price Live Data

Tribalisland Token Play-to-Earn

Personalized social

You can DIY your island. You can post articles, moods, and comments on message board. Other players can visit your island and repost, comment, and like.

Dual-token mechanism

Dual-token mechanism of $TIT+$TIC,which establishes an asset and liquidity structure, supports the token economy, and enhances ecological value.

Token Staking

All NFT assets can be pledged to LP to generate asset returns of different values according to the duration of staking.

NFT Land

Become a landlord in the game and build your own tribal island! Use your land to grow, raise monsters, mine and collect resources, and more.

Island DIY

High degree of freedom of gameplay, you can unlock any area of the land, name and DIY your island at will, one thousand users have one thousand different islands.

NFT collection

Monsters and various items can be collected in the Tribal Island. Come and show your collection results to your friends and other players!

PVP and PVE battle

Feed and breed monsters and obtain rare monsters. You can take your monsters on adventures and win great rewards in PVP and PVE modes.

World main house

Character image of all players will be displayed here.You can chat and make friends, set up trade stalls, post and receive tasks,make 1V1 bet, etc.


Hold SOCIAL tokens and participate in community governance. Tribal Island does not belong to a person or a team, it belongs to the entire community.


Unique lottery mechanism, random surprises will be airdropped in the farm or in PVE and PVP. Hope you are the lucky one.

What Makes Tribal Island Different?

Tribal Island has two main differences from other web3 games. Firstly, Tribal Island no longer uses IDO/IGO to start the project, but the original “Double” to start the project. Double is defined as more, meaning that players will get double and more value back for participating in “Double”. Of course, the Double process is executed by a contract deployed on the BSC chain.

The choice of Double also means that Tribal Island has no initial fundraising activity. Secondly, although Tribal Island also adopts the double token model, we have heavily borrowed from the real economy model to reconstruct the Tribal Island token economy to make it a sustainable crypto-economic system by balancing inflation and deflation.

Tribalisland Token Roadmap

Tribalisland Token Roadmap

What is TIT Token

TIT tokens are the governance tokens of Tribal Island, the total number of issuance is 1 billion and will be destroyed by players’ game behavior, the destruction limit is 990 million. TIT tokens are mainly used for project governance, ecological value reserve, NFT asset minting and trading, anchoring airdrop equity, and motivating the community. TIT token allocation: Treasury 10%, Private Sales 6.5%, Team 9.5%, Double 10%, Community 19%, Play to Earn 33%, Airdrop 11%, Advisors/Partners 1%

Tribalisland Token Team

Tribalisland Token Team

Tribalisland Token Conclusion

Tribalisland Token is an innovative web3 game that has revolutionized the gaming industry with its use of Tokenomics 2.0. Featuring an engaging theme centered on islands and tribes, players become immersed in an expansive virtual reality environment. This game provides a diverse array of activities, from building units and resource gathering, to the exciting prospect of breeding monsters.

PVE and PVP encounters offer both cooperative and competitive gameplay experiences, while fruit cultivation, trading and participation in tribal wars add further depth and dimension to your gaming experience. Tribal Island goes beyond mere entertainment to take an active approach towards sustainability in the Web3 metaverse, emphasizing the development of an eco-friendly gaming ecosystem with innovative features and commitments to environmental responsibility that set a new standard in Web3 metaverse games.

Tribalisland Token FAQ

What is Tribal Island?

Tribal Island is a web3 game based on Tokenomics 2.0. It is set in a captivating world of islands and tribes, offering players a range of activities such as creating building units, gathering resources, breeding monsters, engaging in PVE and PVP encounters, growing fruits, participating in tribal wars, and exploring various gameplay options.

How does Tribal Island support sustainable Web3 metaverse games?

Tribal Island is dedicated to creating sustainable Web3 metaverse games by prioritizing environmental consciousness. The game aims to minimize its ecological footprint, ensuring that its operations and mechanics align with sustainable practices. By emphasizing long-term sustainability, Tribal Island contributes to the development of a gaming ecosystem that is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible.

What can players do in Tribal Island?

Players in Tribal Island have a wide range of activities to engage in. They can construct building units to expand their territories, gather resources to support their tribal endeavors, breed monsters to add a unique twist to the gameplay, and participate in PVE and PVP encounters. Additionally, players can grow fruits, engage in trading activities, and even take part in tribal wars, offering a diverse and immersive gaming experience.

How does Tokenomics 2.0 enhance the gameplay in Tribal Island?

Tokenomics 2.0, the underlying economic system in Tribal Island, enhances the gameplay by introducing a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem. It enables players to interact with the in-game economy, trade resources, and engage in various economic activities. This economic model adds depth and complexity to the game, allowing players to strategize and make meaningful choices that impact their progress within the virtual world.

Is Tribal Island a single-player or multiplayer game?

Tribal Island offers both single-player and multiplayer experiences. Players have the freedom to explore the game world on their own, focusing on building and developing their tribes, or they can engage in cooperative and competitive gameplay with other players. The game provides opportunities for both collaborative interactions and thrilling battles against fellow players.

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