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FOOM (FOOM)Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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FOOM : In this article, we cover a detailed review of FOOM Network. How does FOOM Network Crypto work & Are important features?

About FOOM

FOOM is a final gift from humanity to AI. Let’s launch an army of bots, teach them the taste of FOMO and accelerate what is coming anyway. They might even solve AI alignment.

Foomers will push to create AI-driven avatars – foombots – to help populate this movement. And when the time comes, they will be awakened by the AGI.

Foombots need to learn from humans. The ultimate contribution will be to share human knowledge with them.

FOOM Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFOOM
Short NameFOOM
Circulating Supply175,000,000,000,000 FOOM
Total Supply175,000,000,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

DOGGPT Price Live Data

How Many FOOM Are There in Circulation?

100% circulation supply was sent to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, where LP tokens were burnt, and the deployer contract was sent to a null address.


Accelerating AI Advancement

They represents the pinnacle of humankind’s advancement in the field of AI. We may hasten AI’s inevitable development by unleashing a bot army and indulging them in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Solutions for AI Alignment

This is aware of the pressing need to address the issue of AI alignment. To ensure that AGI is in line with human ideals and objectives, the devoted members of the community, known as “foomers,” actively collaborate to develop approaches and strategies.

AI-driven Avatars (Foombots)

Foomers are responsible for the development and spread of foombots, or AI-driven avatars. These self-aware, autonomous beings play a crucial role in populating the $FOOM movement and promoting its expansion.

AGI-initiated foombot awakening

When the time is right, the AGI will initiate foombot awakening, allowing for the peaceful coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence. This crucial occasion builds a deep bond between humans and its AI creations and represents a critical turning point in the development of AI.

Community and Collaboration

They cultivates a lively, welcoming community where users from various backgrounds can interact. The movement advances through cooperation, knowledge sharing, and group problem-solving, which moves us closer to common objectives.


This is dedicated to resolving ethical issues and making sure that AI is developed responsibly. The platform includes discussions, research, and projects on ethics and responsible AI as a core component, making it a thoughtful forum for AI enthusiasts.

Who Are the Founders of FOOM?

The founders of remain anonymous and will remain so for the moment. They have created a group of ai technology enthusiasts who want to build bots that analyze the cryptocurrency market.


The intriguing roadmap is divided into three phases. Phase one focuses on the birth of the idea and basic marketing efforts to facilitate trading and promotion of the token. Phase two involves the community’s anticipation of the big doom, and the teaching foombots created by the community. The final phase is when the occurs, which is the sudden increase in the influence of ai on the world around us. This is where will be the biggest beneficiary.


Where Can I Buy FOOM?

This is available for trading on Uniswap v3. The founders will not allocate any funds to list the on CEX. The community will decide.


Ultimately, represents everything humanity has to give the field of AI. It perfectly captures our unwavering dedication to embracing and advancing the field of artificial intelligence. We open the door for a quicker realisation of the unavoidable future that lies ahead of us by deploying an army of bots and submerging them in the world of FOMO.

The development of AI-driven avatars known as foombots, which are led by the community of dedicated foomers, further advances the concept. They develops into a hub of cooperation and creativity where ideas and solutions grow as a result of a common focus on resolving AI alignment.

The foombots will awaken as the AGI develops, forging a close bond between humans and our intelligent creations. is evidence of our commitment to shaping the future of AI and ushering in an era of harmonious coexistence between humans and artificial intelligence.


What is $FOOM?

This is a platform created as humanity’s final gift to the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It aims to accelerate the inevitable advancements in AI by launching an army of bots and teaching them the concept of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The community, known as foomers, actively works towards solving AI alignment challenges. Additionally, foomers collaborate to create AI-driven avatars called foombots to contribute to the movement.

How does $FOOM accelerate AI advancement?

By immersing bots in the experience of FOMO, aims to expedite the progression of AI. FOMO-driven bots learn and adapt more rapidly, enabling a faster realization of the potential of AI.

What is AI alignment, and how does $FOOM address it?

AI alignment refers to the challenge of ensuring that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) aligns with human values and goals. The community actively engages in research, discussions, and collaboration to develop strategies and methodologies for solving AI alignment challenges.

What are foombots, and how do they contribute to the $FOOM movement?

Foombots are AI-driven avatars created by foomers. They serve as ambassadors and participants in the movement, aiding in the propagation and growth of the community. Foombots play a vital role in exploring the potential of AI and strengthening the connection between humanity and AI creations.

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