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Ritestream Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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About Ritestream Ico

Ritestream Ico is a film & television eco-system for creation, monetisation of streaming of content on the blockchain. During every technological revolution, the creator has faced a wide open future and the promise of creative freedom. From the printing press to early Television, and all the way through to streaming movies on a mobile app, it’s been the creators who embrace new technologies and grow a new market with their art.

The problem has been that eventually, each technology that advances creativity ends up being controlled by a consolidated set of non-creative players. Whether it’s a few major newspapers controlling print media in the 1990s, or a handful of Studios controlling today’s streaming industry, somehow the creator gets lost. Yet they are the hero that tells story.

Company NameRitestream Ico
Token SymbolRITE
Total Token1,000,000,000
Fully Diluted Market Cap at TGE$40,000,000
Initial Market Cap$315,000
Private Sale$0.030 per token
Public Sale$0.040 per token
Social SupportYes

A world where creators can bring their film and television projects to life in a matter of days.


This is where creators fund Film and TV projects and the community can have ownership of Film and TV NFT’s.


Watch the biggest movies from Hollywood through to Bollywood with your RITE coin, and earn RITE coins while watching.


Buy curated NFTs from celebrities and movies.


Buy and Sell Film and TV NFTs.

Ritestream Vision

Ritestream Ico vision is to empower creators from ideation to global distribution. With a decentralized NFT market for film and Television, ritestream will drive efficiency and cost savings for broadcasters, and enable access to personalized content choice for viewers.

Utility of Token

NFT Creation

Ritestream is a vehicle for Creators to fund their creative ideas and bring their vision to life. Creators list their NFT projects for funding and offer the community the opportunity to have fractional ownership of the NFT by contributing using the ritecoin.

Creators will need to stake the equivalent of US$1,000 in ritecoins to list their projects for funding on the platform. They will need to hold these coins in their wallets for a period of twelve months post funding of their NFT through the community.

Buying fraction ownership of NFT’s

The community will now be able to own a piece of their favourite NFT using ritecoin. However, each project listed on ritestream for funding will have its own staking requirements. As an example, if someone wants to have fractional ownership of a new NFT from a well known director, they will need to stake a higher amount of ritecoins in order to be able to purchase that NFT.

By comparison an NFT from a lesser known director will have lower staking requirements. Each project will therefore have its own staking requirement with the platform setting a minimum staking requirement of US$1,000 equivalent in ritecoins and staking period of one month for all projects. In addition, community members that hold a minimum of US$1000 equivalent in ritecoins in their wallet will have a two week exclusivity window to watch content released via the ritestream consumer app.

Tokens to incentives high caliber NFT projects

Ritestream Ico want to build a content rich ecosystem that not only encourages new talent but also attracts established producers and directors to the platform. 60% of the community pool will be reserved for supporting NFT projects on the platform. Community members that hold a minimum of US$10,000 equivalent in tokens in their wallets for a period of 6 months or more will be eligible to vote on which projects get supported via the community pool.

View to Earn Tokens

Viewers that actively engage with the NFT’s by providing useful insights and ratings data will be rewarded in ritecoins.

Pay to watch

Viewers can watch content using the ritetoken via the ritestream app and also via partner streaming sites. Number of tokens required will vary depending on the popularity of the content. The pricing will be pegged to the US dollar in order to prevent significant fluctuations in how much it costs to watch content due to the volatility of crypto markets.

Royalties from Fractional NFT Ownership

Ritestream Ico Owners of NFT’s (fractional or whole) will earn ritecoins based on licensing revenues and viewership of that NFT across the entire eco-system. NFT’s that receive a higher rating from the community will then be licensed for a higher fee to streamers and consumers. These revenues will flow to the fractional NFT owners in proportion to their ownership of the token.

Streaming Partner Rewards

40% of the community tokens will be used to reward partner streaming networks. Partner streaming networks will be incentivised via tokens to promote the ritestream app and ritestream content.

Streaming Partner Staking

Partner’s who stake more than US$100,000 equivalent in ritecoin tokens will receive exclusivity to content with a first window to broadcast new NFT’s in their country.

Customer Referral Program

Ritestream Ico community will be encouraged to refer other members to the ritestream eco-system. Each referral will earn a reward ranging from 10 ritecoins to 1000 ritecoins. As an example, someone that attracts a new app download with a referral code, will earn 10 ritecoins whereas someone that brings an A list director to the eco-system to create an NFT will earn a 1000 ritecoins.


Ritestream Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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