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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Reign of Terror Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico? Read Our Full Review

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About Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a cyberpunk metaverse blockchain game created to immerse players in a dreamlike, futuristic world while weaving graspable decentralized finance mechanisms. Get lost playing in a jaw dropping new reality where missions become investment bearing activities.

RoT utilizes NFTs in every facet of the game, is full of P2E missions, and also introduces players to DeFi mechanics as part of the gameplay, such as staking. SocialFi mechanics are also strong here with Guilds, Alliances, a DAO governance system and NFT lending system, creating a seamless layer of blockchain beneath the skin of a cyberpunk realm.

Company NameReign of Terror
Token SymbolROT
Token For SaleN/A
Ico Price$0.016000
Social SupportYES
Where To BuySolanium
WhitepaperClick Here To View

Enter A Feudalistic Cyberpunk World: 

Enter a dystopian future on a distant planet. A world where the rich live above you not only figuratively, but literally. Fight against the systems put in place in order to free people from the will of a nearly all powerful Emperor.

Create Your Own Tactical Squad: 

Choose from a range of different agents to tackle problems and defeat enemies in unique ways. Use Marksmen to defeat enemies from afar or get up close and personal with Fighters and Tanks. Use Support and Specialist units to improve your Agents and turn the battlefield against your enemies.

Craft Equipment And Weapons: 

Create weapons and armors using resources earned from missions and facilities. Equip those weapons and armors to your agents to help you dominate your opponents on the battlefield.

Control Lands and Build Facilities: 

Build Facilities on Lands you obtain in the Reign of Terror world. Built Facilities to produce rare and valuable resources for yourself and your friends. Defend your Lands and Facilities from attacks while attacking others.


Immersive Worldbuilding

RoT creates an immersive world for players to engage in whenever they want, playing passively or actively while involved in any or all of the game combat decisions. The player is embroiled in a deadly game of politics and private wars where they are forced to become brutal Agents in order to survive.

Improve Society through Play to Own

Promote sustainable and responsible economy. Play to Earn is an amazing concept and has helped the general community in the past. But we are evolving into a game that cares not only about earning but also on the idea of true ownership of the game that one may spend many hours playing and even influencing its development and its inhabitants.

Create a Robust NFT Economy

Players can collect a large number of different NFTs, use them to play the game, upgrade, lend, and sell to create a robust secondary NFT market. There are broadly three NFT categories for players to browse and shop in the Marketplace, which will grow as the community collects more NFTs in the game.

Competition for Individuals and Organizations

Players can engage in both PvE and PvP as individuals and in larger organizations (Guilds and Alliances) to have shared competitive and collaborative experiences. This is a massively multiplayer community game but that does not mean you are forced to participate in group activities. They respect the ‘soloers’ out there who prefer solitude and playing in their own time without any peer pressure.

NFT Lending

The game creates a gig economy in the metaverse through the Lending of NFTs to complete Missions, thus giving both the operator and lender mutual profit. Lending Agent NFTs also allow them to be leveled up while new players can experience the game without any major investment. This is a perfect symbiosis. Lending will be a big part of the game economy as Agent NFTs become more and more scare and valuable due to the Fusion feature.

Live Operations/Game Rewards

Implementation of an Imperial Pass system will reward players for staying and enjoying the game through various game activities. This feature functions as a loyalty program.

A live operations team will plan for a schedule of activities and build in-game culture over time through both social media and in-game festivities.


Prior to the launch of our game, we are offering a unique access to some amazing NFTs in our initial Genesis PFP NFT sale. Each NFT is offering special advantages. Subscribe and get unique opportunities to be part of the early adopters before mass adoption.


  • Game Prototype Release
  • NFT Genesis Drop Reign of Terror: Awakening (On-Chain Mining Game)
  • Reign of Terror: Uprising (On-Chain Autobattler) IDO + TGE Full Game v1 Release
  • Multichain Integration Expansion 1 (Land and Crafting)
  • Expansion 2 (Group PvP Battles)
  • Expansion 3 (Alliance Battles)


Joseph / Founder

Seewan / CTO

Vissch / Creative Director

Alvin / Game Design Director

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