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What Is PETWARS?(PWARS) Coin Review? Guide About PETWARS ?

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PETWARS is a free-to-play turn-based online collectible trading card game. A deck of 30 cards created by the player using numerous characters based on pets is used to reduce an opponents life from 20 to 0.

Important Points Table Of PETWARS

Short NamePWARS
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying PWARS Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where PWARS Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased PWARS. Now It Is Time To Store Your PWARS Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Play To Earn Game

PETWARS war for affection rages on. For centuries, cats and dogs have fought for the love of their owners in a winner-takes-it-all battleground. But there can only be one victor…

Enlisting the help of dozens of crazy, colourful pets including birds, insects, cats, dogs and many, many more battle it out for the top spot! Will the cats’ nine lives be enough to win? Or, will the dog finally have its day?

Join the fight in Pet Wars and take command of an army of pets in this free-to-play online digital trading card game!

NFT Collection

PetWars Coin is releasing an NFT collection in anticipation of the game release. This will allow investors to show their support by purchasing unique limited-edition artwork.

Holders of PetWars NFTs will receive exclusive benefits to reward investors loyalty. The team wants to make the NFT collection affordable and accessible to every single investor. The minting cost of each NFT is only 0.5 BNB.

  • Stake to earn tokens
  • Early access to new products
  • Resell on marketplace
  • New features added frequently


The playing field, known as the battleground, is where all cards are played. A maximum of 10 cards can be played by either player onto the battlefield at any time. The players icons are displayed here, with how much life and coins they have. Also, the cards in the players hands and how many cards are remaining in their deck.


Cards that have been played, or destroyed, will go to the graveyard.


PETWARS game will revolve around playing cards each turn to protect the players life and to attack the opponent. Every card has a cost ranging from 1-9. At the start of the game, the player starts with 1 coin. On subsequent turns, the player receives an additional coin. Some cards will allow the player to temporarily gain more coins than they currently could own. In some circumstances, this could lift the players coin limit to above the usual maximum of 9.

The Cards

Player’s Hand: The player will start any match with 3 cards, with the player going second drawing an additional card. There is no limit to how many cards a player can have at any one time.


PETWARS core to the deck are creatures (pets) which are used to attack the opponent and defend the player. These can be vanilla creatures which have a basic attack and life, while others will have special abilities which make them more useful in specific situations.


These are cards which give the player bonuses, either to themselves or specific creatures on the battleground. For example, creating a shield to protect the players life, or to raise the attack of a creature on the battleground.


Cards which affect the opponent or the creatures they control. For example, stunning the opponents creatures for a turn so they cannot attack the player.

How To buy

Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask

Fund Your Wallet with BNB (Smart Chain)

Buy on PancakeSwap

Connect Wallet via Wallet Connect, set your Slippage to 0.5% and enter the contract address.

Contract Address

Add Smart Contract Address to Wallet

PETWARS Select Import Token, Custom Token, PASTE Contract Address, Click Import


PetWars has big plans for 2022 and beyond. The team is not stopping at our initial NFT releases and P2E trading card game.

Instead, we’re working tirelessly to build the PetWars brand and ecosystem which we intend to expand into AR gaming, Metaverse, and beyond!

Q2 – 2022

  • Private Sale
  • Presale on Pinksale
  • Marketing Campaign
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • Listing on CMC
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • NFT Minting
  • NFT Staking

Q3 2022

  • Ongoing Marketing
  • Marketing in Asia
  • Onboarding Partners
  • Expanding the Community
  • Video Commercial
  • Game Previews
  • Game Beta Testing
  • Content Creators

Q4 – 2022

  • Video Promo Release
  • Broadcast Partnerships
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Game Launch 
  • New NFT Holder Benefits
  • NFT Marketplace
  • CEX Listing
  • Social Network Platform
  • Brand Expansion
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