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Oldeus NFT Review : Good Or Bad Everything About Oldeus 

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History Oldeus NFT

In the field of decentralised finance, The Oldeus NFT Collection is a distinctive and ground-breaking project that has grown significantly in popularity. Each of the 5555 individual NFT characters in the collection, who live in Estaria’s fractured world, has their own distinctive traits and past.

A group of adventurers who are venturing into the unknown and bonding via narrative have welcomed the initiative, which was developed as a launching pad for the decentralisation of fiction. The Oldeus NFT Collection is a shining illustration of how blockchain and NFTs may be applied to develop new genres of entertainment and art.

The Oldeus NFT Collection has gained a sizable and devoted community of supporters that are enthusiastic about the endeavour since its beginning. The Oldeus NFT Collection’s creators put the community first in everything they do and are dedicated to making a place where both art and community can flourish.

In conclusion, the Oldeus NFT Collection is a ground-breaking initiative that has assisted in expanding the realm of decentralised finance’s potential. It has sparked the imagination of a burgeoning fan base and paved the road for the decentralisation of fiction with its distinctive characters and engrossing storytelling.

How to Buy Oldeus NFT ?

You’ll need to use an Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency wallet and be ready to participate in an NFT marketplace in order to purchase Oldeus NFTs. The general procedures are as follows:

Get an Ethereum wallet: You must have an Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency wallet in order to purchase Oldeus NFTs. MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask are a few well-liked alternatives.

contribute Ethereum to your wallet: In order to purchase Oldeus NFTs, you must contribute Ethereum to your wallet. On cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken, you can purchase Ethereum.

Select an NFT marketplace: OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare are just a few of the NFT marketplaces where you can purchase Oldeus NFTs. Select a market place where you feel at ease and where the NFTs you are interested in are available.

Find Oldeus NFTs Once you’ve decided on an NFT marketplace, look for Oldeus NFTs there. To locate the precise NFTs you need, use the filters and sorting options available.

Place a bid or buy now: Once you’ve located the Oldeus NFTs you want to purchase, you can either place a bid or purchase them right away. If you place a bid, you won’t know if it was accepted until the auction is over. You must pay the indicated amount if you decide to purchase right away.

Transfer NFTs to your wallet: After successfully purchasing Oldeus NFTs, transfer them to your Ethereum wallet by clicking the “NFTs to wallet” button. You can either retain them in your wallet or later sell them on a website.

Oldeus NFT Payment methods

The Oldeus NFT marketplace you choose to buy from will determine the accepted payment methods for your purchase. Since NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, most commonly Ethereum (ETH) is accepted as payment by NFT marketplaces. Other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), as well as stablecoins like USDC or DAI may also be accepted by some NFT marketplaces.

You must have the cryptocurrency in your digital wallet and be prepared to connect it to the NFT marketplace in order to make a purchase. It’s important to keep in mind that the precise payment options may change based on the NFT marketplace you select, so it’s best to review the marketplace’s policies before making a purchase.

Overall, it’s critical to recognise that NFT purchases are typically final and that their value can be extremely volatile, making it imperative to thoroughly research your options and comprehend the risks involved before making a decision.

What is an Non-fungible Token (NFT )?

An intangible object or piece of material, such as artwork, music, a movie, or even virtual real estate, is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT), a type of digital asset that serves as ownership or proof of validity. NFTs are not interchangeable like conventional cryptocurrencies because each one represents a particular thing and has a unique identity that is kept on a blockchain.

The blockchain, a decentralised digital ledger that keeps track of transactions and makes sure that an NFT’s ownership is secure and transparent, is where NFTs are formed. Ethereum is the blockchain that is most frequently used to create NFTs, however other blockchain networks can also be employed.

NFTs are used more frequently to authenticate digital artwork and artefacts since they are distinct and verifiable, and they have produced a new market for buying, selling, and exchanging digital assets. NFTs have also been applied to virtual reality and gaming, allowing users to trade, sell, and purchase in-game goods.

All things considered, NFTs are a novel and intriguing approach to signify ownership and authenticity in the digital sphere, and they have created new possibilities for both producers and collectors.

Oldeus NFT Features

Unique characters

Characters having a distinct past, personality qualities, and skills: Each Oldeus NFT symbolises a distinct character in the Estaria universe.


A group of artists, writers, and technologists who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology and the development of new forms of storytelling came together to create Oldeus NFTs.

Digital art

Oldeus NFTs are works of digital art that are verified and secure since they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.


Oldeus NFTs are collector goods that can be purchased, offered for sale, and traded on different NFT marketplaces.

Entry point to decentralization of fiction

Oldeus NFTs are a starting point for the decentralisation of fiction since they follow a growing trend of employing blockchain technology to give artists and collectors more control over their digital assets.

Web3 enabled

Oldeus NFTs are designed to be part of the Web3 ecosystem, which includes blockchain, decentralized finance, and other emerging technologies.

Connection through story:

Oldeus NFTs connect people through storytelling, with each character having a unique backstory that can be explored and shared with the community.

CryptoPunks NFT FAQ

What is Oldeus NFT?

Oldeus NFT is a collection of 5555 unique digital characters that exist within the shattered world of Estaria. Each NFT represents a unique character with its own backstory, traits, and abilities.

How do I buy an Oldeus NFT?

To buy an Oldeus NFT, you will need to visit an NFT marketplace that has the collection available for purchase. You will need to have cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, to make the purchase.

Can I sell my Oldeus NFT?

Yes, you can sell your Oldeus NFT on an NFT marketplace that supports the collection.

Are Oldeus NFTs unique?

Yes, each Oldeus NFT is unique and represents a one-of-a-kind character in the Estaria universe.

How do I know if an Oldeus NFT is authentic?

Each Oldeus NFT is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides a secure and verifiable record of ownership and authenticity.

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