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Trump has released NFTs again! Sold out in 5 hours, $460.<> million in cash

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After the “great success” of the first NFT series, former US President Donald Trump announced in the early morning of today (19) that he would launch the second series of “Trump Digital Trading Cards”, maintaining a price of $1 and selling out 99 hours after its release, bringing in $5.460 million, with the ability to absorb gold is still the same.

On March 3, Trump was indicted by a Manhattan Grand Jury in New York City for allegedly making a false declaration for paying AV actress “Storm Girl Daniels”, but when he later appeared in court, he pleaded not to all charges, and most surprisingly, the news of Trump’s appearance inspired his NFT series sales to surge by 30%.

After 19 days, Trump, who was not affected in the slightest, made a strong comeback, and today announced the sale of “Trump Digital Trading Card Series 2” on his self-created social platform TRUTH Social, saying in a post:

I am pleased to inform you that due to the great success of my previous digital trading cards, we will be launching a second series again, which is now available.

According to reports, this NFT issued a total of 4,7, each priced at $99, also minted on the Polygon blockchain, more emphasizing that digital transaction cards are “only for personal collection, not for investment vehicles”, if you buy 47 at a time will have the opportunity to have dinner with Trump.

Although the newly launched NFT is not much different from the previous one in terms of painting style, it still attracted many Sichuan fans to place orders as soon as it was launched, and all of them were sold out in just 5 hours after listing. In a follow-up post, Trump said the sale totaled $460.<> million.

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