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What Is MyRichFarm (RCH)? Coin Review? Guide About MyRichFarm

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What Is MyRichFarm (RCH)?

MyRichFarm is a farming game on the Binance Smart Chain, where RCH is the only token in the game. The maximum possible RCH issuance will be not more than 5 billion. They plan to allocate the tokens to 4 parts using smart contracts to ensure the MY RICH FARM’s success will bring value to RCH. In this way, they could support the players’ ecosystem and acquire the resource for market growth and more quality games. NTF farms: 80% of the total supply of RCH will be produced on the farms.

The farm is the basis of the economic ecology, without the farm, RCH can not be generated. Proceeds from farm sales will go to FunZone. Fun Zone: In FunZone, players can dress up their characters, meet friends, go dancing in clubs, reward or give gifts to social celebrities, or become a social celebrity.

All of this costs RCH. Game play: Based on Fun Zone,There are games, such as poker, solts, lotteries and other interesting games, where you can try your luck or play a game with your friends.Both chips and rewards are RCH. DeFi: Yield Farming offers high annualized income,reward holders who provide liquidity to RCH.

Important Points Table Of MyRichFarm

Coin NameMyRichFarm
Short NameRCH
Circulating Supply12,072,598.50 ZEG
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Flexible Price

The live MyRichFarm price today is $0.031174 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $81,935.47 USD. They update RCH to USD price in real-time. MyRichFarm is up 3.32% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #4528, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 5,000,000,000 RCH coins.


Introduce blockchain to the world in the form of a game. Break the barrier between traditional games and blockchain by integrating earning and playing. Attract blockchain and non-blockchain game lovers with these edges: true ownership, digital scarcity, monetization, and interoperability.


MyRichFarm creates a simulated world called “Rich Metaverse”. Players are allowed to purchase farms on the limited land and earn RCH tokens through management. The RCH can be used in various ways including farm purchase, farm management, avatar store, events and more.

NFT Farm

Each distinctive farm is shaped by its productivity and components. There are 4 types of farm with different daily RCH income. Each farm comes with 1 to 6 components affecting the farm’s special ability like production increase, auto-production and more.

Exciting Future

The vision is to create a fascinating meta-ecosystem of value.

Rich Metaverse

Constructed by farms in the form of NFT. In Rich Metaverse, everyone is able to purchase, possess farms and make new friends.

Fun Zone

Attend different events with RCH token to simulate reality.

Avatar NFT

Create your unique avatar in Rich Metaverse.


MyRichFarm team draws a clear and powerful roadmap, aiming to build the non-conventional RICHMetaverse. Worldwide players can create, enjoy and monetize their own game experience in this virtual game world. Meanwhile, all players will become a part of spreading the leading technology of blockchain game, and left their mark on its development.

Forwarding Plan

Farm – Phase 1

Dec. 2021 – Create the Rich Metaverse
Trade in NFT farms
Issue RCH tokens for farm management
Open up the NFT market

Fun Zone – Phase 2

Apr. 2022 Establish the RICH community
Develop community game based on RCH


Jul. 2022 – Create unique avatar for Rich Metaverse
Bring out NFT character cosmetic items
Launch socializing version

Metaverse – Phase 4

Oct. 2022 – Release mobile version
Extensions of game based on NFT
Add more community features

Future – Phase 5

Dec. 2022 – Explore and expand new Rich Metaverse


MY RICH FARM Coin is an open digital world, an ecosystem made up of players and creators. The gameplay mainly includes farm, market, and farm management. The farm, presented as NFT, are random digital assets generated by a complex algorithm. The farm includes crops/animals and some functional components together deciding the quantity of RCH that players can earn.

The marketplace is a trading quarter where players can sell, purchase and trade. Under the smart contract, the assets will not be limited in the game and will forma new trading platform themselves. You can just farm and harvest to earn your RCH tokens and even get the extra income in some events.

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