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Medicohealth Ico Review : A complete guide through MedicoHealth solution stack

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About Medicohealth

Medicohealth platform improving healthcare system by creating doctor — patient environment based on blockchain. Application creates possibility for fully anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with world’s leading healthcare specialists and provide own tokenized and secure payment system.

Healthcare industry is constantly growing in value and complexity. But unlike other major industries, IT is yet to fully disrupt healthcare. Decentralized ledger technology enables traceability, data immutability and creation of secure methods for privacy protection, thus representing a perfect fit for healthcare.

Token NameMedicohealth 
Token SymbolMHP
Token TypeERC20
Price1 MHP = 0.08 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC, USDT
Min Investment0.1 ETH
RestrictionSouth Korea, USA, China
Soft Cap3,500,000 USD
Hard Cap23,500,000 USD
Token SupplySwitzerland


After closely looking at the possibilities for global and efficient use of blockchain technology in healthcare, with actual state of the art of technology in mind, they came up with Medicohealth Platform. Medicohealth is a blockchain-based project designed to improve a fragmented healthcare system, where know they can make a significant difference for the better, by tackling just one truly important issue – the need of prompt, affordable, and reliable consultation about a patient’s condition from a physician or a specialist of their choosing.

Medicohealth Platform

Medicohealth Platform will allow for fully anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with the world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information, are updated in an immutable decentralised database. Patient data will be anonymously stored and accessed only by selected physicians for a limited time, whereas patient will maintain full control over which physician can access his medical data, and to what extent.

Payment Module

Smart contract will define the relationship between a patient and a physician. Payments will be automatically processed on the blockchain. This includes payment terms and a possibility to challenge the service quality and the payment itself. Data access and communication is already fully anonymized, but direct payments could compromise this. Tokenization and payment to the MH allows for pseudo anonymity and needs MH and physician to collude in order to breach full anonymity.

Decentralized Secure data Storage

Centralized storing of data provides for an efficient way of keeping and distributing data. With sensitive data, like health records or information, centralized solutions present a certain risk. With the proposed encryption solution, a centralized database could be used in a relatively secure way – due to data encryption and access control. But repeating security breaches and misuse of personal data, held in centralized databases, calls for a different solution. Using a decentralized version of storage, especially with sharded or fragmented data distribution, adds another security layer to the system, allowing for full regulatory compliance.

Token Model (tokenomics)

Utility tokens represent access to MH platform. The major characteristic of MHP utility tokens is that they can be considered as more than just a contribution towards better healthcare; by creating a MHP utility token, Medicohealth grants its holders access to services it is developing. As the platform grows the limited supply of token issued could put the early contributors into a favorable position. The limited supply of tokens will not influence the long term capacity of MHP token to efficiently run the platform as the service costs have to stay competitive in fiat value. Even exponential demand growth would not affect this feature.



Largest database of reviews and testimonials of other patients and doctors.

Easy Access

Easy access to the best doctors for a specific treatment and personal medical data – locally and worldwide.

Correct Treatment

Knowledge and information exchange between doctors, clinics, insurances and third parties ensure correct treatment.

Made to Improve

That means shorter waiting lists, less expensive health insurance and much more personalized health care. Medicohealth already received an angel investment, therefore token buyers are contributing to a project that already went through the scrutiny of due diligence made by private investors.


Milan Rajlic

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