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Magic Shoes: To Know More About This Crypto Read Our Article

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Magic Shoes: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Magic Shoes. How does Magic Shoes Crypto work & Are important features?

About Magic Shoes

MagicShoes is an innovative WEB3 lifestyle app that has revolutionized how people approach physical activity. Offering exciting rewards to users who embrace an active lifestyle by moving outdoors, MagicShoes provides users with a compelling incentive for living an active life and moving outdoors. At the core of this unique experience are MagicShoes NFTs, which offer users various benefits when engaging in activities like walking, running and cycling.

Through these magical NFTs users are motivated to stay active while exploring their world and staying healthy at once! This app offers four types of shoe NFTs to meet varying preferences and exercise styles. MagicShoes provides an engaging platform that not only encourages physical fitness, but also empowers users to harness blockchain technology’s potential in fitness and wellness.

Magic Shoes Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMagicShoes
Short NameMCT
Circulating Supply282,307,692 MCT
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Magic Shoes Price Live Data

Magic Shoes NFT

Magic Shoes is an M2E fitness reward platform that can be played while walking, running, or riding a bicycle. Download the app and equip Magic Shoes NFT sneakers to earn tokens. Each sneaker has a unique design and rarity, and can be upgraded to make it even more powerful.

MagicShoes APP

The tracks your workout data, records distance, time. Compare your personal records or compete with other users. Recommended for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle, this app adds fun and enjoyment to exercise and helps users stay focused through gamification.


NFT-Based Rewards

They makes use of blockchain technology to give its users non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as rewards for engaging in outdoor activities. These non-fungible tokens have value and can be collected, traded and used within the app to reap various advantages.

Activity Tracking

The app seamlessly tracks users’ outdoor movements such as walking, running and cycling via GPS technology to provide accurate real-time data that allows them to keep tabs on their progress and achievers.

MagicShoes Offers Four Types of Shoe NFTs

This provides users with four distinct shoe NFT options, each offering distinct attributes and benefits that allow them to choose the ideal pair for their activity or fitness goals.

Community and Social Features

The app creates a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts who can collaborate, compete against each other and motivate each other in a supportive atmosphere. Users can share their successes, challenges and experiences and collaborate towards reaching goals while building friendships along the way.

Personalized Fitness Goals

This allows users to set personalized fitness goals that suit their individual preferences and fitness levels, with tailored recommendations and training plans to help them meet these objectives.

Leaderboards and Challenges

Users can participate in various challenges to compete on leaderboards for additional rewards and recognition – adding a fun yet healthy element of competition into their fitness journey. This adds another fun gamification component!

Secure and Transparent

As a WEB3 app utilizing blockchain technology, The ensures the security and transparency of all transactions and user data. Likewise, its immutability protects users’ achievements and rewards for future use.

Integration with Wearable Devices

The app seamlessly connects with many wearables and fitness trackers, making it simple for users to access their activity data and earn rewards effortlessly.

Virtual Events and Experiences

MagicShoes regularly hosts virtual events and experiences, such as virtual races and community challenges, to foster an engaging fitness ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

This is committed to environmental sustainability as an outdoor activity app, supporting eco-friendly initiatives and potentially partnering with organizations that foster activities which benefit both users and planet alike.

The Team

The Team


MagicShoes stands out as an innovative WEB3 lifestyle app, not only promoting physical activity but rewarding users for their efforts. By harnessing blockchain technology and non-fiat tokens (NFTs), They creates an immersive and rewarding experience for fitness enthusiasts – with users being incentivized to embrace outdoor pursuits such as walking, running, cycling – while receiving valuable rewards in return.

MagicShoes further extends its versatility by offering four distinct kinds of shoe NFTs that are tailored to various exercise preferences and fitness goals. No matter whether users prefer leisurely strolls or intense cycling sessions, there will always be an NFT that perfectly matches up with their activity style!

They goes beyond rewarding users for their fitness achievements; instead it fosters a welcoming and vibrant community where users can meet each other to exchange advice, compete and inspire each other on their journey towards health. Through personalized fitness goals, leaderboards and challenges on’ app, fitness becomes truly enjoyable experience!


What is MagicShoes?

MagicShoes is a cutting-edge WEB3 lifestyle app designed to incentivize physical activity. The app rewards users for outdoor movements such as walking, running, and cycling by utilizing blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can earn valuable rewards through MagicShoes NFTs while staying active and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

How do MagicShoes NFTs work?

MagicShoes NFTs are unique digital tokens that users receive as rewards for engaging in outdoor activities. Each NFT represents a specific type of shoe with its own set of attributes and benefits. Users can collect, trade, and use these NFTs within the app to unlock various perks and rewards.

What are the benefits of using MagicShoes NFTs?

MagicShoes NFTs offer a range of benefits to users. These benefits can include bonus points, access to exclusive challenges and leaderboards, personalized training plans, and special virtual events. Users can also compete with their NFTs on the app’s leaderboards for additional recognition and rewards.

How many types of shoe NFTs are available in the app?

MagicShoes offers four distinct types of shoe NFTs, each catering to different exercise preferences and fitness goals. Users can choose from these various shoe types, enabling them to tailor their activities and rewards to their individual preferences.

Is MagicShoes compatible with wearable devices?

Yes, MagicShoes is fully integrated with popular wearable devices and fitness trackers. Users can easily sync their activity data from these devices with the app, ensuring seamless tracking of their outdoor movements and NFT rewards.

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