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Mummy Finance: To Know More About This Crypto Read Our Article

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Mummy Finance: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Mummy Finance. How does Mummy Finance Crypto work & Are important features?

About Mummy Finance

Mummy Finance is a swap and perpetual DEX that offers a variety of trading options and high liquidity for a wide range of blue chip crypto assets. The platform represents a new type of decentralized exchange due to the continuous innovation promoted by its developers. Mummy Finance aims to become the solution for all traders who want to keep control of their capital and enjoy the best trading experience on Fantom Opera, with distinctive advantages

Mummy Finance Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMummy Finance
Short NamePIT
Max Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Pitbull Price Live Data

Breaking Boundaries in DEX

Leveraged Trading

Innovative trading solution for BTC, ETH, FTM, OP, BNB, LINK, SNX, RDNT, ARB and GMX with up to 100x leverage.

Real Yield

Stake and mine real income in FTM or ETH.


Total control of your funds.

Lowest Fees

Enter and exit positions with minimal spread and zero price impact.


Fully transparent open-source smart contracts.


Trade effortlessly through a simple interface.


MUMMY is the platform’s utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.


MMY Rewards provide benefits for long-term users of the protocol, these rewards come in the form of Escrowed MMY and Multiplier Points.


MLP consists of an index of assets used for swaps and leverage trading. It can be minted using any index asset and burnt to redeem any index asset. The price for minting and redemption is calculated based on (the total worth of assets in the index including profits and losses of open positions) / (MLP supply).

Holders of the MLP token earn Escrowed MMY rewards and 60% of platform fees distributed in FTM. Note that the fees distributed are based on the number after deducting referral rewards and the network costs of keepers, keeper costs are usually around 1% of the total fees.


MUMMY is a decentralized exchange allowing trading without the need for a username or password. The platform uses an aggregate price feed which reduces the risk of liquidations from temporary wicks.


Wide Range of Blue Chip Crypto Assets

This Offers an Extensive Selection of Blue Chip Crypto Assets: Mummy Finance provides access to popular and established cryptocurrencies, giving users plenty of choices when it comes to trading options.

High Liquidity

The prioritizes liquidity to provide users with smooth trading experiences. By engaging with liquidity providers and creating an active trading ecosystem, Mummy Finance strives to maintain high liquidity levels to enable traders to execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Reduced Liquidation Risks

It has implemented measures to mitigate liquidation risks for traders. They do this using sophisticated risk management mechanisms, including adjustable leverage options and intelligent liquidation protocols. By mitigating liquidation risks, Mummy Finance gives traders greater control over their capital while safeguarding against unexpected losses.

Low Costs

The strives to keep costs as low as possible for its users by offering competitive fee structures with reasonable and fair fees designed for them. By decreasing trading fees, Mummy Finance hopes to boost profitability of traders while making trading accessible for wider audiences.

Simple Swaps

This user-friendly interface makes swapping cryptocurrency easy and intuitive, providing users with quick exchange of one crypto asset for another – adding convenience and accessibility for both novice traders and more experienced traders alike.

Control of Capital

They puts control of capital firmly into the hands of traders through features like adjustable leverage that give users full access to manage risk exposure according to their preferences and trading strategies. This empowers traders, fulfilling Mummy Finance’s goal of providing an environment which prioritizes user control and autonomy.

Best Trading Experience on Fantom Opera

The seeks to deliver an unparalleled trading experience on the Fantom Opera network by capitalizing on its capabilities and benefits such as fast transaction speeds and reduced fees, among others. Mummy Finance strives to create an efficient trading experience for its users through this seamless and secure network.


Mummy Finance is a dynamic swap and perpetual DEX that meets the needs of traders on Fantom Opera network. Boasting an expansive range of blue chip crypto assets, a robust liquidity pool, and user-friendly interface; Mummy Finance strives to offer traders an exceptional trading experience while giving them control of their capital.

The platform’s primary aim of mitigating liquidation risks provides traders with the safety they need to confidently manage their positions with confidence. Intelligent risk management mechanisms and customizable leverage options all contribute to creating a more secure trading environment.

Mummy Finance keeps costs low with competitive fee structures and makes trading accessible and affordable to a wider audience. By reducing trading fees, Mummy Finance maximizes profitability for traders while encouraging active participation in the market.


What is Mummy Finance?

This is a swap and perpetual DEX (Decentralized Exchange) built on the Fantom Opera network. It provides a platform for traders to swap and trade a wide range of blue chip crypto assets with high liquidity.

How does Mummy Finance reduce liquidation risks?

This implements sophisticated risk management mechanisms, including adjustable leverage options and intelligent liquidation protocols. These measures help minimize the chances of liquidation, giving traders greater control over their capital and protecting them from unexpected losses.

What are the advantages of using Mummy Finance?

They offers several advantages, including reduced liquidation risks, low costs, and simple swaps. By prioritizing liquidity and supporting a diverse range of blue chip crypto assets, Mummy Finance aims to provide a seamless and efficient trading experience for its users.

How does Mummy Finance keep costs low?

The maintains low costs by implementing competitive fee structures. The platform strives to offer affordable and fair trading fees, enhancing the profitability of traders and making trading more accessible to a wider audience.

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