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Intelligent-Hero Ico Reveiw : Earn Educatively – Get Motivated Professionally!

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About Intelligent-Hero

Intelligent-Hero as a project is the first of its kind. They are creating an intelligent community of elites, professionals, and lovers of knowledge who are willing to not just prove their competence to the community alone but are also willing so share acquired proficiency in their fields and areas of interest.

Intelligent Hero Ico will be the first community that can stand to authenticate the competence of the community members. In order for a user to b verified on our platform, he has to go through a series of tests that would be taken on the platform. These tests are made available to the users through the team of existing professionals and Heroes.

After a user has gone through these tests, S/he will be verified. The platform will be the first where you can search for jobs or people who are competent enough to handle your project with ease. This is because the search engines are designed to filter out users based on their skills acquired and as well degrees obtained (pending verification by the Intelligent Hero

Company NameIntelligent Hero
Token SymbolN/A
Price In Ico0.5000 USD
Restricted areasNo
Ico Start10th Jan 2010
Ico End20th Mar 2020

Best Results for Online Job Searches

Intelligent Hero Review are aware that getting jobs for those users who don’t have degrees to back up their skill-sets can be very difficult. With intelligent Hero, you can take tests within certain fields and get results that can serve as a reference point, imprinting your professionality and standing as a method of attesting to your professionalism in your said field.

Exclusively Discreet Security Measures

One major issue with many platforms out there is the issue of security. Even major platforms that employ the best security measures still don’t have credible security measures that protect user information from being stolen by advertisers and data criminals.

We Eradicate the Issue of Localization of Knowledge

Intelligent-Hero have created the platform to help the users meet up with international standards. They give the users the sole ability to keep up with information from their fields and selected interest areas, thereby keeping users up-to-date with happenings all across the world.

We serve as a validation Instrument

Intelligent-Hero is a quick adaptive platform that issues out tests to professional users based on their areas of specification/specialization. They ensure that our users don’t lose jobs because of the lack of university degrees in their areas of specialization. We serve as a method of ensuring the integrity of a particular job profession.

User-Friendly Platform

Despite the complexities behind the backend of the platform and the integration of the technicalities of blockchain technology, we maintain a simple, user-friendly interface. Our users can easily go through our platform and understand the various buttons they see and understand how they work without the need for external aid.

Reward system

One of the major reasons for employing the blockchain technology is to ensure a responsive system that gives incentives to users of the platform for making use of the platform to perform specific tasks (T&C apply).

Core Ecosystem

Testing Platform

Intelligent Hero Ico ecosystem encompasses an environment for issuing tests and giving out of results. They utilize the blockchain technology to store results for call-up whenever the need arises.

Income Sources

Intelligent-Hero has a well-structured cash flow model based on smart contracts. These models are used to reward the users who make use of the platform. These rewards are given form our platform to the users as a form of incentive.

DApps and Blockchain

Intelligent Hero employs a group of DApps for the consumption and distribution of contents stored on the blockchain through our platform to WEB 2.0.

Intelligent Community

Join other users who are constantly looking to improve themselves and stay up to date with international standards. The community of intelligent heroes is waiting for you to join in.

Meet Intelligent Hero

Intelligent Hero Io are an integral part of the who have passed the verification process of platform. Not only do they get to recipe tokens as benefits and incentives, but they also have special features activated. Features like anonymization, passed tests, ranks, and vectors, tasks to reach the next level, profile tests/tasks verification offers, ongoing knowledge proving missions, offers for exploring new directions, HR requests, and rewards. Our heroes also get the opportunity to create tests for approval by the platform.

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