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DogData Ico Review – First Smart Sale Contract for Dogs

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About DogData

DogData and Dog breeders are not organised. This leads to Missing or Fragmented
Dog Data, Dog Breeding complexities, Missing Dog Sale Conditions of Care, Minimal
Leverage of the Wisdom, Knowledge and Power of the Community.

DogData Ico OU. was founded by a team of Dog industry and functional experts. Our vision is
to leverage the power of the Dog owner community to improve Dog welfare, Dog
breeding, Dog knowledge and marketplace savings, leveraging technological solutions
using a gamified system enabled by tokens and coins.

Company NameDogData
Token SymbolETHBN
Price 0.0020 USD
Whitelist/KYCNo KYC
Ico Start25th May 2020
Ico End27th May 2020

Innovative Solutions

They have created integrated solutions using the best technology to make Dog owner’s lives easier and reward them for Dog care & welfare activities and save them money I the process.
• First international Dog registration on blockchain
• First Dog ID asset token
• First Dog Data on_block explorer
• First NRC QR Dog Block
• First find Dog on blockchain with mobile app
• First multidimensional Dog pedigree database
• First time stamped immutable Dog vaccination, immunization and life data vault using
• First smart contract for Dog sales
• First sale contract with paid care and

Dog Data Blockchain

The DogData Blockchain is the Dog ancestry public blockchain reference and international Dog registry database using immutable time stamped blockchain technology. It enables easy Dog international registration for all Dogs, pedigree and non-pedigree Dogs.

Dog ID ERC 721 Asset Token

Dog owners and Dog identification microchip numbers are recorded on the immutable public blockchain. For each registration a Dog ID ERC 721 asset token is created. This token
is the transferable digital record of the Dog’s registration and provides dual security for the DogData pet passport system.

Dog Life Data Reference

All Dog’s life data will reference this registration token be systematically captured and stored in secure, encrypted immutable data records. Some of the key features and data captured in this enhanced, centralized international Dog registration database are:
• Globally centralized Dog database
• Open to all Dog registrations (not only pedigree Dogs)
• Easy to use
• Dog owner information
• Dog information
• Expanded Dog life data
• Immutable Dog registration data using public blockchain
• Secured encrypted data vault
• Customer support enabled
• Searchable database making it easier to find a match for breeding
• Linked to Dog sale / conditions of care contract

Easy DogData Access

All the Dog’s life data can be accesses anywhere in the world using the mobile app by scanning the QR code or the Dog’s nose. Any dog’s identity, ownership, vaccination and health certificates can be verified. Saving time and ensuring immutable data access for:

Dog Owners
• Veterinarians
• Dog Shows
• Police
• Customs and Border Patrol
• Charities
• Dog Rescue

Interlinked Dog Sale Smart Contract

The Dog Sale Smart Contract is automatically interlinked with the DogDataBlockchain. Change of ownership is automatically registered on the DogData Blockchain. The Dog conditions of care milestones are tracked automatically. Care milestones are updated by the Dog owner on the DogData Blockchain and the Dog breeder is notified automatically.

DogData Expert Live Support

Free Dog expert advice will be provided to all Dog owners. Experts Veterinarians, Dog Breeders, Handlers, Groomers, Judges
• Interactive Chat, Phone, Video, Email
• 24 hours Always open
• Multi-lingual Phased rollout of multi-lingual capabilities

Massive Savings

Annal Dog Expenditure The average annual expenditure per Dog in developed markets is USD 1’650 per year. This figure varies depending on the Dog breed, the Dog’s activities, the Dog owner and the country of residence. A typical split of expenses is as follows:

ERC 721 Dog ID Asset Token

This asset token is the international Dog registration and Dog ID on the public blockchain. It is the reference library of all specific Dog life data.

DogData Blockchain Ancestry Database

A searchable, multidimensional interlinked ancestry database showing common ancestry and descendants for each Dog.

DogData Block

QR Dog ID tag linked to the DogData Blockhain, making Dogs and their data searchable on the blockchain through mobile app.

Dog Vaccination Blockchain

Searchable, immutable dog vaccination recorded on the blockchain.

DogData Vault

The DogData Vault is the secure record database of all the specific Dog life

Dog Sale Smart Contract

A smart contract is a Ricardian contract, i.e. a fully binding legal contract in electronic form.


Bone coins are created using the ERC20 public blockchain technology.


EtherBone coins are created using the ERC20 public blockchain technology to ensure that discounts can only be used once.

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