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Rowanenergy.com Ico Reveiw : Building Community Fed Green Energy Companies

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About Rowanenergy.com

Rowanenergy.com Blockchain is the world’s first community supported Green Energy Blockchain. The blockchain is based on the low powered Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, Where each of the members takes a role either validating the energy transactions or generating renewable electricity and selling it back to the community.

Rowanenergy wanted to build a new kind of blockchain that is truly decentralize. Within our energy community customers validate the energy transactions and are rewarded for their contribution to the community. They want to achieve this whilst at the same time encourage people to buy green energy and also have solar installed to produce their own green energy.

Company NameRowanenergy.com
Token SymbolRWN
Whitelist/KYCNo KYC
Contact+44 1223 92 6386
Email Supportsupport@rowanenergy.com

Proof of Authority

Using a custom built Proof of Authority (POA) blockchain they can distribute to our members and supports as low powered Rowan Hub that is hosted in the home. These devices confirm the transactions on the blockchain and gives its owners daily rewards for doing so, in the future these rewards can be used to offset their energy costs.

In the future Rowanenergy.com members will be able to buy their electricity from other members peer to peer and in almost real time. The energy is generated primarily by its members, any extra energy requirements will be bought as a club from renewable sources, giving us the buying power of a large customer base allowing us to negotiate excellent deals.


Rowanenergy.com blockchain holds the key to moving away from shareholder driven energy providers and allowing everyday people the opportunity to take responsibility for their own energy consumption. The platform enables owners of rooop solar to sell their energy to other consumers peer to peer. Not only increasing rewards for generating your own energy but speeding up the payment terms to almost instant.

Decentralizing the Energy Market

Rowanenergy members are entwined in what we do. Each member if they choose can validate the transactions on our network, this decentralized system allows for transparency and trust. The work is rewarded with Rowan Tokens that can be used towards your energy bills, used for transaction fees, traded on an exchange or saved for future growth.

Energy trading apps

Rowanenergy Ico are building the series of dAPPs for the energy market. Tokenizing REGOS, REC, carbon credits and will enable energy producers to sell their energy directly to consumers peer to peer.

What is Rowan Energy Blockchain?

Rowan Energy is the world’s first community supported green energy blockchain. Based on the low powered POA consensus mechanism, which uses certificates to authorise transactions rather than utilising traditional energy hungry mining. We are building a series of Energy focused apps that bring the Energy Market into the 21st Century, decentralising and digitising a traditionally archadic industry.

Renewable Energy 

Renewable Energy Certificates (sometimes called a REC or a ROC) are certificates that prove that the source of your energy are from a renewable source. If you own a large wind farm or solar farm you can be assigned a REC for every 1 MW of energy generated. This has made the certificate market inaccessible to roof top or back yard electricity prosumers. Until Now. We have designed a new kind of energy company that has tokenised and fractionised the energy market. This allows the source of the roof top solar energy to be verified and stored on a blockchain. Allowing customers to benefit from this untapped market.

Referral Bonus

Yes! All customers will have a referral link that they can share with their friends and family. Once a person signs up using that link the referrer gets some Rowan Loyalty tokens in return, these tokens can be used to offset your energy costs.

Rowan Token Functions.

Rowanenergy Ico will as business make our money by facilitating the trading of Renewable
Energy by charging a transaction fee for both certificates and energy trading. This is likely to increase to 18 million transactions per day within 5 years, bringing Rowan Energy into profit within 3 years. Each trade of energy will take place over the public exchange driving demand up as well as the price.

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