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Thursday, September 29, 2022 Ico Review: Flexible Costs for Your HYGH Campaign

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About connects owners of public displays with advertisers in a-peer-to-peer fashion. The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of advertising competence and company size. The easy to use app turns any screen into a highly flexible ad space, be it a tablet located at a convenience store checkout, a TV in a small shop window or a professionally mounted outdoor billboard on Times Square.

Company NameEvedo Ico
Token SymbolHYGH
AcceptsETH,BTC, Credit Card, Bank Wire
Token TypeN/A
Initial Token Price1 EVED = 0.0005 ETH
Hard Cap$ 23,875,000.00
Soft CapTBD
Starting DateJanuary 7th, 2019
Ending DateTBD
Participation RestrictionsN/A

Why advertise with HYGH? Ico give you full control over when and where your advertising is shown.

Display network

Reach exactly the people you want to reach. Directly through our high-resolution displays.

Easy to use

Create campaigns, manage content and add teams with just a few clicks.

For all budgets

Whether mini-campaigns for the local store or mega-rollouts for big brands…everything is possible.

Full service option

You want your advertisement to catch the customer? They help you to optimise your content.

In 3 steps to your HYGH campaign

No previous knowledge or technical know-how? – It doesn’t matter! With, out-of-home advertising is accessible for everyone.

Step 1 Сreate a campaign

Register on the platform and start your first campaign immediately. Determine all parameters such as duration and budget yourself with just a few clicks.

Step 2 Choose media

Upload your photos and videos in the required format and publish your campaign the same day.

Step 3 Choose displays

Decide for yourself where your advertisement will be shown. Reach people via display groups in whole districts or choose individual locations.

Flexible costs for your HYGH campaign Simply determine the costs for your campaign yourself: Choose the length of the clip, the number of displays, the desired workload, and the duration of the campaign. They take care of the rest.

Why we are different

Digital out-of-home advertising is wearing a thick layer of dust. HYGH has the broom.

  1. Self-service for full control over your campaign
  2. A constantly growing number of individually playable display networks
  3. Create campaigns that match your budget expectations
  4. Reach your target group even better through hyperlocality
  5. Everything in focus with real-time reports and “proof of play” analytics

Create your HYGH campaign Ico Target your advertising more precisely than ever before: with the self-service platform. From one-man shows to large enterprises, they have the right network for your business, all within your budget.

  • Book your advertising campaign with a few clicks and decide when and where you want to reach people.
  • Full control over all parameters like location or budget through our platform.
  • Go live with your campaign on the same day.
  • Customize your campaign to your needs, flexible and mobile – via laptop, computer or tablet.

Full control over your campaign

On the self-service platform, you are ready to go with just a few clicks and set the location and budget yourself.

Upload content

Just select your picture or video, upload it and go live the same day.

Targeted advertising

Select display groups or individual displays and decide where your ads will be shown.

Accurate budgeting

You choose the length, duration and load of your content and can thus accurately determine the costs.

The HYGH full-service offer

With the HYGH Agency you get out-of-home advertising in an all-around carefree package. From the organization of your campaign to the creative implementation – your personal consultant will guide you through all steps while you keep full control.

  • Your personal manager will take over the planning and implementation of your campaigns and will make any changes you need at any time, according to your wishes.
  • You want to get more out of your ideas and concepts? The creative experts are at your side.
  • Advertise where your target group is – The agents help you find the best locations for your campaign.

Earn €100 per month – become a HYGH display host!

You have an attractive retail space and would like to earn €100 more per month without any stress? Become an HYGH display host. They provide a modern advertising display, take care of the setup and you cash in.

Your advantages with the HYGH global display network

More Daily

Step by step they are expanding the network of playable SAMSUNG OMN Professional Displays to reach people exactly where they are.

Best Quality Ico the help of the SAMSUNG OMN Professional Displays we make your ads an eye-catcher. With clear, sharp images, your campaign gets the attention it deserves, even in the brightest sunshine.

Full Control

Simply determine WHEN, WHERE and HOW MUCH easily by yourself and make sure that your campaign is seen with just a few clicks. And if you need support, we are always there for you. Ico Review


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  • Easy to use
  • Full service option


  • Soft Cap Not Given
  • Token type Not Given
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