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Agora Ico Review: Secure and Transparent Digital Voting

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About Agora Ico

Agora Ico is a blockchain-based voting ecosystem allowing anyone anywhere to vote online from a digital device in a fully secure, easy, and certain way. Disrupting slow, costly, and malleable current electoral procedures, they developed a blockchain solution to succeed where traditional methods have struggled. The end-to-end verifiable voting technology eradicates fraud and corruption by creating a complete, auditable, undisputable, open, and transparent record of the election on a custom blockchain.

Company NameAgora Ico
Token SymbolVOTE
AcceptsETH USD
Token TypeERC-20
Initial Token Price1 VOTE = $0.051
Hard Cap$ 20,000,000.00
Soft Cap$ 1,250,00.00
Starting DateAugust 1st, 2019
Ending DateN/A
Participation RestrictionsUS

The issues

The voting systems used in most countries today are inefficient and outdated for modern voters.


  1. Auditors were shown to reach different tallies for the same set of ballots 2 times out of 5.
  2. Voting machines currently in use in the US were hacked in 90 minutes.


  1. Paper-related expenses make up 46% of election cost in France.

Slow & Difficult

  1. Agora Ico Final elections results take up to 15 days to be available in Ukraine.
  2. Some US voters have to queue for 6 to 7 hours to access polling stations.

Cause Of Conflict

Election-related violence was the primary source of concern for a majority of Kenyans in 2017.


Agora provides a range of solutions to fit the needs of every vote administrator.

Voting App

Agora Ico core business is to provide organizations with large-scale voting needs with a tailored and turnkey voting app. Built on top of the custom blockchain and unique protocol, our solution supports the entire electoral event, from voter identification to results auditing.

Voting Protocol

For vote administrators or service providers who already developed a digital voting infrastructure, migrating to Agora’s ecosystem allows for a quick and easy development to a highly scalable, cryptographically secure and decentralized solution. Agora’s blockchain architecture and protocol are specifically designed for voting purposes, by translating values of democracy and fairness into a fair consensus mechanism and participatory security infrastructure.

Supply Chain Tracking System

Agora Ico Some vote administrators wish to bring the security and transparency qualities of blockchain into their electoral process but are not ready to move to a 100% digital system. To answer this specific need Agora is developing a voting supply chain tracking system. It will allow administrators to trace ballot boxes, record on-site staff presence or publicly share election expenses.

They Are building for you

A protocol made for the purpose of voting, built from scratch, with a number of Decentralised Apps (Dapps) to enable anyone, anywhere to vote online. We Allow communities, private and public organisations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and engage voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way.

Agora Ico consensus mechanism designed for the purpose of voting with 0 financial incentive, a permission infrastructure, a permission-less infrastructure, a voting Dapp, a supply chain ballot tracking Dapp, an election financials tracking Dapp, an official Dapp to help the clients (governments, institutions, communities) to organise their election and movement of their staff and soon many more.

As much software you think is needed to make elections more efficient, less expensive, tension-free. Governments, competitors and communities can build as many Dapps as they wish on infrastructures, to help us all achieve our goal: Better elections all over the planet.


Blockchain is the key technology that unlocks Agora’s mission of spreading secure and transparent elections around the world. Blockchain provides a trustless, digital and decentralized method of generating cryptographically secure records, which also preserve the anonymity of participants while remaining open to public inspection. Applied to voting, blockchain ensures that votes are recorded accurately, transparently, permanently, and securely.

Custom Blockchain

Agora Ico digital voting ecosystem runs on a custom blockchain that has been in development since 2015. It was designed to answer voting requirements and reflect values of democracy and fairness in its architecture.

Improving Accessibility

The consensus mechanism offers high throughput and efficient transaction validation while allowing even resource-constrained clients such as mobile phones to participate.

Nodes Equality

Unlike other consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work, it is decorrelated from the financial model. Because there is no incentive to hold more tokens to provide consensus it ensures that all nodes are equal in the network.

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