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Monday, December 5, 2022 Affiliate Network Review: Provide High-Quality Traffic

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About team of professionals in Affiliate marketing can implement any solution and our ultimate goal is to provide the best tracking to reach every client. The goal is to provide the best client support, make a user-friendly and easy to understand platform for publishers and advertisers, and become the best Affiliate network in the Finance and Nutra vertical.

Every member of the family has vast experience in Affiliate marketing, which ensures the provision of the best support and customer service to the partners and customers at all times, as a long-term relationship with partners is the main focus for achieving great results and is the path to success! It is very important for us to hear feedback from platform users, as they are developing this product for you.

Quick Facts About

Commission TypeCPA
Min Payments$100
Payment FrequencyNet-20
Payment MethodWire, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Paysera
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
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Founded in 2011, is an international CPA Affiliate network focused on Finance (Banks and Loans) and Nutra (Health and Beauty ) verticals. The team of professionals works on different solutions and has extensive experience in maximizing profit for the partners. During this time they have developed our affiliate network:

  • They have built a unique tracking platform that can customize any marketing tracking mechanism
  • Over 2,000 campaigns launched
  • Guaranteed fast payouts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Exclusive NUTRA and FINANCE direct and in-house offers
  • Real-time tracking for more than 90% of offers
  • Working in 30+ countries, with 5 offices around the world take an individual approach to every client, which gives us an opportunity to form reliable, long-term and healthy relationships with each of our partners. They offer a range of Affiliate methods CPL / CPA / CPS / CPI / COD.

Let’s work together

Register and start earning today! They monitor and maintain individual contact with each of our partners to ensure high-quality traffic that brings the best results


Working with the affiliate network, you will be able to connect globally with the best publishers who provide high-quality traffic and high conversion.

Features are an Affiliate network that provides open and transparent services and registers all actions online. Any click or transaction is registered immediately and can be tracked on your profile. They have developed a simple and easy reporting system to view any paid, approved, pending and rejected commission for any period of time.

Tracking has developed a unique method for the purpose of registering and tracking transactions. We use 2 kinds of tracking methods.

“Cookie Tracking” 

The most accurate method to track website visitors “from a click to a discussion”. Advertising partners place Affiliate links on their website. A website visitor clicks on the link, is navigated to our Affiliate tracking program, and a small text file (cookie) is placed on the website visitor’s browser.This cookie stores the Affiliate ID. It can also store other information such as day/time to track the time from a click to a transaction. A date is also assigned to the cookie, indicating the day the cookie is deleted.Users cannot see the cookies.

Lead Generation way that you attract and get people to give their contact information to you. It is the method used to collect leads. Lead generation is the way to make a person interested in your offer and make them want to request more information from you.

Why choose

  • Individual reports
  • Wide range of Affiliate methods: CPS/ CPL / CPA / CPS / CPI / COD
  • The system supports several tracking methods, for example, “Cookie tracking” and “Lead generation”
  • Individual commissions
  • Custom web page generator (WPG generator)
  • Postback
  • SmartLink
  • Private support manager
  • Direct and in-house offers
  • Proportion of click and transaction conversion rate
  • Payouts on demand
  • Individual registration of clicks, allowing you to analyse the source, IP address, time of registration and linked advertising material for every click
  • General monthly report table
  • Opportunity to track the status of each transaction
  • The overall breakdown of revenue from campaigns by selected days
  • Detailed registration of each transaction including in-depth analysis
  • Individual data flow report of each campaign

Support 24/7 publisher will have their own personal affiliate manager, who will be ready to answer any questions. They offer the support 24/7, at any moment you need usWe believe that in order to succeed, both parties must be interested in what they are doing. You can always contact the customer manager to receive a consultation on any matter because they care about your profit! Therefore they are 100% committed to drawing attention to the advertising placed on your website and helping you to achieve the best results.

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