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Thursday, September 29, 2022 Advertising Review : The Adrenalead Adventure

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About starting point is first and foremost a human encounter. they are two passionate and experienced entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing. With complementary personalities, they have a common ambition: to develop innovative digital solutions while respecting the privacy of Internet users.

Finding in the Web Push Notifications format a virtuous way to realign the interests of advertisers, media and Internet users, they have created the 1st customer activation platform on this format, thus becoming the 1st 100% “RGPD Ready” display advertising lever with an audience of 3+ Million subscribers already accessible in real time”

Quick Facts About Affiliates Advertising

Company Affiliates Advertising
Commission TypeRevShare
Min Payments$100
Payment FrequencyOther
Payment MethodWire
Referral Commission10%
Tracking SoftwareImpact
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

A Mature Market that Needs to Reinvent itself

The digital advertising market has become the world’s leading spending medium and brand communication is increasingly driven by the “all-programming” approach. If the advent of this model of audience targeting and buying for brands has strongly contributed to the maturity of the online advertising market, it has however generated numerous collateral damages; the most well known being the deterioration of brand image, the opacity of the players, uncontrolled marketing pressure, advertising fraud leading to the increasing adoption of adblockers by Internet users.

A “Choice-First” ad format

Guided by new consumer expectations and the strengthening of regulations concerning the protection of personal data (RGPD in Europe, California Consumer Privacy Act), Adrenalead a more transparent and respectful advertising alternative for Internet users by marketing the 1st display advertising format with the prior and explicit consent of the Internet user.

An Innovative Advertising Format

Finding in the Web Push Notifications format a virtuous way to serve the interests of advertisers, media and Internet users, we have launched the 1st platform for customer conquest and loyalty on this format, thus becoming the 1st display advertising lever 100% RGPD Ready!

Working for an ecosystem of Trust

Thanks to our growing network of partners, we are proud to offer a guaranteed fraud-free and real-time audience to the brands that trust us. contribute to the exchange and evolution of best practices in the sector. How about helping us to contribute to the emergence of this new lever

The beginning of a great adventure…

We are proud to be accompanied by SIDE Capital, a tech and digital investment fund led by Renaud Guillerm, entirely driven by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to accelerate our development and conquer new markets.

Publishers and Media

Get started today and generate new revenue immediately with their push notification web based management offer.

Increase your advertising revenue without additional space on your site

Activate Web Push Notifications and immediately generate new revenues with our Notifadz advertising network.

Monetize your Ad-blocked audience legally thanks to the web notification format!

A significant portion of your audience is no longer reachable because of Adblockers? What if we had a solution to generate revenue with these users by showing them respectful advertising

5 reasons to enable Web Push Notifications with Notifadz solution

  • 30% additional monthly income*
  • An uncorrelated format of your website
  • Targeted advertising in real time
  • No association with your website
  • No traffic loss by enabling this format

Adrenalead wants to revolutionize Digital Advertising

Serial successful entrepreneur Édouard Ducray, the co-founder of Adrenalead, is really not short of ideas or ambitions. With his latest venture, Adrenalead, the Lyonnais-based entrepreneur intends to foment a real revolution in the world of digital advertising.

Web Push Notification

Reduce your Dependency on the advertising tools of the market. Become master of your audience to conquer and target new customers.

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