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About Devils Dragon

The Devils Dragon TOKEN (DDGN) is not only a reflection of a practical society that is uniquely designed to sustain peer-to-peer (P2P) engagement or a simple Token enhanced by the ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain, which enables development of Decentralised Applications (DApp) that enable transactions to sell, exchange, and trade, it is also a unique multi-use cryptocurrency with many active sites. There are projects developing and supporting DApps, and platforms like an independent video and revolutionary (forum-like) content-sharing program, all using the DDGN Ecosystem and fuelling its rapid growth.

The DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN (DDGN) is not only decentralised, but also autonomous and encrypted. It offers the option to share, publish, and earn (through selling, trading, exchanging, and merely utilising the features of its own ecosystem), making it easy to enjoy a new world of multimedia and especially adult entertainment. In that regard, this would not only bring new business models to life but also disrupt other players that make the price of contemporary adult entertainment unreasonably high.

Company NameDevils Dragon
Token SymbolDDGN
Token TypeERC20 and ETHEREUM
Initial Token Price1 Token = 0.001 Ethereum
Hard CapN/A
Soft Cap$ 130 00
Starting DateOctober 15th, 2020
Ending DateNovember 15th, 2020
Participation RestrictionsNo Participation Restrictions


Devils Dragon TOKEN / TOKENS will be usable and will be converted into fiat currency via any Ethereum wallet through an ERC-20 token-friendly Exchange and/ or ATM like any other valid and eligible token. They will also be able to be used with any other Blockchain project and/or technology that is already in operation. That is just the start, as there is potential for DDGN to offer many other features with many of them already live

DDGN is and will be used on active sites to access content and/or on a video platform for creators to watch videos and receive rewards. Beyond that, to drive the dynamics of its own ecosystem DDGN will enable others to adopt many more revolutionary and innovative business models in the very near future.

The potential for earnings will be further harnessed through features including rewards and revenue sharing, live broadcasts, moderating content for the approval or disapproval of forum posts, mining for content, and arranging unused hard disk space to earn more Devils Dragon TOKEN / TOKENS.

Total Supply and Distribution

Devils Dragon Ico Review : Live on Ethereum Mainnet & Soon on #BSC

A Unique multi-use Cryptocurrency

A unique multi-use cryptocurrency with many active sites bringing new business models to life and disrupting the high set price of contemporary adult entertainment. DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN is a Ethereum based token that will be able to be used with any other Blockchain project or technology that is already operating.


DRAGON TOKEN (DDGN) DEVIL isn’t only c, but also autonomous and encrypted. It offers options to share, publish and produce (through sales, trade, exchanges and only utilize its own ecosystem features), making it easy to enjoy a new multimedia world and especially adult entertainment. In that case, this will not only bring to life a new business model but also annoy other players who make the price of contemporary adult entertainment too high.


The DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN described here only marks the initial stage of revolutionising Adult Entertainment. It brings innovation to real life working products on Blockchain. Unlike the current environment, in which one switches on a camera or logs into a private website to watch and wish he could be a part of it, DDGN presents an opportunity to be an active participant in an adventurous place. A person can put the systems to use and put their thoughts into action via an Ecosystem that is o