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  • DIP 1, Opp. Green Community East, Showroom 10, P.O. BOX 3219 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Restricted areas - USA, North Korea, Iran
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About Outsourcing of LED lights has increased hugely in recent years. The digital age, globalisation, increased transparency and continued cost pressures all make outsourcing a viable and attractive option for major brands worldwide. The best outsourcing manufacturers adhere strictly to the brand specifications while also leveraging the low production costs.

Buyanylight are contracted to these factories which supply with products similar to global brands such as Phillips, Osram etc. at unbelievable prices and of course, fully within the law. Due to the massive overheads such as staff, warehouse, multi-level supply chain these global brands prices are far higher.

BAL creates powerful applications that process large amounts of data and build relationships with manufacturers to provide the finest products, the best prices, and top-notch services anywhere in the world. Combining our low fees and super-low product prices means that every BAL user makes massive savings compared with any other supplier in the market.

Token SymbolBAL
AcceptingBTC, ETH, EUR, USD
Price1 BAL Token = 0.3033 USD
Restricted areasUSA, North Korea, Iran
Softcap2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap8,000,000 USD
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

A private homeowner?

A typical homeowner does not have the technical expertise to understand lux calculations, wattages, IP or IK ratings, lumen per watt, and the same applies to lighting setup and design aesthetics. Use BuyAnyLight to make your home a greener, more stylish and energy-efficient zone by switching to LED Lights. The difference in prices are huge and so will be your energy bill savings.

A consultant, contractor or project owner?

We’ve got you covered! We save you time, money and add even more value with the finest technical expertise to specify the ideal LED lights for your project. Your own BAL expert will help you through your project, every step of the way ensuring that you get the best prices, designs and products anywhere in the world. BAL allows contractors and consultants to provide outstanding services for their clients, achieve project objectives and maximise profits. With BAL, it’s always a win-win situation!

Vision want to revolutionize the entire sourcing process by harnessing the power of blockchain, AI, big data, and smart contracts. Starting from the LED lighting industry, they aim to expand the BAL Network into other industries, among them the construction and precious metal industries.


Buyanylight mission is to become the platform of choice for individuals, businesses, and manufacturers. Principled, honest, and focused, they leverage the world’s best suppliers and deliver the most significant value LED products, with the most exceptional service and advice, and first-rate customer satisfaction – every time.

Why choose BAL token?


BAL is decentralized and community owned.


All transactions in BAL are secured by smart contracts.


BAL token is the native token within the BAL ecosystem.


To exchange or transfer value is as simple as sending an email.

Nominal Transactional Fee

Transfer up to a million dollars for only a single digit fee.


All transactions are transparent and auditable.

Funds Distribution Plan

The aim is to make BAL Platform the leading marketplace for sourcing light products around the world, and they have devised a plan to make our dream a reality. The proceeds from the token sale will fund the decentralized platform launch, continued platform development, user acquisition, and marketing:







Meet BuyAnyLight

BuyAnyLight helps you source quality LED products for all of your lighting needs. Using blockchain, AI, big data and smart contracts, it gets your inquiries before the right manufacturers and ensures that you receive the products you ordered.

Why Choose

BuyAnyLight (BAL) delivers exceptional advantages to both sellers and buyers, ensuring that every BAL platform user gets win-win results, every time! Take a look at just some of the big BAL benefits:


BAL is a one-stop shop that reduces the time spent on sourcing LED lights by over 90%.

Lowest Prices

Get the best quotes directly from BAL and manufacturers, without involving any costly middle-men.

Greater variety

Find any type of LED light you need on BAL. Review different designs and technical specifications from world-class manufacturers.

Easy price comparison

Use the advanced filter feature to select quotes and pick the best ones to review and compare.

Trustless Payments

All your payments are 100% secured as they are managed and processed by trustless smart contracts.


No long-term financial commitment – and no upfront payment when using My Home and My Tower packages.

Request samples

Want to try before you buy? You can order a few samples first before buying in bulk.

Traceable Logistics

With BAL, you get end to end traceability of your shipments. We promise on-time delivery and a live shipment tracker.

First-class consultancy

Private homeowners, consultants and contractors can take advantage of our consultancy services. The LED lighting experts are here to ensure the success of every project, whatever its size.

BAL Roadmap

The BAL platform is an established business with a ready platform. To expand operations and decentralize business model through blockchain they have devised a solid plan and an ambitious roadmap, with an expert team, and they are positioned to expand globally. The ability to rapidly deploy a solution once the technology has been developed makes financial goal more achievable.


Establishment of Almani Lighting GmbH, Germany.
In depth analysis and visits to the world’s best LED manufacturer.


Establishment of the Almani Lighting LLC, Dubai, UAE Branch.
Cooperation with ASAS Holdings, Dubai, UAE.
A range of 50 products in acrhitectural and residential lighting.


Inception of the idea for the BAL Platform.
Initial research and feasibility.
Recruitment of technical team for BAL Platform development.
Platform development initiated.
Product range covering 100 products in architectural, residential, commercial and decora-
tive lighting.


ASAS Holdings invests in Almani Lighting LLC and acquires 51% ownership.
Establishment of a state-of-the-art Dubai showroom.
Warehouse expansion.
Several prestigious projects in UAE completed.
Product range covering 250 products in architectural, residential, commercial and decora-
tive lighting.
BAL LightFinder and My Home Features Testing.

Q1 – Q2 2018

Team Expansion.
New two-story office in Dubai Investment Park.
Product range covering 600 products in architectural, residential, commercial, decorative,
industrial and outdoor lighting. Completion of two Sheikh palaces for the ruler of Sharjah emirate

Q3- Q4 2018

BAL website development.
BAL My Tower testing and implementation.
Collaboration with Fiat Partner.

January – March 2019

BAL Online Platform release.
Biggest LED lighting portfolio within the LED industry for a single brand (Almani).
Cooperation with 100+ high quality LED lighting manufacturer.
BAL backend development Phase 2.

April – June 2019

White Paper drafting for the BAL Platform.
Centralized platform development completed and ready for community and manufacturers
Token generation event.
Seed Round Sale.
Seed Round successfully completed and raised USD $2 Million.
IEO planning and meetings with the most reputable crypto exchanges.

July – September 2019

Marketing Campaign Kick-off.
My Home, My Tower, LightFinder brochure development.
Private funding initiatives.
Release of yellow paper (Technical Paper).
Exchange listing and public sale i.e., Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
BAL nominated at Light Middle East for the most exciting startup, and its founders for
“Personality of the Year”.

October – December 2019

Hiring blockchain developers and corporate restructuring.
Smart Contracts research and implementation.
Smart Contracts and Blockchain Architecture development started.
Participation in Roadshows.
Sponsorship of German embassy for Dubai Roadshow.

January – March 2020

Desktop wallet development started with Crosschain asset transfer functionality.
Marketing expansion.
Blockchain testing and improvement.
Participation in EXPO2020 projects.

April – June 2020

Team expansion for hiring AI and Machine Learning specialists.
Research on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics.
and their application within the BAL platform.
Mobile wallet application development started.

July – September 2020

Business expansion into Scandinavian and Indian markets.
Blockchain Integration on Testnet.

October – December

Participation in roadshows and world business summits
Desktop wallet beta version release, a non-custodial multi-currency light wallet allowing
users to send, receive, and the eventually exchange of funds over Lightning Network with-
out needing to download full blockchains.
Release of a mobile version of the BAL wallet. This application will be compatible on all
devices and allow users to access our wallet and its features directly from their mobile
On-chain logistic, freight tracking functionality development initiated. This will enable
blockchain based traceability of logistics and freight activities happening within our eco-

Q1-Q2 2021

Develop first reference implementation of the BAL network using the blockchain framework
Substrate and provide a public testnet. The network will be reviewable by the community.
Desktop wallet alpha version launched with the functionality of Crosschain Swapping. This
will allow users to transact multiple currencies directly, without converting via third-party-
Mobile wallet alpha version release.

Q3-Q4 2021

Mainnet release.
Migration from Ethereum to patented blockchain.
Optional API development to enable better decision-making and more efficient energy
Business expansion to American markets.


On-chain logistic, freight tracking functionality implemented.
AI based Smart Contracts implementation.
Development of BAL Exchange for enabling digital asset trading.
Development of BAL Custodial Platform


BAL As a Business: BAL In the Construction Industry
Development of BAL Tokenization platform.

The Main Team