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Friday, May 27, 2022 Ico Review : Collaborating Meaningful and Enjoyable.

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About is a free virtual platform that makes launching, managing and growing creative projects as enjoyable and winnable as a game. Connecting creators from around the world on an intuitive platform, Peerion, makes it easier than ever to find teammates and the necessary resources needed to turn their ideas into reality.

Peerion uses game design to increase engagement and promote cooperation among its users. Just as in a game there are different roles that will classify player types and help establish a unique identity. Once established, users can build a reputation, grow a network, increase revenue, and successfully take projects to market.

Company NamePeerion
Token SymbolN/A
Restricted areasN/A
Hard CapN/A
CountryUnited States


There will be many missions available on Peerion, but your overall mission is to progress through the levels, stages and ranks that are designed to turn collaboration into a real life game. Grow your reputation score and unlock many powerful features and tools along the way.

Your collaborative success is represented by a virtual Tree — interconnected to all other Trees by a virtual root system — which uses an algorithm to factor all interactions and engagements on the platform. You must work together with the community to not only grow your Tree, but help Peerion flourish.

Credibility And Ownership

Blockchains allow us to create records of information without having to trust a central, third-party to maintain those records. Cryptocurrencies are made possible by blockchains, but they can also use blockchains to store more complex information, such as digital identities, assets and business agreements.

Peerion is focused on building a fully decentralized and verified network of creative entrepreneurs and business resources to buy, sell, trade, manage and contract assets, goods, and services.


Q1 2018

January 2018:
Idea sprouted
February 2018:
v.1 Whitepaper
Website developed
March 2018:
New York team formed
DevOps advisor recruite

Q2 2018

April 2018:
Establish HQ in New York
v.1.2 Whitepaper

May 2018:
Launch marketing campaign
Tampa expansion
v.1.2 Website revamp​
June 2018
Land expert advisors
Tokenomics outline

Q3 2018

July 2018
Private funding initiates​
September 2018
Marketing efforts expand
Private funding continues

Q4 2018

October 2018
Private funding ends
Global marketing campaign initiates
MVP development initiates
November-December 2018
Presale initiates
Build development team
v.2.0 Whitepaper / Website

Bring your creative ideas to life

Collaboration Hub

Collaborate on ideas, build teams, manage projects, join competitions and complete missions.


A peer-to-peer marketplace for products, services, digital assets, jobs, tasks and events.


A peer-to-peer learning and skill verification center that includes a tutorial builder, skill challenges and intern/mentorship programs.

VR Experiences Dedicated VR experiences for classes, conferences, events, games, and much more.

Creator focused

Peerion is a free community platform that is designed for creators to grow their projects and prosper.

Playful & collaborative

Experience a game-like design and intuitive tools that makes collaborating meaningful and enjoyable.

Market ready

Easily bring projects to market and generate revenue with Peerion’s free built-in eCommerce tools.

Autonomy enabled blockchain solution is used for data verification, digital transactions, and true asset ownership.

The Main Team

Peerion Ico Review









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  • Great Team
  • 24/7 Full Support


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