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What Is ALTER?(ALTER) Coin Review? Guide About ALTER?

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ALTER is a transferable representation of attributed governance functions specified in the protocol/code of the ALTER project communications product and is designed to be used solely as an interoperable Product and Governance token with voting rights for token holders. Token itself is non-inflationary but offers staking options for their holders. The pool of rewards are maintained from the ALTER’s platform revenue of subscriptions.

Important Points Table Of ALTER Coin

Coin NameALTER Coin
Short NameALTER
Total Supply40,000,000
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DocumentationView Document
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying ALTER Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where ALTER Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased ALTER. Now It Is Time To Store Your ALTER Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Built using a secure data integrity sharing model that provides privacy by design

ALTER is a decentralized messaging service providing a secure data integrity sharing model, with the use of a digital signature, a proxy encryption scheme, and Secret Network’s encrypted smart contracts.


Creating an alternative to email communication standards. Delivering it for.

Individuals & Communities

Secure your private messaging, files and data while chatting with your closest ones.

Governments/ Municipalities

Private sector has now the ability to protect themselves from cyberattacks such as phishing, spams and much more.

Businesess/ Corporates

No more encryption for files or on-sight conversations, the only person who will be seeing the message will be the receiver.

The $ALTER token is used to

Payment method for the subscription to access the ALTER platform To access premium features on the ALTER platform and increase of storage Used for governance votes to determine priorities of new utilities for the product and token Provide liquidity for various token pairs on Cosmos Ecosystem To receive rewards connected from the revenue stream of the project.

Token is an integral part of ALTER product that is a decentralized communications application that enables users to: Send and receive peer-to-peer encrypted messages Send and share files Create private chats Create chatting groups used for DAOs, Validators, DEXs, NFTs, Community growth and support Voice and video calls using Huddle01 Dapp integrated into ALTER Decentralized file storage and management Access application on mobile Internal crypto payments between the users Decentralized Newsletters system with rewarding system Address book/

Secret Network Privacy smart contracts

ALTER is utilising the Secret Network privacy smart contracts for encrypting and enabling privacy for metadata, ALTER profiles and alias, static information. Users have full access to their own private “viewing keys” that allow them to view their own messages and determine who has access to view their messages. User messages and files are viewed on the ALTER communications platform, but the platform simply acts as a user-friendly interface to interact with the smart contracts that send the information in a peer-to-peer manner.

ALTER Future

A platform of choice for data privacy enthusiasts from crypto, blockchain, and web3.0 environments across the world.
• The dApp provides an ever-expanding scope of services, continuously improving its product.
• ALTER connects other Secret Network based, unique service providers to its platform and integrates them with its product to provide an exceptional user experience.
• ALTER has a highly engaged community, largely thanks to $ALTER which provides the possibility for its users to impact the development of the product.
• ALTER is known outside the crypto/blockchain communities thanks to the viability of its product and the credibility of its brand.

Features and Use Cases

ALTER offers a suite of features that support the overall vision to bring private communications to users. These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

Direct Messaging – ALTER core direct messaging feature allows users to send messages to their peers in a completely private manner. Messages are encrypted with the user’s private keys and can only be opened by recipients and users with access to view the messages.

File Storage and Management – ALTER features limited file-sharing capabilities through attachments on direct messages. In V2.0, users will have the ability to store files on ALTER and reference them in messages as opposed to storing files locally on a device and attaching them to a message. Keeping these files organized with a file management tool will continue to add productivity. Additional file storage solutions will be added, and customers will be able to select where they store their files.

Private Chat / Group Chat / Channels – ALTER will allow users to connect to small or large group chats that are like other communication platforms that can be used by collaborative teams to build professional and community platforms.

API Development – As interoperability between networks continues to rapidly expand, other decentralized applications will be able to integrate ALTER into theirs to create unique ways to bring communication to their projects.

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