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What Is ZipSwap?(ZIP) Coin Review? Guide About ZipSwap

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What Is ZipSwap?(ZIP)

Zipswap is a more gas efficient, optimistic rollup native swap. Based on a modified UniswapV2 codebase, the goal of ZipSwap is to provide users with lowest fees possible on optimistic rollups.

ZipSwap Coin used 2 bytes: 1 non-zero and 1 zero, for the total cost of 20 gas. Default UniswapV2 call used 260 bytes: 51 non-zero and 209 zero, for the total cost of 1652 gas. Therefore, in this case the argument part itself is cheaper 82.6x times.

Important Points Table Of Zipswap

Coin NameZipswap
Short NameZIP
Max SupplyN/A
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying ZIP Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where ZIP Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased ZIP. Now It Is Time To Store Your ZIP Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Lowest fee swaps on optimistic rollups.

ZipSwap Coin Swap, earn, and build on the first optimistic rollup optimized decentralized crypto trading protocol.

Development plans

Stablecoin pools

Low slippage and low fee pool type suitable for swaps of stablecoins and other mutually pegged tokens.

Guaranteed liquidity pool (see section “4.4 Token value guarantee”)

It will provide buy-side liquidity and a guaranteed price minimum without the need for a paired liquidity token. Protocol-owned ZIP-ETH pool will be moved to this type, once available. All protocol-owned unsold ZIP tokens in the liquidity pair are going to be burned.

Potential additions

ZipSwap Coin Liquidity ranges, known from UniswapV3. Due to complexity, feasibility to be determined after adding two previous pool types.

In order for these upgrades to be possible without requiring liquidity migration, the main router contract will be placed on a 7 day timelock. Once done, the upgrade possibility can be disabled forever.

The ZIP Token

Initial supply (circulating+vesting):100M
Dev share14M (1 month cliff, vested linearly for 5 months after that)
Presale1M for marketing and other initial expenses (1 month cliff, vested linearly for 2 months after that)
Farming rewards to NYAN10M (farming contract on Optimism over 3 months)
Tokens distributed to initial liquidity providers55M

Value accrual

After the initial liquidity acquisition period, 1/6 of trading fees from standard Uniswap2 pools will be collected by the protocol. Other pool types may have different fee tiers.

There are two possible value capture models. The choice between the two will be determined by vote of ZIP holders.

veZIP – Locked token model

Fees are distributed to locked ZIP tokens – veZIP. veZIP are created after locking ZIP for a set period of time. Users locking ZIP for longer periods of time will receive more veZIP tokens. veZIP holders are the only ones with a voting power in the DAO – governing pool rewards, treasury, and other decisions.

Token burn model

Fees are periodically sold for ZIP, the bought ZIP is burned. Along with the minimum redemption value mechanism this guarantees a perpetually rising price floor (in the absence of inflation). This model also has potential tax advantages – as in many countries getting staking income creates a tax event. The DAO mechanism will be added some time after the launch.

Distribution method

Zipswap token is going to be distributed using an Initial Liquidity Provision mechanic, with a redemption option at a minimum guaranteed price. After the distribution ends and the ZIP-ETH liquidity pool is funded, ZipSwap liquidity incentives will start.

Token value guarantee

Any ZIP token holder will be able to redeem ZipSwap Coin token at the minimum guaranteed price, calculated using the total supply. In comparison to a simpler locked liquidity model without redemption, it significantly reduces risk – as pure AMM function ensures a significant fraction of ETH locked in the pair can’t ever be transferred out – becoming functionally useless.

Immediately after the ILO, the minimum guaranteed price is going to be between 44.4% and 55.3%, relative to the individual ILO price of participants. Due to the 10% time bonus, the individual percentage depends on the relation between the ZIP price paid by the individual relative to others – with those in before others getting a slightly better price.

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