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Xrweb Ioc Review : Core Platform Tools and Infrastructure

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About Xrweb

Xrweb is pioneering the development of the spatial / XR web 3.0 with a Decentralized framework to build applications that are meant for the physical spatial world around us and incorporate AR/VR technologies Types of applications XR Gaming platforms XR Advertising network XR Shopping XR Social Media XR Real Estate XR Insurance How to use? Developers – Build Developers can use SDK and API framework in various languages to build XR and spatial applications that are connected to our blockchain and protocol.

Extended Reality (Xrweb) is the digital layer of information that is overlaid on earth and
connected with earth’s geolocation coordinates. As the possibilities are only limited
by the imaginations, this new location-based layer of the internet presents new
opportunities which are as big as the current internet itself.

XR Web is pioneering the development of this augmented reality layer of the internetand is building the core platform tools and infrastructure. The XR Web is built on a blockchain to have security and trust as core tenets of this new platform.

Company NameXrweb
Token SymbolXR
AcceptingETH, BTC, BCH, USDT, STEEM,, Paypal, All Fiats , Bank Wire
Price1 XR = 0.15 USD
Softcap25,000,000 USD
Hard CapN/A

How it Works

Get XR Token

Buy XR Tokens at our ICO Portal (https://tokensale.xrweb.network) or IEO exchanges.

Stake XR Land

Choose areas on Earth’s Digital layer to stake your XR tokens to. Own areas on Earth’s Digital layer and digital estate and get reward share weekly and daily.

Weekly Rewards after Staking post ICO

XR Stakers receive rewards based on activities on the XR Web. For less than 5000 XR, Stakers receive reward share within 25 miles of Activity. For greater than 5000 XR, Stakers Receive rewards anywhere on XR network. Minimum hold of 1000 XR tokens in an account is required to earn from XR Staking.

Accesss, Trade, Bid, Exchange

XR Tokens can be 1) used on XR apps , 2) traded on several exchanges , both DEX and centralised exchanges are lined up and 3) XR Land NFTs trade marketplaces like OpenSea post ICO / IEO.

XR Browser

Enjoy AR based Social media & hundreds of Location aware XR experiences powered with XR Tokens on smartphones. Coming Soon.

How To Buy Token

XR Tokens can be bought on Private and public token sales. We will also conduct IEOs in multiple crypto exchanges. Public sale investors can log on to https://tokensale.xrweb.network , https://ico.xrweb.network, https://z-pay.io/ico/xr or the our partner IEO platforms. Updated information will be published in our social media and telegram channel https://t.me/gofindxr . Alternatively you can contact us and do Direct transfer address for ETH is 0x91842167128FeAA7280908c6819cD3494cA32539 and BTC is 12edWYLXow8782BnyBhtXBgQYVMnUwnewT and BCH is bitcoincash:qp0km3umje4lhtjtg2qgpd68fz8mua626usjn247pd

Receive Token

For direct investments, tokens will be transfered to purchaser’s Ethereum account within 72 hours of purchase . For IEOs, it will depend on the platform’s policy. All IEO plaforms will be announced and pinned on Telegram channel. For AIRDROPS and Bounties, – XR tokens will be transferred within 22 days of end of ICO.

Legal Company

Yes, they strive to comply with all international regulations and building for a long term prosperous future. They are not a security token. They are a utility token and have legal opinion from US Legal firms prepared.

Exchange Token

No, XR tokens are NOT security token. They are a utility token and have legal opinion from US Legal firms prepared. XR Tokens will be tradeable in several top crypto exchanges in 2019-2020 in various trading pairs including BTC, ETH, USDT, etc to ensure long term liquidity. In addition, they will have market making teams and allocation. Names of exchanges will be announced post ICO/IEOs . In addition, XR Land staked via XR tokens will be tradeable on OpenSea and various other market places for NFTs.

Xrweb Roadmap


Idea conception
Acceptance in DMZ Accelerator Zone in Toronto Canada
Plug & Play Accelerator, Silicon Valley

2019 Q1

Creation of XR Token
XR Web leasing app – MainNet 0.5
Preparation of Token sales

2019 Q2

XR Token Sales

2019 Q3

Listing in Exchange#1
API release for XR Web apps in Javascript

2019 Q4

Listing in Exchange#2
Unity SDK
The auction, bid and sell XR Stakes

2020 Q1

Listing in Exchange #3
XR Conference – Venue TBD
Virtual Reality Experiences Integration

2020 Q2

XR VC Fund starts collecting applications

2020 Q3

Self – Serve Advertising Engine

2020 Q4

Pilot with Smart Glasses Partner
XR Spatial DNS (open source)


API in various languages for XR Web transactions and staking
API in various languages for XR Advertising
SDK for various platforms
XR Conference – Venue TBD

Why XR Token?

Growing market

Get in a growing sector. They are in two of the fastest growing industries. 1) Worldwide AR industry is expected to grow 700% in next 5 years and hit $209 by 2023 (Statista) 2) Global Mobile Advertising will hit $197 Billion by 2020 (Zenith).


XR Tokens will begin trading on public crypto exchanges that act like stock exchanges that will set the price of XR Tokens by matching buy and sell orders. As the market grows, so will the demand for Tokens. No new token will be created after the Token sale.

Legal & Complaince

The strive to adhere to all applicable regulations and legal guidelines and will file the offer and sale of XR Tokens with the SEC, under Regulation D and Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act. All Purchasers are required to pass through the “KYC”, anti-terrorism and “AML” procedures in order to comply with regulations.

Transparency and reliability

By implementing smart contracts, ownership and value in the XR Web can be transparently allocated with democratic principles.


Combining patent pending AI technology with XR technology enables us to build the first platform for the future of personal computing.

Decentralised Web 3.0 ecosystem

XR Web brings together hundreds of developers and apps to build the first global Web 3.0 ecosystem on Blockchain.

XR Games

Interactive and immersive gaming is changing how gamers play/consume entertainment contents With XR Web, users can explore both visual, augmented or mixed reality contents playing, get pulled into a new reality and enjoying newer levels of interactive and entertaining engagements.

The Main Team

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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