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XANA Ico Review: Built for The Metaverse

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About XANA Ico

XANA is an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands.

Company NameXANA
Token SymbolXANA
Total Supply5 Billion Token
NetworkEthereum, BSC, Polygon
Where To BuyDAO maker
Personal CapN/A
WhitepaperClick Here To View

Metaverse Technology for billions of users.

XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands.

2 years of Development

Over 100 team members from 15+ countries lead this moment, the most competitive Universal device metaverse infrastructure with side-chain Solutions for mass adoption.

Institutional Adoption.

XANA has partnered with the largest institutions within various segments. The Olympics, Tokyo city, Fuji group, Top Anime brands in one roof to represent on XANA Metaverse, with additional government agencies and billion-customer businesses next in line.

Native Games, Ready.​

We’re ahead of the game when it comes to Metaverse GameFi. The first play economies on XANA are ready, integrable with avatars issued by global brands, On land experiences built by global institutions.

Vital Ecosystems for Billions of Users


Build-in avatar builder enables you to be whatever you want to look like. Creators or Brands can provide a wide range of exclusive avatars as NFT drops for a revenue stream.​


The 150,000 parcel only virtual lands with verifiable ownership can be traded with other users, rented out for creators to build the world, Enabled to provide services to generate Metaverse incomes.

Intellectual Property ​

They work with over a hundred global brands to experience metaverse through familiar characters and experiences they love and cherish in thrilling new ways.​

XANA is the obvious choice.

XANA is the preferred choice of institutions, GameFi, and NFT sales as it is technologically the best user experience for the billions of people that will use the Metaverse.

Laser Focused.

Unlike generic blockchains, XANA’s Sidechain is built for the Metaverse, issued with the SDKs and codebase libraries for rapid, successful onramp.

Blazing Fast.

The custom Sidechain, built for the metaverse, is designed to sustain a metaverse economy used by billions of people.

Super Low Cost.

XANA Metaverse operates on a custom Sidechain with a superior block size design and a delegated Proof of Stake validation.

Metaverse Technology for Billions of Users

XANA is an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands.

XANA Chain is the EVM Based custom-built blockchain for the Metaverse. It offers blazing speed, impressively low cost, and superior features optimized for anyone to build the Metaverse ecosystem.

Metaverse Platform

XANA Metaverse app is the universal device-ready Metaverse platform, consisting of Avatars, Lands, Worlds, various NFT items, robust SNS functions, and unlimited Games. It empowers and connects creators and users on its Create to Earn, Build to Earn ecosystem.

Why Metaverse

Metaverse is The Next Internet

Humanity is gradually moving to the digital era; humans have progressed to virtual space because of the pandemic. The Metaverse is the future that anyone shouldn’t ignore.

The idea of a Metaverse gained mainstream momentum recently, with big names like Facebook and Microsoft announcing their ventures into this new age of the internet. In April 2021, Epic Games announced a whopping $1 billion investment in the Metaverse. Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go, announced that they are investing $300 million to develop Metaverse-like experiences.

Thanks to the advancements in technologies like crypto, blockchain, and Virtual Reality, a decentralized Metaverse is finally possible. The world is very bullish on the Metaverse with many examples.

The Dawn of Web 3.0

Apart from Metaverse, another concept that is gaining traction is Web 3.0. The core of Web 3 is decentralization, and it enhances the internet with a few added characteristics. The Web 3 applications run on the blockchain or decentralized networks with peer-to-peer nodes (servers).

Web 3 focuses on who controls the internet, but the Metaverse is about how users will experience the future internet. After starting as an alternative to social media, Metaverse will become the next worldwide web.

Collaborations Will Move into The Metaverse

Since 2020, VR applications for work and collaboration have become a thing. Facebook came out with its own VR offering called Oculus for Business, while Spatial provided a VR alternative for Zoom and saw a hike in its usage.

Virtual Reality enables employees to transition smoothly to a hybrid work environment and enjoy the same level of engagement. Metaverse will facilitate collaborations without compromising the experience of the participants.

It Will be Persistent

The virtual world will always be there for you! It will exist and allow you to enter it anytime, just like you can check your social media as per your need. You can make changes by purchasing assets in the form of NFTs, but all the changes will remain in place next time you visit.

You will have a life in the virtual world and create content the same way you do for social media. In some versions of the Metaverse, the virtual assets in the virtual world will represent physical assets in the real world.


Institutional Adoptions

XANA has been trusted and adopted by major institutions worldwide. Such as the Tokyo Olympic museum, the Award show in Milan Fashion Week, and Several local Japanese governments.

Numerous Japanese Anime studios are working with XANA, and a few examples of them are ULTRAMAN, Rooster Fighter, and Astro Boy. Also, XANA’s Avatars and World design is made to match these popular IPs. A great example of this is the Metaverse Avatar NFT skins for these major Anime characters available in the XANA Metaverse.


XANA has its side chain on Ethereum, which was specifically made for the Metaverse infrastructure. It can perform speedy transactions with minimal transaction fees and is designed to be highly scalable to accommodate a vast Metaverse.

Most Metaverse’s use generalized, slow, and expensive blockchains; XANA Chain is specialized for the Metaverse. Additionally, you can still access most of the general EVM blockchain like Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC from the XANA chain, because XANA Chain is designed to be highly interoperable.

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