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Whole Network Ico Review – Exclusively Customized for Blockchain Users

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About Whole Network

The Whole Network will set up a blockchain account device to guard customers’ privateness and assure person information possession. All customers who prompt the Whole Network cellular hardware terminal gets a completely unique Node ID. Using the Node ID, they are able to go browsing to all apps at the platform immediately and also can prompt the NODE token incentives.

NodeID is likewise the best account to control the cost rights and pursuits of customers due to the fact the blockchain can not be tampered with and decentralized customers can efficaciously limition the get entry to rights of others to private information thru the Node ID, and offer protection guarantee for private information and private information. In the future, customers can select whether or not to make a contribution their information to the Whole Network the usage of the Node ID, so as to truely collect the possession of private information.

Company NameWhole Network Ico
Token TypeUtility token
Token Sale Hard Cap$ 1,500,000
Token Sale Soft CapTBD
Token SymbolNODE
Initial Token PriceCurrent price: 0.67$
Token TypeERC 20 on Ethereum platform

Everyone builds   a “behavior value” network that benefits everyone

Whole Network Ico is a brand new behavioral value network constructed by blockchain hardware. It uses mobile phones as the terminal entrance, integrates all applications in the blockchain industry, and uses blockchain thinking to make every user a node. Contributions in the network get corresponding rewards to realize a consensus, co-creation, and win-win behavioral value network;

Whole Network Fuel-NODE

NODE, like fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, promotes the operation of the “ecological engine” through combustion and is continuously consumed. NODE will become the scarcity “fuel” in the entire network, bringing more incentives for the development of the entire network to each node.

Bonus System

  1. Users activate behavior rewards by “burning” a certain amount of NODE;
  2. Obtain rewards by using sign-in app downloads, watching advertisements, and content sharing in the node store;

The value of the whole network


Whole Network Ico Enjoy more and more comprehensive blockchain services and get the value of mobile phone use.


Open empowerment for application developersImprove the effectiveness of advertising.

Ecological value

Achieve a win-win situation for both users and application developers.

Behavioral Value 

  1. Behavioral value Incentive system, circulation transformation
  2. Behavioral valueThe underlying protocol and operating rules
  3. Behavioral incentive collaboration recordSmart contract equity control

Whole Network Vision

Whether it is in the past or in the future, a decade, a hundred years or more, the network has brought more and more rich experiences to mankind, and the network will be more expensive, more efficient and more convenient to coordinate human development and progress. The whole network of Whole Network comes from a more fair and trusting idea, for this we will implement it and defend it. Let user data and behaviors give users and developers a new behavioral value network based on the “new value return to user distribution mechanism return to users”.

Whole Network Infrastructure

The Whole Network will be based on the value generated by user behavior, with the help of hardware terminals and user behavior incentives, to form a “behavioral value” network for everyone to use and benefit from.

Token Incentive

With the disappearance of Internet dividends and the rise of company operating costs, as well as the monopoly of data and human resources by industry giants, project developers are facing increasingly higher operating and marketing costs. The emergence. and application of blockchains is gradually becoming cohesive. In addition, the value of behavior and data will gradually return to the individual users. It also brings new opportunities for project promotion and business model innovation for all developers.

Whether it is a large-scale subsidy to burn money in the initial stage of the Internet or a model of “social + incentive” in the later stage, it is the rudiment of the initial stage of the behavioral value Internet. By incorporating the user behavioral value system into the development of the project, developers can further achieve the self-circulation of the project and ultimately a win-win situation between the commercial value and the rights and interests of users.

Whole Network Consensus

In the Whole Network Ico, each hardware is a node, each node will have more than 51% of the rights and interests generated by the behavior data contributed to the Whole Network. The consensus is based on the new working mechanism of Value Internet, which proves that it will really solve the problem of transformation, empowerment and transaction of user behavior value in the new blockchain network. By recording the user’s behavior on the chain, the link between human behavior in the real world and value transformation in the virtual world can be achieved.

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