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What Is Treasury of the City(TOC)? Complete Guide & Review About Treasury of the City

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What Is Treasury of the City(TOC)?

Treasury of the City has 2 tokens which the governance token is Snake City Token ($SNCT) and Tresury of the City Token ($TOC). Story Line Welcome to the Snake City world!!! The Game takes place in the future world where modern biotechnology is super developed with astonishing achievements and inventions in human history. .

It all started from a lab in the jungle Amazon. Scientists had discovered a substance inside the snake’s brain which would be able to give human-like intelligence to the snake when combining that substance with a man-made substance. The intelligence and the size of the snake had developed at an unexpected speed which concerned the scientists.

They had to come up with the decision to cancel the research and to kill all of the snakes as well as destroy all the samples because of the threatening risks. The scientists had the fear for the world as those snakes could be a global threat if they were too smart to even take over the domination of the world. However, after an incident caused by a huge storm in the jungle, some of the snakes had escaped out of the lab.

The scientists feared for their responsibilities therefore they had hidden this event and closed the lab. Each of them had gone to different places to go on with their lives and to keep carrying on their own research with the hope that there would be no incident regarding this event in the future.

Important Points Table Of Treasury of the City

Coin NameTreasury of the City
Short NameTOC
Total Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

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First Step

Buying TOC Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where TOC Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

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Second Step

Once You Purchased TOC. Now It Is Time To Store Your TOC Or Start Trading On Exchange .

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Training Mode

In the Training Mode, the players can select one of the challenges from Easy to Super to practice with the bots and earn rewards in $TOC token. The more difficulty the challenge, the more rewards and experience points you can achieve if you win.


  • All snake levels are playable — no more limit when your snakes hit level 8.
  • Snake’s mana > 0 (Players can recover the mana only after 24h since the last play in the training mode by paying a corresponding TOC)

Number of plays per day

Each Snake will have from 4 to 8 turns to practice everyday up to its rarity level. Below is the table which

During the day, players can continuously practice from turn to turn whenever you are available without the need to wait for the cooldown period. The turn play will be reset at 0:00 UTC everyday.

Other than the TOC rewards, your Snake might have a chance to collect some of the special in-game items during the training.

Battle Arena

In the Arena Battle, players control their Snake Hero to fight against others players in order to win reward in the game. Each Snakes will have a default 2 free turns to play and an option to buy 1 more turn per day by $TOC token.


There will be a daily leaderboard where players are being ranked regarding the points they accumulate in the game. The higher position the players stand, the higher reward and experience they achieve. In this gameplay mode, the reward will be paid in both token, $SNCT & $TOC. Below is the detail of how much players can receive daily depend on their ranking.

Other than the SNCT & TOC rewards, your Snake might have a chance to collect some of the special in-game items when they are accumulate the food in the Arena Battle which have various utilities to make your snake stronger

Health & Energy

Because of the fighting, after each turn, the Snake is injured and tired, meaning:

  • Its health is down 1 HP
  • Its energy is down 2 MANA

Participation requirement

In order to play in the Arena Battle, your Snake must pass these requirements:

  • Snake level > 1
  • HP > 1
  • MANA > 2


The idea behind tournament gameplay mode is simple: Each player buy a ticket and get one slot in the game. Most of the fee collected from participation will be used for rewarding the top 3 players in the ranking board. Therefore, this will be very fun and challenging where users are skin in the game to play against each other.


The founding team consists of ex-colleagues and friends, with multiple years of experience working on blockchain applications.

Daniel Phan | Linkedin

Henry Tran | Linkedin

Logan Vu | Linkedin

Frank Tran | Linkedin

Long Hoang | Linkedin

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