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What Is SMPCOIN DAO (KAP)? How To Buy Kapital DAO

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SMPCOIN DAO Blockchain has issued SMPCOIN. SMPCOIN will fuel the SMP Blockchain ecosystem, used by customers, stakeholders, and third-party partners around the world. SMPCOIN is a publicly tradeable digital asset that will be used for each activity performed through platform.

Uses of SMPCOIN It is possible to pay for the use of various services, such as admission fees and usage fees, at immersive media art museums and affiliates directly managed worldwide. Producers, Distributors and Packagers use SMPCOIN to pay monthly subscriptions to the Producer mobile app. Distributors will use to connect with producers who fulfill orders by paying a monthly fee for platform access.

Carriers will use SMPCOIN to pay monthly membership fees to access energy distribution channels and grow their business. Retailers, retailers, and energy service customers pay a subscription fee for the customer service app and receive notifications about service availability.

Important Points Table Of SMPCOIN DAO

Short NameSMPC
Total Supply2,000,000,000
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

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First Step

Buying SMPC Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where SMPC Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

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Second Step

Once You Purchased SMPC. Now It Is Time To Store Your SMPC Or Start Trading On Exchange .

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Immersive Media Art

It is used for payment of immersive media art in Pattaya, Thailand, and creation and sale of NFTs.

Eco-friendly local currency

As an alternative to local currency in Pattaya, Thailand, it is conveniently used in transportation, tourist attractions, and restaurants.

Eco-friendly energy smart service

It is possible to raise the level of smartization of eco-friendly energy company work and provide a variety of smart value-increasing services.

Tracking of eco-friendly energy assets

Not only product information such as brand, country of origin, and selling point, but also information related to the company such as corporate level and safety certification is available. It is also possible to search for information on import certificates, import cargo quarantine certificates, and customs declarations.

Ecosystem Profit Dividend

The SMP ecosystem provides a diverse investment environment in which stable and long-term profits can be obtained by creating eco-friendly funds.

Supply chain finance

It is a system where all participants (suppliers, importers, banks) share documents through a decentralized ledger, and automatically pay when the scheduled time or result is reached.

SMP Platform

Economy without borders

All members of the economy, energy, fintech, and countries around the world without borders will be integrated into the SMP Ecosystem, and will become members of the SMPCOIN Ecosystem.

Public security

Public & Personal means the realization of public security through decentralization and the structure of the ecosystem through the coexistence of individuals and the public.

Top speed and real-time processing

SMP platform, the third-generation blockchain, will become the world’s standard energy and fintech PUI blockchain based on real-time reflection and fast block processing speed, which is very important for energy and fintech.

VDS High Efficiency Fuel System

The VDS High-Efficiency Fuel System is a state-of-the-art, low-carbon, multi-purpose high-efficiency fuel system with complete combustion capabilities completed by high oncentration of nanoparticles.

completed by high concentration of nanoparticles. It is the world’s only eco-friendly, high-efficiency fuel product that reduces sulphur dioxide gas, which is the main culprit of environmental pollution by up to about 90%, and is a state-of-the-art, low-carbon, multi-purpose fuel product with high-efficiency combustion capabilities.

SM Pay

Currently, there are about 150,000 Vietnamese workers living in Korea, and about 70-80,000 workers are replaced every year due to the expiration of work visas every three years.

Remittance fees are high and remittance speed is slow when sending money from a Korean bank to Vietnam.

Exposure to risks such as currency exchange, tax evasion, and money laundering when using a private currency exchange


CEO – ByongYeop Kum

CMO SeongRok Lee

Developer HyoSeung Moon

Developer DongHo Seo

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