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What Is Kapital DAO (KAP)? How To Buy Kapital DAO

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What Is Kapital DAO (KAP)?

What Is The Kapital DAO is the leading provider of web3 gaming asset management tech, with top brands like Yield Guild Games (YGG) and others already using the platform to scale. The platform features key innovations around “hierarchical delegation” that enable multiple layers of institutional control in which admins own assets and delegate to managers, who then subdelegate to players this framework is unique to protocol, and does not readily exist elsewhere in the space.

No technical lift is required from games to list inside of the protocol, as it works at the wallet level as a unique “post-production” solution. Over 50+ games have signed partnerships with the platform to drive higher user engagement. All platform fees are either charged in the KAP token or taken in exogenous tokens and then converted into the KAP token.

Important Points Table Of Kapital DAO

Coin NameKapital DAO
Short NameKAP
Total Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

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First Step

Buying KAP Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where KAP Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

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Second Step

Once You Purchased KAP. Now It Is Time To Store Your KAP Or Start Trading On Exchange .

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As the world becomes more digital, they envision a future with millions of players and investors each operating at massive scale inside of digital economies and games as they play and create. We’ve built the tech stack to enable that new age.


Imagine you’re building the next global empire of the metaverse, with thousands of gamers and millions of assets to manage. Tough to do with Metamask. We’ve built the only tech stack enabling “hierarchical delegation.” You can’t live without it.

GaminG Community

They know the tech works, because they use it. That’s why gaming community of over 50,000+ individuals recognizes some of the highest operational margins in the space, and still has juice left over for generous esports tournaments.

Join in shaping the future

We’re the leading provider of web3 gaming asset management tech, with top brands like YGG and others already using the platform to scale. The secret sauce is in key innovations around “hierarchical delegation,” which enable multiple layers of institutional control. Admins delegate to managers who delegate to players. Permissions all the way down. Web3 gaming is just getting started, and we’re part of the jet fuel taking it to the stratosphere.

Blockchain Backers 5+

Five forward-thinking chains invested in and support us. Join Polygon, Algorand, Solana, HBAR, and Near in gaming’s future.


Top orgs like Yield Guild Games (YGG), Splinterlands, and Shrapnel believe in the mission and are building alongside, where they join a broader community.


Over 50+ games are currently partnered and ready to enable massive scaling inside of the platform, at no technical lift to themselves.


KAP isn’t hot air. It powers the protocol, and fees are either paid in KAP or converted to KAP. Actual token utility at launch, for once.

SAAS FEES 1% or less

They know scale, because team has built for the big dogs before, like the US Dept of Defense. They keep costs low so you can keep your margins high.


Security’s no joke, and they retain three different security firms who take it dead seriously. If you find a bug, we’ll pay you.


The tech stack is operated by the DAO, and maintained by core contributors. It’s a whole suite of tools that businesses of the future can’t live without. Best part? YGG’s already using it

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