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What Is Angola (AGLA)? Complete Guide & Review About Angola

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What Is Angola (AGLA)?

Angola wants to lead the popularization of NFTs. Make your daily photos into NFTs in Candy Plus, an Angola Dapp. Rewards are paid every day! The Angola Project, is a social NFT system built upon the blockchain-based Web3 creator economy. Its aim is to become a mainstream NFT platform that enables users to create NFTs based on their every day lives, ensures creators have full ownership of their works, and corrects unreasonable profit distribution in the conventional digital asset market.

Important Points Table Of Angola

Coin NameAngola
Short NameAGLA
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Angola is a blockchain-based infrastructure built with the goal of improving the irrationality of the profit distribution structure of the existing digital asset market. As an integrated NFT project, it is operated based on the Candy Camera app, which has

250 million downloads worldwide. With the Candy Camera app, users are free to take photos, issue them as NFTs, and go through transactions on the marketplace. so you can make a profit. In the future, they will form partnerships with more image and art partners for the Angola project. We will choose to form an alliance.

NFT MintingYou can take a picture with an NFT camera or publish a nice picture from your gallery to NFT. You can also issue a new camera box by breeding the NFT cameras you have.

The ecosystem of the Angola project operates in the Angola system

The Angola system consists of:

  • A Take to Earn service that allows users to take images and video files with the Candy Camera application, and execute NFT minting, and generate revenue.
  • A community service that allows users to open a community by their own interest, and let other users join the community by their interest as well. Then their NFT will be shared and appraised within the community which will lead to create the value of the NFT when it is picked by the community members.
  • Challenge service that allows users issue NFTs by topic, and users vote for the NFT and decide the top popular one which will get rewarded
  • NFT Marketplace that allows users select and trade highly ranked NFTs within the community and Challenges

NFT Camera : Candy Camera (Global Mobile Camera Application)

The Angola Project is to develop and operate an Angola system primarily with ‘Candy Camera’, a global mobile camera application. With the emerging of image -based SNS, for example Instagram, image editing becomes easy and available to everyone. Along this move, a number of beauty camera services have been launched and are widely accepted.

Along with this stream, ‘Candy Camera’ gains highly- popular in mobile camera application market worldwide with a global cumulative 280 million downloads as of May 2022. Users can take or edit images with a few touches only in this application.

Protocol Layer


NFT issue protocol allows NFT minting of images taken with Candy Camera and various qualifications in the Angola system


A protocol that exchange between tokens and NFTs or between NFTs and NFTs when selling NFTs


Protocol that supports the decision-making system for the operation of Angola governance, community governance, and creator DAO


A protocol designed to provide transparent and fair rewards for various activities of users within the ecosystem. Reward interoperates with NFT and governance.


A protocol that supports payment with AGLA tokens, CRRT tokens, Ethereum, Solana, etc. when purchasing goods and services other than tokens within the Angola system.

Blockchain Layer

  1. 1.Ethereum: Main net that issues AGLA tokens
  2. 2.Solana: Used as a side-chain of the Angola system, and user rewards are paid by swapping with AGLA tokens for Solana using the Ethereum-Solana bridge.
  3. 3.Polygon: Main net for NFT minting



  1. 1.Participated in Challenge and reward based on the result
    • Counted based on the number of Pick obtained and NFT sales revenue.
  2. 2.Reward based on the invigoration of activities in the community after opening
    • Counted based on the number of community members, the number of registered NFTs, the number of picks obtained and NFT sales revenue.
  3. 3.Participated in Challenge and reward based on the result
    • Counted based on the popularity, sales revenue, and participation of the picked NFT to challenge
  4. 4.Reward based on posting and popularity of photos and video files NFT
    • Counted based on the popularity of posted NFTs, the number of picks obtained and NFT sales revenue
  5. 5.Reward based on popularity in NFT Marketplace


Users are required to obtain the relevant qualifications to use certain services on the Angola system. A qualification to use the specific service are obtained by minting the relevant NFT. How users can mint NFTs is by removing a certain AGLA tokens, or by locking up a certain AGLA tokens. Or users can buy an already-minted NFT instead of minting by users.

  1. 1.NFT Minting to qualify for opening NFT community
    • Minting or purchasing NFTs to qualify for opening NFT community.
  2. 2.NFT Minting to qualify joining the NFT community
    • Minting or purchasing NFTs to qualify for participation in the NFT community.

Token Metrics

The currency of the digital ecosystem of the Angola system is AGLA tokens (Ticker is commonly referred to as AGLA). AGLA token is the ERC standard of Ethereum and has two characteristics in the form of utility and governance. Its functions are burning, lockup, NFT minting, etc. The total issuance of AGLA is limited to 3,000,000,000.


The Angola system is run by Web3.0 DAO with no intermediaries. The parties of DAO is composed of ecosystem participants and investors of the Angola project. They provide customized data information to consumers, and those consumers provide continuous feedback for the development of the Angola system.

The Angola ecosystem will provide a staking pool for on-chain governance, and will be the most valuable supporters to increase the value of the system and tokens. Governance organized in the form of consortiums will grant decision-making rights only to institutions and organizations constituted and authorized by the foundation.



The blockchain network of the Angola system is the Ethereum mainnet. Our Angola project follows the features of Dapp and Web3.0, which are the essence of Ethereum, and the ERC standard has been used by many others token ecosystems already.

The main reason that the Angola Project wish to keep Ethereum as a public network is that it should not be a major obstacle to listing on an exchange in order to swap users’ fiat (fiat currency) with AGLA tokens. Ethereum’s ERC standard network is the most widely supported by exchanges.


Solana is used as a side-chain in the Angola system. AGLA tokens issued based on Ethereum are interlinked to Wormhole, Solana’s swap system, through a bridge provided by Ethereum. Ethereum AGLA tokens can be swapped with Solana-based AGLA tokens.


One of the blockchain networks in the Angola system is Matic mainnet of Polygon. It is a layer 2 scalable solution created in 2019 to address several limitations of the Ethereum blockchain such as transaction speed, throughput and gas fees.

It was originally designed as a scaling solution, but it has quickly evolved into a multi-purpose ecosystem and comes into the spotlight and be regarded as the next-generation mainnet.


What Is Angola (AGLA)? Complete Guide & Review About Angola
What Is Angola (AGLA)? Complete Guide & Review About Angola
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