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Werewolf Defi Coin Review: The Most Savage Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain.

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About Werewolf Defi

Werewolf Defi Ecosystem is the Ethereum-based Decentralized Finance platform having an easy interface Decentralized Exchange, Yield Farming to earn interest on staking, Decentralized Asset Management.

This ecosystem will be using Werewolf Coin (WWC) as a Utility Token. WWC Token owners will be the initial recipients of the success of the Werewolf ecosystem and will profit from the growth of the ecosystem. This token is used as Governance Token in the Werewolf ecosystem.

Werewolf Defi Ecosystem consists of Decentralized finance-based platforms like Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized asset marketplace (NFTs and Wolf Assets), finance gaming etc. These platforms make Werewolf’s ecosystem stronger and efficient in the market.

Project Werewolf Defi Defi Facts

Defi Coin NameWerewolf Defi
Short Name WOLF
Circulating Supply142,990
ExploreClick Here To Visit Explore
Chat Option Click Here To Visit Chat
Market Cap$26,374
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Emergency Withdraw

In the case the website is down because of Elon Musk or whatever, your tokens would still be safe as there are in the blockchain. You can do an emergency withdraw at anytime, but be aware you won’t get your WEREWOLF rewards if you do this. Please use normal withdraw method if you’re not in an emergency case.

Bot Suppressor Protocol

They have a good protocol to avoid sniping bots at the token launch.

They can’t explain here because some bad people are listening…

Please join us on Telegram to get more information.

Werewolf Offer

Werewolf Assets

There are three different assets  — Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Werewolf Defi is the pack leader and ruler of the territory or region. It is also the most powerful and dangerous of all. Beta assets are the followers of Alpha. A beta born in any territory owes allegiance to the Alpha of that region. Lastly, Omega. It is a lone wolf and the least powerful one. Omega can be born in a Territory ruled by Alpha but Omega wont be associated with any Alpha or Pack. Users can either buy these assets or mint them using Werewolf Coin (WWC) on Werewolf App.

Yield Farming

Staking is a very popular thing for crypto holders or people looking to earn extra coins. Werewolf has 12 different staking pools “Full Moon Pool.” The pool mimics the lunar calendar. Users can stake their WOLF tokens in the pool and earn WWC. The reward increases with each next pool. For example, rewards in the December pool will be higher than in June.

NFT Raffle

NFT Raffle allows NFT holders to create a competition pool on the Werewolf Platform. They can decide the minimum and maximum numbers of participants, entry price, and result date. While users can participate in the created competition. On the result day, the pseudo-random algorithm smart contract picks a winner. The more entries a user has, the higher their chances of winning.


Werewolf Defi announced its public sale of tokens in January 2021, followed by two rounds of IEO in April and May on Latoken Exchange. Measuring the success from the public sales, Latoken listed Werewolf Coin (WWC) on 1st June 2021, which resulted in massive buying of coins, catapulting the price of WWC to $1.9 (all-time high) within hours of listing, with an all-time high market cap of $99.78 million. Werewolf is also listed on Coingecko and more listings are coming fast. The exchange has a maximum supply of 721 million coins with 108 million of initial and circulating supply.

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